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Oh, man! That was ALMOST as AWESOME as the time I HELPED KILL THE LICH KING! Yeah!

What?? You haven't heard about that!? Okay! So, anyways, so there I was, doing my own thing, helping out in Icecrown, (I'm a really helpful person you should totally come to me whenever you need help), and then OUT OF THE BLUE comes



And I was like



and he was all like 'Waddli! We need a hero. Not just the Argent Crusade, but ALL OF AZEROTH', and I was all like, 'Gosh, Mister Fordring, Sir! I'll do what I can! I'm a real helpful gnome, just ask me for anything and I'll try my best!' and Mister Tirion Fordring was like,


'I need you to get in this cannon, Waddli, and we'll shoot it at Arthas on his damned Frozen Throne and finish this.'

And I was all like, 'But I'm just a gnome sir, what can I do to help?' And he was all like, 'You can be the hero to save us ALL.' So, what could I do, I was all,


'You can count on me, Mister Fordring, sir!'

So I climbed into the cannon and it was really cramped in there so I had to sit down in the end of it, and when I was in I could kinda hear Mister Fordring saying,


'By the Light, fire the damn cannon, now, now!'

And then there was a BIG EXPLOSION and fire and then I was FLYING through the air and Mister Fordring Sir was all like 'AH HA HA HA YESS I LOVE GNOMES!'

And I went sailing through the air


to my DESTINY.




was ALMOST as awesome as that.


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Is that a... a... a gnome riding a t-rex, riding a shark with rocket engines and a laser?

About the shark: His name is Epicus Maximus <Paragon of Epicosity> and he was featured in the Cataclysm beta test when people complained a zone wasn't epic enough.

The Dinosaur's name is 'And a Dinosaur'.

And yes, that's the undead guitarist from the Chieftains.

Getting shot out of Tirion's cannon to help defeat the Lich King was more epic than the grand adventure she went on with the Paragon of Epicosity, however.

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