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[A] Order of the Redblade

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The notice posted at the Stormwind Harbor has been updated: it has also been added in numerous places around the city, this time intended for a broader audience.

The tides have shifted, and the world is scrambling to adjust to the change. Once more we are urged to a battle that never seems to end, and with what to show for the effort? Yes, these war heroes claim honor, valor, and courage; they call out your name and insist that you can make a profit off of war, that you too can rise up and make yourself a legend. But let's be honest; what are you, really?

You're cannon fodder.

All those warm, fuzzy feelings and petty ego-boosters won't put food on your plate, and unless you manage to rise up in the ranks, you'll probably die long before you can properly spend what meager coin you've been earning.

Does that sound fair to you?

Are you tired of listening to these "heroes" and "superiors" who think they're better than you are? Do you want to fill your pockets with gold that you'll actually have an opportunity to spend?

Then sign up today!

The Captain and crew of the Redblades are looking for able-bodied men and women of every race, creed, occupation and talent! Be you an entertainer or a mercenary, a healer or a fighter, regardless of unfavorable record or reputation, there's certain to be a place for you. Seafaring experience is no longer our focus; we partake in both land and sea-bound operations depending on the contracts we accept from other members of the Alliance, or the tasks the Captain or other high-ranks assign.

And what's more, you get paid!

That's right; you will get your equal share of the spoils!

To any guards reading this: yes, of course we are perfectly legal. I don't know why you would think otherwise, so please, stop asking. It's rude and hurts our feelings.

OOC Info

Redblade Corsairs is a heavy RP/PvP guild. We accept any race, class, and level, keeping in mind that we are a criminal organization and partake in some less-than-legal activities; namely raids, robberies, gambling, and so on.

Mercenaries, thieves, assassins, pirates, and anyone else are more than welcome!

A few rules to follow:

Given that we are, indeed, criminals, there will likely be IC conflicts with others. While RP fighting is lots of lovely fun, taking the drama OOC, godmodding, power-playing, etc. will not be tolerated.

Be respectful. The game's about having fun!

Talk to Evellin (Stormguarde in game), Tuuroto, or anyone online about joining.

You can contact Evellin and Tuuroto here on TNG via PMs, as well.

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With the crew's numbers steadily increasing in recent days, it was decided that a new pirate champion, or Top Blade, should be crowned. And with the Stormrunner lying just off the coast, the Redblade Corsairs made landfall on a secluded, rain-drenched isle. Top Blade hopefuls were put through a series of unique pirate trials that would put their wits, martial prowess, and very spirit to the test.

Candidates were pitted against each other in a battle of tongues where the first to bamboozle or browbeat the other into defeat with insults, slander, and superior wit would be the victor. For that of course, is the very essence of a true Top Blade. Next, hopefuls were judged on pirate appearance and attitude: why did said candidate dress the way he did, and what message was he trying to get across by dressing in said manner? Was the individual dressing because it was comfortable, as a fashion statement, or to strike fear, and how did he go about assembling it? Was it taken off a slain Alliance Naval Officer or perhaps an unfortunate merchant? Finally, candidates were forced into a duel of balance and skill. Where best to host such a challenge than on a railing that slightly resembles the settings of future, and very much real battles? A fall from the rail was considered a disqualification, as was the use of spells. Harpoons, cutlasses, rapier, scimitars, daggers, and clubs were a must.

In the end, only Hargorn "Red Sash" Darkfang remained. The new Top Blade. With that, he was given Cuergo's very own treasure chest of shinies and valuables, and a dire warning: keep your blade near, for the first to end you takes your title.




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Quartermaster Election

The Redblade Corsairs has continued to improve. Recently, in a display of true pirate democracy,

the crew held an exciting election for Quartermaster -a position in which an individual must represent

the crew and counter-balance the power of the Captain. Candidates squared off against each other

in various scenarios such as hot grenade, the companionway, and more. Fierce debate raged.

Would the crew want a Quartermaster who was in the Captain's good graces or one that she despised?

Should the Quartermaster be excessively cruel or excessively just? Was it better

to be crazy brave or stupid tough?


The election was a draw between Khegan "Celly" Fairbreeze, Chandrath "Frigate" Phellan,

and Dromethius "Green Legs" Ralphaezan. How best to end a draw

then with a knife fight? Khegan was declared the winner, though he sustained considerable injury.


"Some say vengeance is bittersweet, but I find it to my liking."

It was another dreary day in Dustwallow Marsh and the Redblade Corsairs were about. The Corsairs headed to Lost Point to

sell captives to the deserters there, or at least, thats what they were pretending to do. However, their plan was really to

stage an ambush on the Seventy Third military regiment lead by none other than Branngas Stouthammer the Magnificent. The Thursday

before the Redblade Corsairs had met up with a band of Horde mercenaries called the Dragonhawk Brigade. In exchange for captives,

treasure, and other valuables, the Dragonhawk Brigade would spring a trap on the Seventy Third. Yet, being the lawdogs that they were,

the Seventy Third's sensed the trap - they were unwilling to leave the safety of Theramore's walls to engage the Redblade Corsairs. Tovann,

a former Theramore Marine, improvised. He doned his Theramore uniform and colors, and ordered his fellow Corsairs to march single-file,

prisoner convoy style. If the Seventy Third weren't going to the Corsairs, the Corsairs'd go to them.


Tovann, going under the alias of Thomas Winters, met up with advance parties of the Seventy Third.

After some brief questions, the Seventy Third's suspicion faded. They offered Thomas Winters and the supposed

prisoner chain that he lead, escort. Like sheep to the slaughter, the Seventy Third followed Thomas Winters straight

into the claws of the waiting Dragonhawk Brigaders.


With the Seventy Third fighting desperately for survival as the noose tightened, the Corsairs slipped past the battle, charging

into the heart of Theramore, Tovann leading the way.


Unlike the Dragonhawk Brigaders, who pillaged indiscriminately, chaotically, the Corsairs made for the local Blacksmith. The Corsairs

piled weapon after weapon, iron scrap after iron scrap into the forge in an attempt to sabotage it through cloggage.

Then, the blacksmith was put to the torch.


The tavern was pillaged next. Torches were thrown, fires lit. Windows smashed. The Corsairs rushed inside to loot any valuables.


Pillowcases were turned inside-out for psychological effect. The last pages of every book were torn out in a display of true malice.

Innocent bystanders were called mean names to inspire debilitating fear! And for the final act of Corsair cruelty, the giant kegs in the Inn's cellars were uncorked

- their contents free to drain. The inn would drown in a flood of ale!


For too long the Redblade Corsairs had suffered setback after setback from the Seventy Third. Pirate dens had been closed. Captive auctions shut down, the

captives freed, the patrons arrested. The Stormrunner had been slapped fine after fine for bogus reasons. It had been boarded and even shot at by the Seventy Thirders.

Crew members had been surrounded, beat up, imprisoned, tortured. Now Theramore was burning and the the Seventy Third were routed, their tails between their legs.

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A notice from the Honorable Westwind Trading Co.:

To our esteemed clients,

That last shipment of food, on board our only vessel the Stoverumbler, was lost to anti-Wrynn saboteurs along with said boat! We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and do hope that you will continue to keep us in mind for your shipping needs, be they the finest Darnassian silks to Stormwind Nobles, or Theramore rope to Dwarven Shipbuilders (Not that those exist! Ha ha!). We also promise to reimburse our loyal clients with full payment in gold, more on this at a far later date. Remember the Westwind Trading Co.'s moto, 'You need stuff shipped, we have a ship!' This has been slightly altered to its new and improved format, 'You need stuff shipped, we are currently working on getting a new ship!'. So as of now we hope that you keep us in mind for future shipping needs, while we work on building and or buying a new vessel the legal and Stormwind way.

In lighter news, the Westwind Trading Co. has a new leader, Tovann Westwind! An Ex-Admiral, Tovann Westwind hopes to bring new guidance and a hopefully golden age for the Company. At the Pig 'N Whistle, a well known Stormwind Tavern, Tovann gave a heartfelt speech to his co-workers, explaining his willingness to work with them, and for them, while still satisfying the customers shipping needs! Here is a quote,

"Brethren! Fellow Merchants! It is true, aye, that we have suffered some set backs. Raventy still be missin', an' two other merchants be not reportin' in neither, our meager fleet is a shallow hulk that we can nay return to! But do not worry, friends, I, Captain Westwind, do promise to do somethin' aboot it! We will find those responsible, those fiendish people, an' we will not take any drastic measures, rather will report it to the Stormwind Guard immediately!"

We here at the Company also look forward to working with any authorities that are willing to assist in bringing in those anti-Wrynn individuals who destroyed the beloved Stoverumbler.

-Khegan the Fifth

The Honorable Westwind Trading Co.

P.s. See attached photo of Captain Westwind!


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Due to the recent death of Joseph Cuergo, and the disappearance of Tovann Westwind, rumors have been circulating that the Redblades are no longer in business.

Let me put these rumors to rest; while the Captain remains alive, so too does the crew. We continue to look for promising members to fill our ranks. And let us not forget the customers! Any man willing to pay the proper price is most welcome to our services.

-Captain Evellin Stormguarde

The Redblade Corsairs are still alive and still recruiting! The initial post has been updated.

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Dusting off the year-old flyer, the newly appointed Captain Tuuroto the Starseer begins redistributing Redblade Corsair propaganda to the latest generation of Alliance members about Stormwind City.

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Camping Trip


The Redblade Corsairs had organized a simple camping trip. With the recent capture of their Captain at the hands of Urivial Beckett, and the confusing turn of events that led to the warrants against the pirates to be revoked, it was time for a little relaxation in the great outdoors. This was a chance to mingle, to drink, to fish, to get to know one another, and splash about in the tranquil waters above Northshire. Yet not moments after everyone had settled down around the campfire, who would appear but Captain Tuuroto himself?


The Corsairs were confused and bewildered at their Captain's sudden resurfacing. Where had he been? What had the Watch and SI:7 done to him? How had he sustained his injuries, why had he not returned to them sooner? So many questions, though the Captain did not address a single one of them. No matter how much his crewmates prodded, he would not give in. And when the Quartermaster approached him finally, he fled, in an uncharacteristic rage.

Amidst all the unanswered questions was a unanimous understanding. The Captain, in his state of mind, was no longer fit to lead the Redblade Corsairs, and so the Quartermaster put the vote to the crew: who would become Captain in his absence?


One by one, nominations were offered: Thelsian, Ky'vanna, Evellin. And one by one, the crew put in their votes.


Captain Evellin Stormguarde held the reigns once again. And so she posed a second question to the crew: what would they do now? Urivial Beckett had given them a choice. Come back to the Alliance, as privateers, and remain lawful and upstanding citizens? Evellin was clear: under the thumb of the Alliance, with all their past crimes lingering like the Elekk in the room, they would be watched over carefully. There would be no more second chances if they stepped over the line again.

But there was always the second option. Fight back against these so-called men of the law. To not cave in to their demands, or shy away from the fight. To embrace freedom on the open seas and beyond, pirates through and through.

Every crewmate voted, and every vote counted. But every voice chimed in with the same firm resolve:

It was to be the black flag from here on out.

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((The <Redblade Corsairs> is under new management and is looking for new members!

Official Webpage:

We are recruiting all classes, all races, and all levels. All members must role play (We take great pride in the RP-PvP roots of the server); however, we are especially open to any applicants who are new to role playing, are curious to give role playing a try, and want to hone their skills in a safe, hassle-free guild.

Guild Description

- Guild Theme: Vigilante Naval Crew (pirate/privateering)

- Alignment: Chaotic Good (Serving the poor and protecting the weak through potentially unlawful means; think “Robin Hood” or the “A-Team”)

- Weekly scheduled RP events aboard the Redblade Fleet

- “Neutral” Faction Guild / Cross-Faction RP, plots, and alliances

- Open to new storylines from guild members or in-character clients or customers.

- Currently building regular Arena and RBG teams

- Guild Structure detailed on Shivtr webpage

In-Game Features

- Currently level 7 guild with plans to expand quickly

- Current Perks: 10% Increased Experience Gains, 10% Increased Mount Speed, 5% Increased Reputation Gains, 10% Less Durability Loss

- Immersive, yet friendly rolep lay environment (We’ll answer all those RP questions that you were afraid to ask on the Trade channel.)

- Actively helps players new to role playing, giving advice on good characterization/storytelling and providing opportunities and in-game time to develop members’ characters without fear of making role playing mistakes. (We promise won’t whack you with the Lore Hammer!)

- Many Total Roleplay 2 (TRP2) guild features and activities, as well as support on learning how to use the TRP2 addon

- Connections to meet and network with other role players in the server outside of the guild

- Storylines, fanfictions, and artwork via the Twisting Nether Gazette

- Weekly in-game Gold salary/reward system for members

- In-game gold stipend for cross-guild or cross-realm collaboration

- Leadership positions available

To apply, contact Tuuroto or any other Redblade Corsair member in-game. For best reception, mail written “in-character” is highly recommended. Reading and understanding the guidelines listed in the guild webpage beforehand will greatly increase chances of recruitment and immediate officer status.

Thank you, and hope to see you around in Azeroth.

- Tuuroto the Starseer

Quartermaster of the Redblade Corsairs))

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(( Weekly Ship RP have been underway and is open to non-guild members as well. If your character has an RP plot and would need assistance from a sea-mercenary / vigilante organization, feel free to swing on by! Ship RP occurs every Friday @ 5:00 pm server, either aboard the Stormrunner (Stormwind Harbor) or our new, unnamed ship (Swamp of Sorrows). Tuuroto Tarot Services are also available later in the evening. For more info: ))

((Also, Level 8 Guild! Thanks to our new recruits for your help!))

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A certain tarot card reading Draenei and his Cornish Rex companion can be seen going about the city, putting up new flyers for the organization. The text remained virtually the same since the original one posted two years ago, save for a new title on top of the flyer...

"The Order of the Redblade."

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The Redblades have seen an exponential growth of active, lvl 90 RPing members. We are here to stay on TN!

If you are looking for a quality RP guild on TN without the pressure of a strict guild structure, we'd be delighted to have you! Whether looking for a guild or just some cross-guild RP (or maybe you're a Horde main who wants to try out an Alliance RP toon), feel free to walk in to any of our RP gatherings in Storwmind City or Surwich, Blasted Lands (most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm servertime).

For any inquiries, you may ICly or OOCly contact me, Tuuroto, directly via ingame mail or the TNG.

Varm pleasure smiles, dah!


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((Bumping because I need more of them to kill. And also because their events are now being scheduled on MWF, and sometimes Sunday and Tuesday. Hard to keep up, man. Also wanted to point out that the guild is level 25.))

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