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The Tavern[OPEN]

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Fïksal strode through the streets of Stormwind, eyes narrowed against the stream of rain pouring from the dark, cloudy sky. He had received a letter, earlier in the day, of a meeting...What was there was not revealed to him, but his curious nature relentlessly pushed him to the agreed location. His runeblades were sheathed, their icy glow hidden in sheaths of Dwarven make and Elvish elegance. His cloak hung about the back of his armor, blending in with the dark tone. He saw a small tavern, and opened the door slightly. He saw many patrons, some regular workmen and a few well-dressed people, obviously in some level of wealthiness. All were drinking from mugs, tankards, and glasses filled with ale. The men were drinking and laughing, a man of music standing upon a small crate, playing a song and dancing, his bright cloak swirling around him. Fiksal weaved through the group and down into the basement, sitting at the lone table on which one man sat already,a Paladin in shining armor. He glared at Fiksal for a moment, obviously distressed by his nature. The Paladin muttered something to himself, and looked up the stairs, awaiting the arrival of any others who were invited.

((Feel free to join in with your own character. If you do join in, they should have got a letter looking like this:

"Come to the Blue Recluse Tavern at nine. Go to the basement, and sit at the table. I will arrive shortly after, and explain why you must come." ))

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