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Zeeky H-Bomb

KORE Enterprises [H]

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Image Courtesy of Senior-Director Beetrix O'Hare


INTRODUCTION: Where're you gonnah be when...?


Laaaaaaadies and gentlemen, sons and daughters of Kezan - Goblins one and all - I greet you with respect no matter how empty your wallet is or how shoddy your credit.

Change is a'comin on the blazin' black wings, and where will you find yourself when ol' Kajaro decides to go thermo?

Homeless, without a filthy copper to your name? Hairless and skinless from lava and lack of lucre?

Made slave to that Bilge-rat Gallywix, and so on slave to that bonehead Warchief whot lords over the Horde these days?

Humph! Change your lot in life by signing on with our new Union - KORE Enterprises - and rise up, be counted, and stake your claims with US!

KORE stands for "Kezan Offshore Reclaimations & Excavations" Enterprises; a brand new Union that hopes to create a better future for Goblin-kind.

With mutual-support, adventure, prospecting, treasure hunting, piracy, pillage, and, of course, good ol' fashioned local dirty work, we can profit TOGETHER!

Here at KORE, we support the average Gob by providing a driving focus for those who’ve lost their way. There's mutual protection for those that can’t yet protect themselves.

Together, we offer lucrative financial opportunities for those Gobs who lost everything to get right back in the saddle, scratching each other's backs.

We can stand up, together, as solid partners - working to take everyone else for what they got, in our race’s greatest time of turmoil.

Like it's written in the Great Manfiesto of Profit: "Even in the worst times, you can turn a profit!"

And make no mistake, these are turbulent times!

We strive onward despite the blind hostilities of the Alliance and the irritating political hang-ups of the Horde, not to mention the Twilight Cult that's breathing fire down our necks.

For ages, we've labored under the oppressive heels of increasingly taxing Trade Princes as well - taking all our money, sharing nothing, and dominating our everyday lives.

Now is the time to do something about that! It’s up to us, together as one great people, to reclaim our former civilization from the ashes of this Cataclysm and build for ourselves a better future.

For KORE! For KEZAN! For the better future of all Goblin-kind!

- Zeeky H-Bomb, Executive-Founder of KORE Enterprises.


About KORE Enterprises


KORE Enterprises is a Goblin-Only which is located on Twisting Nether, the best PVP/RP Server out there. KORE stands for 'Kezan Offshore Reclamation & Excavation', and is an Enterprising Business Union looking to unite the Goblin people in pursuit of Mutual Profit and a new Homeland. And why should one play a goblin? See HERE

We have diplomatic relations and friendships with other organizations throughout Azeroth; guilds such as The Outriders, Torchlight, Team Crankshaft, and many others (and growing). Our Tabard Symbol is of the Volcano, Kajaro, in full eruption, to remind us of the cataclysmic events that lost us our former homeland and to keep in memory those we lost. Coloration is in Dark Red and Gold with Silvery-White Lining.

(NEW: 4/3/2011) Currently, our webhosting is undergoing a change. We will post the new link as soon as it is available for viewing.


What are we about?


KORE aims to focus on a bit of everything, topped off with a heaping helping of 'immersive' roleplay. That is, 'immersive' in the sense of getting people involved in the world/stories as opposed to just sitting and throwing back a few in Silvermoon now and again, or doing compulsively naughty things in Goldshire Tavernhouses (you dirty dirty Alliance! lol). We stand by the idea that WoW is more than just a game where you play a paper doll with increasing amounts of numbers, gambling every week (socially or literally) for drops to make those numbers slightly bigger. Our Guild Chat, as laid back as it is, still has a Goblin feel to it - Goblins being a mesh of pop culture references and humor. We also have our own Radio Network (our Officer Channel) as a pure In-Character channel for those who wish to have a purer RP experience.

Such activities plan to include general Questing, Raiding, PvP, Playing the Auction House, finding the weirdest, unusual junk items to sell other players, and, of course, just plain enjoying ourselves. We intend to support both Casuals as well as Hardcore players, by offering them the tools and connections to help them achieve what they want in their gameplay experience whilst not overworking our Directors (officers).

The best way to describe our approach to structure is what we call the 'Salad Bar' Concept.

Game Content = Salad Bar

Types of Game Content = 'Flavors' of Salad Bar

KORE = Restaurant that offers access to Salad Bars

Basic Guildmembers('Agents') = People getting plates from Salad Bar

Officers ('Directors') = People running the restaurant by making sure it's clean, well maintained, and that nobody gets greedy. 'Directing' the general flow of salad bar.

Basically, KORE opens up the salad bars and lets people pick and choose what they want, but we expect them to get up and walk over to fill up their plates. Our Directors are not 'waiters' in this sense; we're not paid for what we do or the time we invest. That would be unfair to demand of them constantly and leads to burnout.

Our Directors, by contrast, are more like the Restaurant Staff that refills the Salad Bar, entertains, adds some new flavors time to time, keeps most bugs out of it, etc. Directors are also there to kick out fat, greedy people who eat up too much and leave too little for others. Also, Directors eat there just like our members, and deserve every bit the same portions. They get both respect, and a fun, stable Guild as a reward. In general, KORE should be its own reward to its membership - Director or otherwise.

If there's something we missed out on the Salad Bar that some of our Members want, we encourage them to bring it to the Restaurant and share it. Others might try it and enjoy it, and we can work together to bring in more of it. Understand we can't please everybody just by ourselves, of course, so that's where every member can step up and get things going (and are expected to).

KORE's motto is "We're not Hardcore, we're just KORE"

What that means ingame:

All players in KORE, hardcore or as casual as their playstyle may be, that want to do something we haven't really planned out or had time to put effort into, are encouraged to "step up"; to get the ball rolling as much as any other member, get like-minded members together to do the same thing.

There's a good chance of a promotion for them in doing that - a Director doesn't have to 'lead' everything, just get things moving in a certain direction. That's what 'directing' is. How they direct will help make us more stable. If they suck at directing, no-big. They don't have to stay Directors.

We remind them, however, that if not enough people want to do the same thing they want to do, then they should try to find other means to do it - we're not going to guarantee that they'll get every single wish or achievement they can think up. We can give them the tools, connections with Guilds we're on good terms with, etc. Any more than that's an unfair, unrealistic expectation.

Basically, we’re here to have fun (all of us, including Directors) and appreciate the Warcraft Gameworld at our pace, as only we cunning, wily Goblins can.


So who're we looking for?


So we’re looking for able-bodied, sly-witted Goblins to join in our cause and cash in on the benefits. We want creative characters – Goblins with hutzpah… pizzazz! Gob characters you’ll remember for a long time.

We want Gobs that work weird real-life shifts as well as Gobs that have all the time in Azeroth. We want Goblins that Raid for fun and profit, as well as Goblins that rack up Alliance bodycounts great or small. Most of all, we want Goblins that want to have fun as they level up, as well as after they hit cap. Roleplaying is not mandatory (only respect for RPers is), but it is highly encouraged, especially if you want to make an impression.

Goblins of all kinds are welcome! After all, World of Warcraft is not about any ‘one’ experience, but a ton of different things a player can do, and can do together. And anything you can do, you can roleplay while doing. RP isn’t just for Silvermoon, ya’know!


Recruitment Information!


1.) Benefits!

2.) Requirements!

3.) Contact & Recruitment!

4.) Promos and Special Deals!




- Goblin-Only Membership means that Hybrid Classes like Paladins and Druids aren't going to hog gear! And best of all : NO ELVES!

- 6/8 Well-Stocked Guild Bank Slots! Every Gob has plenty of access and a generous Repair Threshold. We have Cash Flow Perks as well.!

- Support for Role-Play = Tons of Unusual Items, as well as Information to help create Characters. Competitions of creativity that lead to real in-game rewards. Occassional events such as 'Goblin-Rushes', 'Sapperwork', and events for internal storylines are encouraged of all Goblins in KORE. Prizes and amusements await! (More information will be available in the ROLEPLAYING section of the Website Forum). I've also been working on a Goblin RP Race Primer, which I've posted the majority of here at TNG It'll be available on the website as well.

- Support for PvE =Firstly, we have a dedicated Tank (Bazzil Brasspair) that will assist groups of members in gaining PuGs when necessary - helping our fellow gobs get gear. Stockpiles of useful Items for Leveling Goblins in both the Guild Bank and on several 'Curator' Characters. We also offer any Gob that joins us a care package of bags and some helpful greens (Supplies permitting). We've got Pots, Lowbie Enchants, Green Items, Buff Scrolls, and MORE. Tons of Goblins your own level to quest/run dungeons beside. And later on, for raiders, if we cannot host by numbers alone enough raids, we have deals with a variety of decent Guilds out there to work in some of our number into their raids.

- Support for Professions = Stockpiles of base Trade Materials are also hoarded in the Guild Bank as well as on several 'Curator' Characters to help our members get their professions off to a good start. Goblins of KORE are also encouraged to donate schematics or materials they don't want to sell (due to time, laziness, or just general cooperative spirit) to other members that have decent rep with KORE. The better each Goblin is, the better KORE overall will be.

- Support for PvP = Having a bunch of Goblins to level up beside means you've got numbers to help tip the scale on expected gankers, as well as fellow Goblins to go do Battlegrounds beside. They may have us in size, but we can out-do them in number if we work together. When we reach endgame, our Sapper-Squads may have a great deal of fun doing strikes against Alliance holdings.

Though currently changing webhosting, KORE maintains a web presence complete with forums - where we encourage our Gobs to be vocal and active in any aspect of Guild Business. I, as Guildleader, listen to and respect our membership - even if I may not always agree out of hand. Soon, that website will be active again. Updates as they ensue.





We’ll raid, group with, use/extort, make bargains with, and even help out (For profit, of course) non-Goblins of the Horde or neutral factions out there, but only genuine Goblins can join up with KORE and enjoy direct benefits. This is a notion inspired by the Guild ‘Army of the Undead’, as well as TotalHalibut's Troll Guild, and one that has been successful. This provides us with extra recognition, as well as provides us with an extra challenge as we will not have any Paladins or Druids.

KORE is for FUN :

It should be made clear: KORE is, overall, NOT a Hardcore Guild in the interests of racing other Raiding or PvP Guilds to the finish line. We finish things at our own pace, and enjoy the world as well as each other's company.

KORE's motto is "We're not Hardcore, we're just KORE"

That is not to say that KORE will not be doing its share of Raiding or PvPing. Quite the contrary, many of our membership intend to one way or another. This means that such motivations are left up to the desires of the Goblins that constitute our membership; from the individual Agents to the Directors who keep things directed. The primary focus of KORE is to be FUN, regardless of what we do, and what people consider 'fun' varies from player to player. Please remember the Salad Bar Concept. Some flavors just aren't wanted by some Goblins, or otherwise aren't wanted all the time.

For example, I (Zeeky) chose this RP/PVP server because it has access to all three main flavors of the game: RP, (which I love) PvP, (which I enjoy the fel out of, even if it's tough sometimes to deal with world pvp) and PvE (which, while not overall as fun as the other two but still enjoy often enough). As such, this Server is like New York City - there's always something to do if you go out looking for it, and the variety is out there to switch things up. Now, I don't expect everyone to be held to what I consider fun, and especially not as a Guild. Some people could care less about RP, and that's their choice. Some people might avoid PvP for the life of them, even on a PvP server. Still, others might despise PvE and get their rocks off in PvP exclusively. That's fine too.

The point I'm making there is that KORE's design won't force anyone to do something hugely specific. We're not a hardcore raiding guild that won't take you in if you're not going to raid 2-3 days a week. We're not a hardcore PvP guild that won't take you in if you don't have a top-shelf computer, fast reflexes, and a competitive mindset. Even in RP, which we do encourage quite a bit, we won't punish you if you don't want to RP. It's all about choice. And we'll give you that choice, for any given day (as choices change), and let you figure out what you want to do and how to make it happen.

Some might consider us very Casual for not specializing. Which is relative, really. Simply, we recognize that we all play this game for different reasons. KORE is here for the game itself; we play a character in it, not just a toon. We enjoy the quests and lore/flavor of WoW, instead of just racing to be the ‘best of the best of the best’ in Raids or PvP until next patch, which causes the next rush to be ‘first’ and king of the hill. We’re not looking to be the biggest, baddest, best or most hardcore among the hardcore elite of Twisting Nether. We’re not here specifically to get you every single achievement that requires uberleet hardcore guilds to get you. Sure, we'll try for them - if enough people want it, and are inclined to work together to get them, but if peoples' hearts aren't in it, Directors aren't going to make them.

Which reminds me - again - Directors (All officers as well as the Guildmaster) are not full-time babysitters or your paid personal game designers. We're here to play and enjoy ourselves as much as anyone else in KORE, even though we do put a lot of effort into making neat stories and events, as well as raids or pvp, to share with our other members. They're not there to hold hands, coddle your children, or serve you raids and dungeon runs on a silver platter. Overall, we do hope to have quite a few Directors - but if it is ever considered more 'work' than 'fun', don't expect a lot of them.

So basically we’re not going to kiss ass to get members or keep members – and we shouldn’t have to! KORE should be its own reward. Lack of raid stress/drama should also be most welcome, as well as support in RP as we quest along and enjoy each other’s company/characters. We have a chat that ACTUALLY TALKS, and all manner of interesting side benefits.

On other Principles, and why we hate outright 'Rules' :

KORE is a very laid back Union (Guild), so rather than illustrate out a detailed list of 'common sense' rules like most Guilds out there do, we'll put it simply: We want to have FUN. That, and the only-Goblins thing, are pretty much the only real, clear cut 'rules'. Rules aren't fun. So what gobs in KORE have are choices. And choices have consequences - what you do will impact your relationship with your fellow Gobs.

Anything that gets in the way of that fun should be addressed between those impacted. We feel that every Goblin is allowed to play, to express his/herself, and to do as they do in a way that won't cause trouble for fellow Goblins, and if that trouble should come up, that those involved should be able to sort it out between themselves without causing instability to KORE. If that understanding isn't there, then we'll have a Goblin or two less. We're not going to be total asses about it, but we're not going to be complete wusses either.

That being said, DON'T FUCK WITH KORE & DON'T STEAL FROM KORE. You're a greedy Goblin, and that's the idea, but you're on OUR side.

As such, don't consider the following as 'rules' - but as simple ideas that make a lot of sense. They're not guidelines, either. Just good ideas that'll make your experience with us more pleasant. If you are inconsiderate, you'll be treated poorly. These are not rules that are enforced by any other than the virtue of your own actions (and the repercussions of them)

Play your Class/Role in a way that gets shit done! :

While your fellow Goblins are here to help you out, you're expected to help them in return - particularly by learning how to play your Class/Role in a way that won't get yourself or others reduced to splats on the floor. If you fail a couple times learning, that's all expected. Like they say on Kezan, "Even monkeys fall from trees..." But if you're a constant moron (or even an ungrateful, greedy bastard), expect to be left out with the Hobgoblins.

If you’re a healer, know how to heal effectively! If you’re a tank, know how to tank correctly! If you’re DPS, don’t get your tank or healer killed and do your job as best as you can!

We’re not expecting our members to have top notch computers and never heard the word 'LAG' in their lifetimes, nor are we expecting hardcore raiders or PvPers that theorycraft their characters like master mathematicians for the perfect numbers every single damn time. If you like doing that kind of min/maxing, by all means, continue - we won't frown on it unless you put down others on purpose, but if not, don't sweat it. That’s for the hardcore Guilds out there. We just expect you to know HOW to heal/tank/do DPS. As long as it works, and doesn't get you and the others killed, do it.

I guess we could put it this way, a wise person once said: "I know your $14.99 entitles you to play the game your way, but the rest of the raid's $359.76 says know your role."

Act it out! :

Basically, while you're not forced to RP, if you want the full honors and rewards of our Guild, it's best if you are a Roleplayer (even if you're not a very good one. lol). We won't make you, though you may miss out on a bunch of goodies or other fun.

Your Character in KORE is more than a paper doll with numbers written on it, it’s a PERSONALITY. A 'toon' out there is just a paper doll, and that's pretty much 75%-80% of our server. Please don't be one of them! This is a PVP-RP Server, after all!

You don’t have to have a backstory written out (though it IS nice to have, maybe even worth your while to reward), or spell check every thing you say. We don’t even care that your name is very Gobliny for the most part as long as you can explain why it’s so crazy (and that’s not hard to do at all, Goblins can be crazy like that!)

Even in RP, we’re not that hardcore. You just need to have a consistent ‘feel’ to your character’s actions/words; a personality to act out that is noticeable beyond lines of hamfisted keyboard slamming leetspeak.

Be prepared though, for those of you RPers who want to portray asshole characters, you act one way (Such as acting like an arrogant dickhead, usually something the Elves do), others will treat you however you treat them. We both understand, and expect, many Goblins in our Union to not get along – and we think that’s AWESOME. It's a great character and story builder. Don't think just because you're both in KORE that you have to be 'friends'. Just don't let small time rivalries or competitions it get in the way of other people's enjoyment, either.




Until our website is again active, please consult the Looking-for-Guild posting in-game. We have a presence there. Any requests will be followed up by letter.

Recruitment is open to all Goblins, regardless of RP Background (Cartel, Company, etc. We'll even take former Venture Company Gobs) and regardless of chosen class. Again, only Goblins need apply. We always check this before any invite.

If you're planning to race change another Race to a Goblin, we'll still accept you providing that you race change within the first month of joining with us, and are not a Paladin or a Druid. If you do not, we'll unfortunately be forced to remove you from KORE. We've had many Gobs who have paid to transfer and join us, not only cross server, but cross faction - and those gobs who've made that financial commitment are definitely rewarded for their devotion.

If you're ambitious, we're looking for Goblins who can 'step up' and make things happen. Goblins that do (and prove themselves capable) may be offered an opportunity to become a 'Director'. Note that we do not have Officers, as 'Officers' turn running a guild into pure work and can get burnt out. A Director is different. They just aim gobs in the direction they want to go and make sure they got the helmet on, in a matter of speaking. (More on that later).

We're also looking for talented machinima animators, web designers, UI makers, as well as sound editors who may be able to help with our Goblin Radio Station. Players with unique talents or means of contributing, and a desire to get creative with KORE. Those that can help in this way will be rewarded with an honorary ‘Senior-Director’ rank (with Officer Notes to further distinguish them for their contribution) as well as a very nice bonus package, containing an assortment of rare, useful items for a Goblin of your class, as well as some other nifty perks and benefits. They'll also be playing a pivotal role in making KORE one of the most unique, memorable, and interesting Guilds in all of Azeroth!




Here at KORE, we're looking for special Goblins who show enthusiasm and Role-play, as well as embrace the idea of our Union, or show talents at organizing things. Here's a few ways you might cash in on that!

- CREATE A PERSONA! = Create a Goblin Character that is really interesting, or has really neat gimmicks. The more creative and lore friendly the concept is, the better, and we'll reward particularly interesting characters with Frostweave Bags or even Glacial Bags!

- RECRUIT A FRIEND! = The more Goblins you recommend to us and join up, as well are online for at least a month or two, the more credit we'll give you with Guild Funds. Promotions are quick to be earned in this way, as well as extra gear to help both them and you level up together. Get your recruit-a-friends in for the Rocket Mounts on your Goblin Character and you may be entitled to extra goodies.

- STEP UP! = We're in need of Directors to help keep things flowing nicely. If you think you can step up and be a Director, we'll definitely give you a shot. Handle things well, be a good organizer, enjoy various benefits as well as influence in the goings-on of the Union.




KORE Enterprises is primarily overseen by its Executive-Founder, Zeeky H-Bomb. Zeeky is a veteran Sapper from the Second War and a renowned Entrepreneur, most famous for selling his invention of the Pop-Top Can™ to the Kaja'Cola Company. He's also credited as creating many of the classic catchphrases and radio jingles associated with the brand (Drink KAJA’COLA – It’ll BLOW YOU AWAY! Drink KAJA’COLA – It’s the BOMB!, et cetera).

During Kezan's destruction, he traded his life savings to ensure his family’s survival, only to lose them to Alliance cannonade near the Lost Isles. Middle-aged, gold-less, and washed up on the shore, Zeeky gathered together several other downtrodden Goblins and founded KORE Enterprises, establishing its principles with them as well as its early company policies. Zeeky now acts as the Founding Executor (Exec. Founder) of all KORE assets and holdings. He is the ultimate last word in anything that affects the Union, and cares for his people more than most outsiders would expect of a Goblin. Though cunning in combat through his brilliant mind, Zeek is gaining in years. After fighting for several months beside KORE and the Horde in its campaign against Deathwing, he has been forced to take it slower. In doing so, he's become a fighter of a different sort - becoming much more politically active. In recent months, Zeek has been held busy by Horde internal politics, working closely with illustrious faces (such as Mida Silvertongue) in Orgrimmar.

As a result, recently, Zeeky has turned to a mercenary 'friend', Bazzil Brasspair. Brasspair has recently been appointed as Executive-Chief of KORE Operations. Where Zeek handles mostly now the central structuring of KORE from Orgrimmar, Bazzil handles organized operations on the battlefront in pursuit of KORE's interests. A goblin of action, if decidedly not subtlety, he quite the contrast of his alter-ego - though it is apparent that they've known each other for a very long time. They do not see eye-to-eye on many things, but Brasspair's solid - if rough - approach to problem solving may be just what KORE Enterprises needs to maintain its cause, while Zeek maintains the spirit of KORE, and its cause for the Goblin People.

Assisting in that goal are the Board of Directors. This is a group of savvy Goblins Zeeky hand picked to help keep the company working together and in everyone’s better interests. This is a group of successful, practical minded Bosses that have shown a knack for leadership, finances, tactics, as well as dedication to KORE’s principles and company policy. These Goblins help run the company day to day while Zeeky and Brasspair are busy. They are given a very fair amount of free reign so long as they follow Company Policy and don’t fuck with business*. In recent times, financial woes facing KORE due to steadily decreasing Goblin work wages in the Horde (no doubt levied by a certain Warchief) have led to many of these Directors being overworked and gone for large periods - aiding the people how ever they can.

In the background, Curators act as bankers and storage for various properties and holdings of KORE, especially overstock from the Guild Bank that we don’t outright auction off for pure profit. (Usually alts used for pure storage or NPC purposes, which are Officer Noted for who ‘owns’ them) Most Curators are usually older Goblins who’re too infirm or frail to really go out adventuring.

Otherwise, most members of KORE Enterprises are all individual Agents – they can set their own individual notes and view the ‘Officer’ Notes, where they can view the Specs/Info of their fellows. Agents that reach a certain level of Reputation in the Union are capable of becoming Veteran-Agents, who have increased access to Guild Bank Property, Finances, and Shares in the Company. Zeeky, Brasspair, and the other Directors promote new Directors exclusively from Veteran-Agents who’ve decided to step up and proven to be especially good at the job.

Most Agents also have a coterie of fellow Gobs they have under them (alts) that are considered Associate-Agents

KORE Enterprises has plenty of opportunities for Goblins like you! Goblins new to the KORE start out as ‘Refugees’, very quickly rising to become Agents.

Finally, once in a while, Gobs from KORE go Missing!. Sometimes, they've been MIA for a while... other times they've been kidnapped (part of some of our upcoming RP events). They've had radio silence from their belts, and we are often in search of Gobs gone missing. Hopefully, they turn up. We can only spare goblinpower so much to search for them.


What is KORE's Roleplay Concept?


KORE Enterprises is built on the following Points:


“KORE keeps the spirit of lost Kezan alive in the hearts and pocketbooks of the Refugees by embracing that most sacred litany of the Goblin people – making a steady profit off of virtually anything. Every Goblin is expected to put in some sort of profit, as well as benefit from our enterprise.”

(What this means for the Players: Mostly RP, but your put in ‘Profit’ is in the form of the Guild Perk: Cash Flow, which donates an extra bit of cash to the Guild bank for every bit of cash you loot. Therefore, you won’t have to really put anything else in if you don’t want to – rewards are higher for those who do, though. You get what you pay for!)


“KORE is devoted the idea of building a new Kezan, preferably a heavily armed floating Island we can move around when weather gets too cold or nasty. To make this happen, we use the most advanced technologies and magics that greed and ingenuity can buy. For KORE. For NEW KEZAN.”

(What this means for the Players: The way we plan to work this out is that we’ll have a picture up on the website forum of our idealized ‘Island of New Kezan’. However, parts of that picture, all of it in the beginning, are blacked out. Every week or two, we’ll have a new competition for a certain item – usually a gray item of some sort, or base tradeskill mats that most players have access to get. These items are donated to the guild bank RP Tab – gray ones being sold for the profit, tradeskill mats being usable by those who need them or are sold for guild bank profit. Once we hit a certain amount of those items, the part of the picture the items were needed for will be revealed and those that brought in the most materials will get special rewards. Also, new ‘features’ may be added on the website or guild to reward everyone for participating. We have ideas such as a Goblin Radio Station on Vent, or other interesting things. However, sometimes things may come up that ‘complicate’ the building of our new homeland… such as pirate attacks, building accidents, or disasters… building a floating city isn’t easy. Building a new homeland won’t happen overnight.)


“KORE acts also as a support network for all refugees of Kezan (that pay, of course) to help them help themselves. For a loyal cut of looted profits (done so via Guild Perk: Cash Flow) we educate Goblins, provide them with market tips, tips on good opportunities, provide several resources, weapons, and defenses for those who put in the pot. It’s no free ride, but working together in the Company, we can all do our part to buy ourselves a new homeland and better futures. We find Goblins (NPCs) jobs as best we can throughout the Horde, working with labor groups such as those overseen by 'Boss' Mida Silvertongue.”

(What this means for the Players: In keeping with the spirit of the Goblin Race, you have other Goblins keeping your back BUT without charging you out the ass or fucking you over. We’ll also tip you off about good Auction House deals or help with items or gold grants/loans if you’re pretty high in Guild Rep. We’ll also watch your back in PvP heavy areas, or help you get away from a ganker if you’ve built up enough credit with us. You’re a refugee from Kezan, you ‘pay’ your dues and help your fellow Goblins out, so we’ll support you.)


“KORE focuses on the idea of reclaiming anything and everything possible that will be a valuable asset, as any Goblin should, and turning a profit on it. However, this also includes using every possible piece of technology or magic to salvage the wreckage of our homeland, including the precious Kaja-mite that our people need to keep sharp.”

(What this means for Players: This is more for RP purposes than anything else. We don’t know if we’ll ever be able to go back to Kezan in WoW later on, even if it means going underwater. However, part of our name is about ‘Reclaimation’, so we’re ‘reclaiming’ things. The best things we can reclaim are those things from Kezan, even if they’re just junk. We’re also on the lookout for Kaja’mite, that wondrous mineral that gives Goblins that demented genius – finding sources of that could save our entire race from declining into ‘modern stupidity’.)


“KORE is recognized within the Horde, through the Bilgewater Cartel, as a free Enterprise by Chartered Contract – a special provision is especially encouraged by the new Warchief via a Letter of Marque stipulated in that Charter. This provision of the Contract gives us free-reign in our ‘reclaiming’ activities when confronted by hostile Alliance forces, including providing us increased credit for killing them and looting their properties – particularly in defense of Horde holdings or war actions.”

(What this means for Players: Essentially, by being part of the Horde, PvP is highly encouraged. Looting alliance bodies in places like Battlegrounds or Wintergrasp/Tol Barad usually yield unusual junk items that are worth a lot in the Guild for different competitions or other fun – and it also gives you cash off the body. It makes sense RP wise that we get paid for every Alliance Player we kill, and we encourage that. After all, it was the Alliance that fired on our ships first… bastards.)


“KORE, despite our Horde loyalties by Contract, are also specially provisioned in our Chartered Contract to make profit wherever possible, without intercession by Horde authorities. While we ransack the Alliance, we can also work with neutral subfactions. Though Nature and Historical Artifacts are often perceived as worthless novelties to most Goblinkind, we recognize their value to others, and thus find profit. We are perfectly fine with excavating ruins to sell priceless artifacts, or to protect natural holdings (especially from the venture company, which will gain us great credit) in order to reap profits from those who have value such things.”

(What this means for Players: Mostly for RP purposes, but this means we’ll help people with some Rep grinds too. Means our players are encouraged to gain rep with every faction they can – after all, it gets us Guild Experience, AND from an RP standpoint, it makes us much more able to turn a profit from those that consider us exalted. Plus, as Archaeology – the new profession in Cataclysm – is going to be all about digging into the Lore of World of Warcraft, how could we NOT encourage it as roleplayers?)


“KORE always strives to find the most unusual, uncommon, and rare products to sell to any who might have use for them. KORE Agents are always on the lookout for both unusual goods (Gray Items/RP Clothing/Vanity Pets) as well as those that might be interested in them (RPers looking for these unusual items to use as props). Any item, from Fantasy Art salvaged from fishing, to the random and amusing items rogues pickpocket, to stinky old ogre loincloths, there’s a buyer for something somewhere!”

(What this means for Players: One fun aspect of this Guild is the collection and distribution of unusual junk items for Roleplay purposes. There are literally hundreds of junk items in the game, most are good for just laughs, others are simply interesting, and even still others can be used in RP as props or wearables. In keeping with the Goblin way of doing things, we find and stockpile these random things – hoard them for our own use, as well as offer to sell them to anyone – particularly other Roleplayers. You never know, someone may just want that Crude Eating Utensil, Fantasy Art, or Sleeveless T-Shirt!)


“KORE supports highly the new pursuits of Archaeology that’s becoming more prevalent in the world, in particular sporting special provisions with the Reliquary – a Blood Elf organization looking to reclaim artifacts before the Dwarven Explorer’s Guild (who do not want profit, as we do! IMAGINE THAT!). Information is always one of the most valuable commodities, and History is one of the most valuable kinds of Information. Rather than allow lost histories and artifacts to sit unused, waiting to be destroyed by the elements and time, KORE Agents are encouraged to Survey, excavate, and reassemble artifacts, as well as learn their stories, to sell to Museum Institutions as well for our own personal gain. Properties of lesser historical value and other such amenities discovered may also be reclaimed and resold as useful junk to travelers of all sorts.”

(What this means for Players: Archaeology is going to be the holy grail of RP, allowing both our members and those we trade with to better learn the lore of the game and to piece together history. And, as a side bonus, we can make interesting shit to sell or trade to each other. That junk we love so much. So many of these new gray item artifacts are really neat, some even have special effects. We can barter gaming dice, sell ancient Hyborne makeup preserved after ten thousand years, and more, thanks to the wonders of Archaeology!)

Edited by Zeeky H-Bomb

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Status Report : May 3rd, 2011.


Yup, we're still kickin!!

- Despite a month and a half lull in activity, due to several of our Directors each having RL emergencies and responsibilities to go with them, several of us are starting to make our way back online in the midst of difficult times - now with a new dedicated tank, Bazzil Brasspair.

- Once again, we are working to change webhosting. As a result, our current link to the website is down until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. The new website will be just as great, if not better, than our former hosting.

- As Bazzil Brasspair (Tank) and Tekk (Healer) work toward 85. KORE is beginning to organize strike-teams for running Normal Dungeons/Heroics for Gearing with their leadership. We currently have several other Tanks and Healers, but we always welcome more - particularly those who can play on any weekday so we can continue our plans for multiple Gearing Teams. These two figures will be the alphas leading the way for new progress.

- KORE is also beginning to organize both BG and Arena teams, as well as City Strike Teams, so we can start taking the fights to the Alliance wherever they are.

- We're currently stabilized at G-Level 13, with a variety of Guild Rewards also unlocked: Guild Page, Armadillo, Boiled Dragon Feast, and Heirloom Cloaks. Our priority is to start using the new Guild Challenges system to give us a boost - catching us up to Guilds that have pushed past us in our temporary inactivity. Several new Guild Achievements (along with their rewards) are coming very soon.

- KORE is planning some new guild events as we come closer to summer. We've had Pool Parties (Complete with burning down the Trade Prince's Villa), A Goblin Rave in Bilgewater Port, A Critter Stomping Day, Coliseum Championships in Gurubashi Arena, Bar-room Brawled on the Speedbarge against Alliance, and more.

- There are still plenty of spaces for Directors and Veteran-Agents as we continue to grow. Currently, we have a healthy number of open minded and mature Directors, and will be looking for Senior-Directors soon.

- The Goblin Race Primer, the one-stop source for anything you ever wanted to know about Roleplaying a Goblin, is still progressing. Just started work on the Goblin History section - including a controversial theory of Goblin Origin. Check it out and tell us what you think! Now that I've hit 85, I will be doing updates on it very soon with all the new information I've learned!

- KORE Enterprises features artwork courtesy of Beetrix O'Hare.

- We've decided on the Goblin Radio Station's name : KORE 102.9 'The BIG ONE'. While we haven't finalized the names for our DJs yet, we are considering having them in the style of the Goblin Sappers from Warcraft 3 - so you can imagine what that'll be like. Musical stylings we'll have on there are a lot of OC Remixes, as well as some unusual bands like Finntroll (just to give you an idea of the kind of music). Generally, energetic, good-to-fight-to music can be expected on there. We've made progress in getting Ventrilo to play music at some of our Guild Events, so the idea of KORE 102.9 is not too far away. Any volunteers who would like to help are appreciated!

- ALERT! = We've been getting reports that we have a detractor, a player named Tankthus, that has been slandering us in Trade Chat spamming false recruiting messages. Please do not listen to him, he is merely a hateful chat Troll and has been reported en masse by KORE for this slander.

Edited by Zeeky H-Bomb

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- Can you talk like a Goblin in Vent? There may be rewards if you do.



Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey, from In Living Color)

Foxy Love (From Drawn Together)

Shanaynay (From Shane Dawson's Youtube Videos)

Doctor Roxxo the Rock-n-Roll Clown (From Metalocalypse)

Flava Flave

ZIM (from Invader Zim)

Max Schreck (Christopher Walken, Batman Returns)

Clown (John Leguizamo, Spawn Movie)

Brett Maverick (Mel Gibson, Maverick)

Genius Gremlin (Gremlins 2: The New Batch)

Rambo (Sylvester Stallone, The Rambo Movies)

Gomez Addams (Raul Julia, The Addams Family Movies)

Zapp Branigan (Futurama)

Dom Delouise

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Updated some of our information on here to keep it accurate. Despite the RL difficulties of myself and several key members of KORE's infrastructure, we are starting to renew activity. I'm back - working on KORE's dedicated new Tank, Bazzil Brasspair. His character description, profile, and some backstory should be posted soon, providing insight into this new Goblin and his potential to reinvigorate KORE (with a contrast in philosophy to Zeeky H-Bomb). Bazzil will become an important new fixture in KORE with his tanking, hopefully he will be the catalyst of renewed progress. In the meantime, several of our gobs are working on the new webhosting to get the website back on the air, such as Tekk. As for ventrilo, we are making use of an associate's access until our resource pool recoups. Information will be posted on both as soon as everything is organized.

KORE's been around almost five months as of the upcoming 6th of May, and we're going to be around for many, many more.

For KORE. For KEZAN. For the better future of our people.

- Zeek.

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