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my WoW related art consolidation thread

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Most of these have been posted throughout the years, but I figured it might be nice to just have one thread to update. For those of you who didn't know some of these were my characters, enjoy :)

The avatar I used for Mortica on the old Fates Hand forum. It's a minor screenshot alteration, but I always kinda liked it despite how small it is.


An older sketch I did of one of my guildmates, a tauren shaman named Blackdahlia.


Undead warrior Celuna sketch. Also known as "I suck at perspective":


My druid Bayou:


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Villayna's grandmother. A portrait that hangs in the front lobby of House deSinisca.


My Alliance priest, Viscar.


My other priest, Fhoyle:


If I make a goblin mage, her name will be Toleda:


The newest addition, my undead hunter Belmire:


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There is also the short, but cute death knight diva comic that I did, found at

I also wanted to post links that other artists did of my characters.

This one probably looks familiar. Taminda's portrait of Villayna:

Lovely's portrait of Mystagogue, Villayna's alter-ego:

Masquerade's sketch for my druid Sangjai: and the finished colored version:

Kromthal's Winter Veil gift for Mortica:

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