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Full Name:Unknown, though he identifies himself as Kinton, or many others.

Nicknames:He insists on using whatever fake name he says.

Date of Birth:12-27, 23 years ago.






Eyes:A dark grey


Weight:213lbs.(Mostly muscle honed from years of training)

Place of residence:The Crimson Vanguard Headquarters

Place of Birth:Lordaeron

Known Relatives:A sister, living in Theramore currently.

Religion/Philosophy:The Light, Protecting those he loves, and fighting with honor.


Group/Guild affiliation:The Crimson Vanguard

Guild Rank:Commander

Enemies:Horde, Threats to the Alliance, Three unknown death knights.

Favorite Foods:Dalaran Doughnut, Dalaran Swiss Wheel, Conjured Croissant, Stormwind

Favorite Drinks:Bottle of Dalaran White, Halaani Whiskey.

Favorite Colors:Black,White, Silver

Weapons of Choice:His elven blade or his command over fire.

Physical Features:Has small scars running in a spiral around three of his fingers(Index,Middle,Ring), showing up clearly in raised white marks.

Special Abilities:When he draws his sword, he usually draws it in an instant and is slicing through the enemy the next.He is also very skilled in fighting with the sword, and specializes in fire and ice in his abilities.

Positive Personality Traits:Very calm, loyal, and fairly trustworthy,

Negative Personality Traits:Very Quiet, Will sometimes act violently without a thought

Misc. Quirks:Observes everyone in the room most of the time,frequently will become completely focused on something, and always seems worried about something

Played by What Famous Person:Byakuya Kuchiki(A character in Bleach)

Theme Songs:Faint by Linkin Park-

History:Largely Unknown, though if someone were to dig through the military records enough they would find he served during the Third War and in the fight against the Lich King.

Anyway asking him about his history would be either answered with a made-up one, or he would tell the truth that he doesn't remember any of it.

(insert close-up portrait shot of character here if they like)

( ^At a special occasion)


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