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CURRENT PRICING (does not affect people who have already paid)

1000 gold / (5.00 dollars)= colored chibi! (flat colors, some shading at my discretion)

2000 gold / (10.00 dollars) = black and white full body

3000 gold / (20.00 dollars) = flat color full body (some shading at my discretion)

+1000 gold / (10.00 dollars) for full color job

6000 gold / (40.00 dollars) = colored shaded picture (up to 2 people)

I am willing to work for enchanting mats, gear, various in game items and volatiles PST me in game for pricing!


Contacts are (in order of likelihood I'll be online) Yueme, Taram, Vidyeh, Shaeya, Sorcia, Rhym,

Horde side: Uora, Jaei, Fhiona, Keveh

Also feel free to message me here... I can always at least send you what I have done of your commission,

I work them in phases so it may be in any random state of unfinishedness.

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Hi, I'm something of an artist and mostly a wowhead, got turned on to the RP side of things a few months ago and moved to this server to hide from raiding, Hopefully this thread will be a gallery in tribute to the life I'm breathing into to my toons and the new friends I'm making as well as any frenemies that I may come across. I mostly stay on the Allie side but upon the insistence of my boyfriend I have a couple horde toons.

I'm bad at introductions but hello and I'm happy to be a part of this community!


Taram and Ranavos

My Warlock Taram and one of my first friends on this server Ranavos, to many nights of chilling around in the Recluse and the Pig, cheers!


Yueme and Fennore

An unfinished picture that will never be finished, my druid Yueme Ravensong and Fennore the rogue



my baby night elf mage, she's in need of a good instructor to teach her in the ways of the arcane fire and frost magics. the style is a bit differant from my usual but I enjoyed the pale colors none the less!

********* ADDED AFTER A WHILE *********

Links to all my other art in the thread




















Thanks so much for the comments! for some reason everything I'm doing has shiny lights in it... dunno why.... feel free to whisper me in game, I'm usually on my druid yueme do'n stuff..... like listening/commenting in /rp. That being said I got another


Yueme again........ she has become my half main, pretty good considering she was just my herb/flask slave on the pve server :3

would ya'll get commissions from me? just wondering :\

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I really like your style! The lines are simple but interesting and your colors are pretty. I love how you draw faces. :3

And I would commission you, if I ever have money to spare.

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Troubles in Uldum

some interesting events happened this morning... a WIP of an "incident" between myself one of my friends Aegidius and another paladin who shall remain nameless for the momment.... you know who you are >:3

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Welcome to the server!

I think I like the Yueme and Fennore one best. Even if it is just unfinished line art... You don't see a lot of male night elves around, especially not ones with mohawks. He looks cute, very elven, and kinda surprised about the sparklies coming from the druid's hands. ^^

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I like that colored Yueme one a lot, it looks really great!

Welcome to TNG, I hope you like it here. It's the happiest place online!

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Troubles in Uldum...

It looks so....dirty.

^ That.

What is going on there? Is it a fight? xD

My favorite of the pieces you've posted is the first one you showed us of your mage

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^ That.

What is going on there? Is it a fight? xD

Glad I wasn't the only one.

I am eagerly waiting to see either the finished piece or an explanation. xD

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This would be done by now if I didn't have artistic ADD....... and a few people breathing down my neck for art >.> trouble in Uldum WIP.2.0

now for a little explanation, Yueme is my druid, and she is..... um.... she likes to get in other peoples business and fix peoples problems, now those in the rp community allie side may or may not know about a certian paladin who has a vendetta against Worgen, and of course Yue needed to get herself involved in it! so while she was herbing in Uldum he decided to find her and give her a friendly "warning" in the form of a goold ol' fashioned branding, on her leg of course cause she's a lady. One of my friends Aegidius came to her aid since she's a pacifist but unfortunately said anti-worgen paladin knocked him out. Worgen have reason to fear.


In other news! all male paladins have the same hairstyles! this is my good friend Aegidius and my Paladin Tehtha, she's afraid of heights and he loves to take her for rocket rides! a little bit of gift art since he's super awesome and sends me things to disenchant and cloth, ooohhhh I love cloth <3 *Drool*...... expect to see another pic for him in the near to distant future.... I'm working on it but not posting it cause it's no where near even a WIP :\ I owe this guy so much since I joined this server.

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Pup love

real quick sketchy junk gift art for Mavis..... I'm sorry it sucks but I just wanted to doodle >.< worgens in lurve are cute, first dates of killing things and then eating them raw ftw

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I love these! Haha, Fennore art. :D That's so funny to me, because I never really knew Fennore even RP'd until I caught him in Pig and Whistle once, and saw Yueme crying over him in Blue Recluse.

And whoa, the Paladin who shall not be named branded her??

Out of curiosity, how do you do your drawings? Are they done by hand and finished in Photoshop, or do you draw them in PS as well? The expression on the girls face in the rocket ride makes me grin. :D

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.... worgens in lurve are cute, first dates of killing things and then eating them raw ftw

Holy cow, that's exactly what my wolf girl did on her first date! They need to be licking the blood off each others muzzles... ehehehehe!

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um.... I'll finish it eventually..... but someone asked how I do my pictures....

I have a bamboo tablet and PhotshopCS4 :3

I start with crappy blue lines that look like this


Kinda dull.... I just get a feeling for what the picture will look like, How the body sits, it's rough and it's on it's own layer so I can kill it later.

then I draw over it carefully on another layer, this step I use a little more care and constantly check to see if it looks good or not : \ usually it takes forever to get the right line quality but it's a lot easier than inking!


and when it's done it looks like this!


pretty line arts!

now comes for the fun bits, this is a WIP but you can see how I color things


I don't worry too much about bleed and such, I layer on the colors and keep them on their own layers in a separate folder in PS. then I go in with the smudge tool and soften it up in some places, leave it be in others, still working on my own style for coloring things, and I'm practicing with lighting and color.

Tomorrow I'll likely post a finished one, or at least more step by step on it :3

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tons and tons of work later! Tah dah! for those of you who don't know, this is allorin, my main, my second toon (sorry allie friends I rolled a troll shaman first even though she is no longer with us) and my baby girl. She is a dignified lady and enjoys her honey mint tea more than anything. Holy all the way! a priestess of the light who enjoys teetering on the edge of shadow on occasion

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