Hello to new faces with the Cataclysm

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With the expansion now in full swing, we're seeing a lot of new members pop up, and on behalf of all of the TNG, welcome. If you're looking for an active RP community with tons of events and sexy world pvp, you've stumbled upon a great new server, and a bitchin' community. The best place to start is to write up a character bio, if you have any questions, consult the RP Resources threads' stickies for information on heights/weights/ages/timelines to completely has out the details of your character.

The next place I would stop is the guild thread. The best way to get heavily involved in the community is to be in one of it's guilds. Starting your own RP guild? Start a new thread! If you find a guild that interests you, PM the guildmaster over TNG or message them in game if you know their name -- please do not ask for membership in the guild thread.

If you're looking to write up an extended backstory on your character(s) (and other characters they've interacted with, whether PCs or NPCs in the literal sense) then you can hit up the Nether Legends. If you want to write some first person RP that's currently happening, and establish a character's voice, hit up the Journals.

Of course you're more than what you can RP write, and more than what your character is, so swan dive into the discussion forums for yer Lore, gen WoW stuff, RP Resources, PvP, Raiding, and off topic discussion (off topic is at the bottom). It may seem like everyone knows eachother except for you, and for the most part, that's true. However, we won't get to know you if you're afraid to post :D.

If you happen to have a talent for art, or just a great eye for WoW related art, go ahead post in the art thread. We've got some really talented artists, and if you're looking to get art made, or are willing to make art for others, money can be exchanged for commissions.

Beyond the forums themselves, we have a huge section devoted to social groups and blogs. The blogs are pretty much just ooc, and the social groups range from guilds to interests to people trying to start things on the TNG (like my abandoned men's a capella choir project).

Off the site, in game, feel free to add people you enjoy talking to, talk with them in game, and roleplayz with them. There's a number of ooc chat channels in game on both factions that I'm sure you'll be invited to, and many guilds and groups have ventrilo servers for voice chat (great way to get to know lots of people at once).

On behalf of everyone on the TNG, welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask most anyone, including me, and feel free to add me on my Real ID (oakpack4 {at} mchsi {dot} com)

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