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Doctor Faulkenrath

Doctor Hieronymous Grevorgian Faulkenrath

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Full Name: Doctor Hieronymous Grevorgian Faulkenrath

Nicknames: Faulkenrath(In Game) or merely Doctor

Age: 38 at time of death

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Male

Hair: N/A

Skin: Grey

Eyes: N/A

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lbs

Place of residence: N/A

Place of Birth: Dalaran

Occupation: Physician/Biologist/Researcher

Group/Guild affiliation: Infection

Special Abilities: Faulkenrath was trained as a wizard by the Kirin Tor, but began to study extra curricular activites - the magic of the Burning Legion - in an attempt to better understand the Scourge that was affecting Lordaeron.

Played by What Famous Person: David Carradine in his current state.

History: Pending

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