Fable III

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Oh, and did anybody save your Lady whats-her-face in the beginning? I chose to axe her, because it was the "high moral" thing to do. In hindsight I felt I should of kept her, since she had her own voice actress and I felt i may of missed out on a lot of dialogue.

A friend of mine did it. Apparently if you spare them then later on during the quest called "Kidnapped" in Bowerstone Industrial your early game LI will be the person needing rescued instead of the generic male or female significant other it defaults to if you sacrificed them. You get the same options with them that you get with the generic npc as well....

As for swerto... you can manually save in the sanctuary... Just each save auto overwrites the old one. Annoying to be sure but those are the breaks. I guess the idea was the force you to stick to your decisions and really make you think about it since there are no take backs.

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buy all property

ensure everything is repaired

leave on overnight while you're not in sanctuary

$8M gold.

Only if you use a wired controller. No activity and the wireless turns off and then the game pauses.

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