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4.0 Talents: Holy Paladin Caster DPS?

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Hello and welcome to my informational thread on holy paladins.

As of 4.0, the cooldown for Exorcism has been changed to 0, so that it may be spammed constantly. As such, a paladin which has no strength in their gear can do viable damage. So why does this matter, you might ask.. Because it gets to be pretty beastly. That's why.

My paladin's gear at level 80 is utterly godawful. I count about 1400 spell power, terrible stats all around.. But with my self-designed holy dps talents, I'm pulling about 2.6k dps on the raid boss dummy, aswell as heroic bosses.

Here's how it works:

Spec: Holy - DPS

First you'll be speccing into the judgement talents on the first tier. You receive uber spell haste for casting judgement, thus making your exorcism lightning-speed. You will also want to fill the other talent in the tree which heals you when you heal others. It's only a placeholder, though!

Next you'll be buffing your holy shock and exorcism damage, aswell as filling the Word of Glory talent as a placeholder. Note that it is handy in PvP.

The next tier is very important. You get 75% reduced mana cost on exorcism, making it cost around 300 mana, and the talent also procs instant mana-less exorcisms when you cast holy shock 50% of the time. Holy shock is a part of your rotation, thus making this talent your best one of all! You also want Divine Favor. It's your nuke-zem spell which gives extra crit and spell haste. Add that with your judgement haste and you've got about 0.6 sec cast exorcisms. You also want the healing holy shock talent as a placeholder/pvp bonus.

The next tier will buff you judgement with longer range.. You also gain 100% hit rating according to the spirit you gain, which is awesome. You will just gear like a normal holy paladin and get all the hit rating you need. You also want beacon of light for placeholder/pvp bonus. You also want Speed of Light as a placeholder. Once you get the radiance spell, this talent will grant you movement speed while it's active.. So when cata comes out in december.. Nomnomnom.

Next tier! Conviction, a stacking buff which increases damage and healing when you crit with anything. You will likely have high crit chance on all your spells, making this a very useful talent. You also want to reduce the cooldown on your Avenging Wrath in this tier. Divine Favor + Judgement + Conviction + Avenging Wrath = HOMGWTFHOWDIDYOUKILLME?

Next tier! Get the talent which grants you holy power when you take damage. Placeholder/super pvp awesomeness.

Finish off with your final talent and move on!

Ret tier 1: Get judgement range and holy shock damage. Your rotation will become much more easy to use and much more delicious.


Glyphs: Holy - DPS


1. Exorcism - Deals DoT after you hit them with exorcism. Shift targets for best results.

2. Judgement - Increases judgement damage so that the global cooldown doesn't kill your damage.

3. Divine Favor - Longer divine favor = more time to nuke a boss!


1. Divine Plea - Won't hurt your damage output when you're OOM. Glyph gives more mana.

2. Hammer of Wrath - No more mana whoreness.

3. Divinity - More Lay on Hands mana. Emergency OOM situation, especially for undergeared people.


1. Won't affect you.

2. Nope.

3. Also won't.


That's pretty much all the stuff you need to know. Reply to the thread with advice, comments or questions. Thanks for reading, and have a spammerific exorcism day. ~.^

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Might be raid viable. I'm doing 2.6k dps in crappy crappy gear. I can only imagine how good gear would work.

And if you're talking about AoE, then that's easily remedied. All they need to do is get close enough to consecrate (which shouldn't be a damage killer if they use judgement and holy shock), then set of Holy Wrath and back up a little.

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I doubt it will scale well.

If Paladins are doing Raid viable damage as holy Blizzard will do something. They have said time and time again that they don't want this happening.

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Well until it's nerfed, consider this:

Holy has no resistance.

Exorcism does around 4000-7000 damage in 0.5-1.2 secs

Hammer of Wrath does about 8000-13000 instantly.

Consecrate deals quite a good deal of damage over time.

Holy shock does slightly above exorcism damage instantly.

Divine Favor amplifies spell haste, aswell as the judgement talent.

It's all rather broken, if you ask me.

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New dps count is 4k dps on a tank'n'spank raid boss. May I remind you that I'm in CRAP gear.

Look up Morivia on Moon Guard on the armory to see my crappy gear. =)

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Holy is not going to be viable as raid DPS. I'm playing shockadin right now, which is what you are describing. I can do good damage, but nowhere near the sustain of a true dps class. Also, DPS as holy is very mana intensive, much more so than the healing we are designed to sustain.

There's a thread about Shockadin in the PvP forum, because that's all Shockadin is viable for in all honesty. It's fun to mess around with being a holy dpser, but it's never going to be as good as Ret or a Mage at DPS, and you lose out on key Healing talents.

As for your talents and glyphs, they look pretty good for Shockadin, however I would recommend getting something (anything) better than Glyph of Judgement. Even when you are going balls-out in PvP, Judgement should only be used to keep your haste buff up. You are wasting GCDs that you could be filling with more exorcism by using it, because it does crap damage.

Your rotation, which is more of a priority list, is going to go Holy Shock>Exo if you get instant exo>Wrath if it's up>Exo until shock is back up

This is not a pure DPS spec as you do your best sustained damage when you are also healing other people. This is because of Daybreak. Be aware of where your heals are going. Beacon a buddy and send all of your IoL SoL holy lights there, and flashes when you need to.

You will notice a sever drop in your damage output on heavily resilient targets (I see Exo hits as low as 1.8k on well geared targets, especially shaman and druids) in PvP, so don't take the numbers you have there at face value. Even on a dummy I only see exos above 7k when they are critting and I have cooldowns up, normally it is 3-4k.

Holy's damage output is no longer something to be scoffed at, but do not make the mistake others have made in the past and think it's viable raid DPS. Shockadin is and always has been healer hybrid with situational insane DPS (for most of wrath, the situation was "never," until now). This is how it was in BC, and now we have even more burst potential AND more healing potential and more sustainability to both.

I've played shockadin for a very long time and would be glad to talk more about this at length...

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I completely agree with skaad. Specing for judgement with excepion of getting judgement of the pure is wasteful. No matter what the damage is not gonna make a difference with the rotation. Also for me peresonally I'm wanting to focus on word. Word is probably the most beast thing we've ever gotten help wise, light of dawn being the coolest.. but I honestly don believe any of this will be the same at 85.

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