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Full Name: Sanila Stormstar / Incandescent

Nicknames: Incan, Inca, Captive 96

Date of Birth: January 21

Age: Adult

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: White

Skin: Dark, grayish

Eyes: Pale Blue

Height: Slightly taller than most

Weight: Average

Place of residence: Stormwind

Place of Birth: (Pending)

Known Relatives: Parents, lost contact

Religion/Philosophy: “Live Life”

Occupation: Currently: Adventurer

Group/Guild affiliation: <Freelance Police>

Guild Rank: “Blue”

Enemies: Anuari, Niine, Urich and Cuergo (sometimes), Narith (Off-screen character), Toad

Likes: Armor, weapons, dresses and casual clothes, Ale, roses and Peacebloom, swimming alone at night, stability, Life, Anuari, Hector/Hektor

Favorite Foods: Stews and Soups

Favorite Drinks: Ale, Beer, Bourbon, Whiskey, etc.

Favorite Colors: Almost any shade of Blue, Grey, Black, White, and Red

Weapons of Choice: A large two-handed axe or sword

Dislikes: Anuari, Niine, Urich, Cuergo, Narith(Off screen character), Hector/Hektor when he’s mean, relationships, Warlocks, running out of drinks, conflict

Hobbies: Drinking, mumbling, attempting to be “normal,” dressing up, swimming

Physical Features: Several old and faded scars from her training during life, mostly on her arms. She also has a few newer looking scars, concentrated on her legs, chest and back; these would be the wounds that killed her.

Special Abilities: Getting into trouble, saying/ doing the wrong thing, misjudging terrible people

Positive Personality Traits: Typically kind and friendly, eager to help, loyal, attempts to be a law-abiding citizen, trusting, protective

Negative Personality Traits: Loyalty is often misguided, too trusting, liar, coward, her opinions change fairly quickly, and she can't concentrate on fighting when confronted

Misc. Quirks: St-stutters when frightened, tells bad pickup lines when extremely drunk

History: Sanila /(Incan) was once a Sentinel. Narith, a man she had an unrequited love for, committed treason and she helped him escape. In the end he betrayed her, tipping the guards off on what she did and where she could be found. Instead of being killed outright as a traitor, her captain and a few others convinced everyone else to simply banish her. She went to Northrend to make a name for herself, and ended up dying protecting a few traveling traders. An assassin is tracking her in order to find Narith.

More recently she has been capture by the Redblade Corsairs, who attempted to sell her. Incan has grown strangely fond of them, hiring them assassinate the assassin tailing her, it failed.

((This is currently in the process of being completed and fleshed out, so if you see any errors PLEASE point it out! :3 ))

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Nika frowned deeply when the goblin asked her about Inca. It took him having to describe the woman, before she was able to put the face to the name.

"Oh, yeah.. I saw her last night. She was helping out one of those Redblade Corsairs."

Which meant Nika needed to keep an eye on that one, as well. She pushed off the wall, moving past the goblin and back out to the street, with a small scowl.

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Tovann loudly proclaims to the goblin.

"No sir! I, Reserve Air Guardsman Thomas Fielder, have never heard of such an elf!"

He then leans in.

"Aye, I do know 'er. Broke poor ol' Choppys heart, then went an' nearly got ol' Cuergo killed! Other than that, can't keep the bleedin' pointy-ears off me an' me pals."

He nods seriously and adjusts his helmet, which is part of his current disguise, and flys off on his gryphon.

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Cuergo's already considerably deep scowl deepened more at the mention of Incandescent's name. He muttered quietly, "the wench be a blasted traitor. Workin' fer the Seventy Forth, mate. All out o' envy fer me hair, too."

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"Incan?" Vaekorsin raised an eyebrow, setting his drink down on the countertop and turning to the goblin."Yes...I know her. Her and Hector were my friends, in the time I knew them." he chuckled, thinking of the past. "She's a good person. Kind..brave. Willing to stand up for what she believes in.Amazing and fun person to be around."

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Yueme didn't seem to notice the gnome attempting to gain her attention, she giggled listening to the conversation at the table in front of her, lips a breath away from the mouth of a rather empty mug. A tap on her shoulder by one of her group brought her around though. Her eyes searched for a few awkward seconds before she finally looked down, a slightly annoyed pout. " Who...? Your voice is so squeaky I ca- oh!" The elve's face brightened almost instantly. " Incan! Yes yes I know here, she's one of my best best friends." The elf giggled hopping in her seat like a small child, the bother of leaving the discussion all but forgotten. "I met her a few times at the pig, she's really fun to be around, through her I met Anu, he's really sweet for a rogue and Hector, he gets hurt a lot but he's like a big fluffy puppy! Incan and I have the same hair color and one time she used my name! I didn't mind at all I thought it was kinda funny, now she's like my sister but-..." The girl trailed off her eyes glancing towards the ceiling searching for the right thing to say. " She gets herself in almost as much trouble as I do... I feel sorta bad, I mean... she seems so lonely and sometimes It's like I don't even know who she is... I hope she's oka-" Yume abruptly stood up completely forgetting the gnome and trotting across the room, hugging another patron she knows, leaving a trail of giggles and drops of alcohol in her path. Apparently the interview was over

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