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Aeval Avengale [Under Construction]

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[under Construction~ ;3 Also, I fail at WoW lore so if I get put something that conflicts please be kind.]

Full Name: Aeval Avengale [OC Rapunzel]

Nicknames: Ae, Rabbit

Date of Birth:

Age: About 23 in human years

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Blond

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Emerald

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Place of residence: Silvermoon

Place of Birth: Silvermoon

Known Relatives: Deceased parents. No siblings.

Religion/Philosophy: In question

Occupation: Rogue priestess

Group/Guild affiliation: Brethren of the Coast

Guild Rank: New recruit


Likes: Lionell, her kitty(also Lionell), sunshine, and many other things.

Favorite Foods: Anything sweet

Favorite Drinks: Fruit juice

Favorite Colors: Blue and yellow/gold

Weapons of Choice: None; Private pacifist

Dislikes: Blood and gore, excessive violence, being forced to make decisions, being rushed


Physical Features: Aeval is slender and curvy, as most elven women are. Due to a "pampered" lifestyle, her body is soft and delicate.

Special Abilities: Healing and ressurection

Positive Personality Traits: Happy, helpful, and loving

Negative Personality Traits: Shy, easily manipulated, gullible, pushover

Misc. Quirks: Easily distracted and amused.

Played by What Famous Person:

Theme Songs:


[An old friend of mine named her WoW toon(Rapunzel), and helped me come up with the story for her less-than-WoW character bio. There are certainly some Rapunzel elements to her history. I'm going to try to make her fit in more with the WoW lore, but I'm very ignorant. :c Also, I haven't really thought much about the latter half of her history(since she parted from Lionell), so it may be kind of... crappy.]

Aeval Avengale was stolen from her parents at a young age by a vengeful, arcane-crazed mage. For the majority of her life she lived with him, locked away in some old, decrepit tower long forgotten by her kind. She grew in solitude, rarely even with the company of her captor. She found friends and faraway lands in the books she read, until finally some handsome paladin came to her rescue. He was the stuff of her dreams. He was strong from battle, but had the charm of an elven gentleman. He took her in his strong arms... and dropped her off with another man.

Her Prince Charming was a busy man, and obviously too busy for her. She waited for him for some time, under the protective care of another paladin named Lionell. He was fairly attractive -- cute in a clumbsy, shy sort of way, and he was sweet, sweeter than fresh, honey-dipped fruit. After some time, she forgot about her Prince Charming and fell for her protector. Lionell was dense, however, and seemed oblivious to her hints. At one point, she had even convinced herself he was gay, much like his dear friend Rudic. It took time, but she finally wooed him.

Aeval remained with Lionell for about a year before trouble separated them. She completely lost contact with the man, fearing his death, or worse -- that he may have fallen under the influence of the Lich King. She moped about looking for the Paladin for some time, before she finally stumbled upon a peculiar mage.

When she found him, Salvatoré was pacing around Murder Row mumbling to himself, and to some delusional character of his by the name of Juril. She watched him, and he spotted her. The mage stopped talking and simply smiled. He reminded Aeval of her captor, losing his sanity to an arcane addiction. She didn't fear him, however. This particular mage seemed much kinder. Compelled to reverse his descent into the ranks of the retched, she joined him and the Brethren of the Coast.


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