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Nintendo is doing a few promotions.

If you have Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold or Soul Silver listen up.

Nintendo and Game Stop are doing a promotions giving away the three legendary dogs, Raikou, Entei and Suicune.

The three dogs will be "Shiny" pokemon.

All you have to do is go to a Game Stop and go to your mystery gift (its one of the options on the start up screen before you hit the option to start your game). Hit Receive Gift and Vwalla Legendary Shiny pokemon.

This is why you want to do this. If you are planning on picking up Black or White, and you transfer one of these dogs onto that game it will allow you to get into an encounter with one of the dogs (Sui, Entei, Raik), but this pokemon is Faux, its really a pokemon you won't be able to get in the game normally, Zoroark, (new fox pokemon).

They are also doing one for Celebi, and like with the dogs, if you transfer it over to Black or White you get the un-evolved form of Zoroark.

The next promotion is with Toys R Us. Same jist you have to go to the store do the Mystery Gift crap and you get an "Ash's Pikachu" :D it knows all the moves that the pikachu knows in the shows. (I haven't watched that show sense season one so I have no idea what he knows now).

Here are the dates for the Promotions.

Available In-Store!

At Game Stop

Shiny Raikou

January 3rd - 9th

Shiny Entei

January 17th - 23rd

Shiny Suicune

January 31st - February 6th


February 27th - March 7th

Toys R Us

Ash's Pikachu

January 30th - Feb. 5th

Good luck and have fun :D

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SERIOUSLY! Are the new games pretty good?

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>> I'm going to have to do some sneaky shenanigans to get over the hill in time for one of these, what with lacking a car and all. I'm going to need that female Zoroark more then the legendaries anyway (sans Celebi possibly). Zorua eggs are going to be a hot item.

Wich one should I get though.. Hmm...

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