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Alesson Duskrunner

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Full Name: Alesson Duskrunner

Nicknames: Ales

Date of Birth: Uncertain

Age: Appx 29-32

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: White

Skin: Dark

Eyes: Grey

Height: Appx 6 ft

Weight: Appx 175-200 lbs

Place of residence: Stormwind

Place of Birth: Lordaeron

Known Relatives: None alive that he is aware of.

Religion/Philosophy: The Hidden Path

Occupation: Soldier

Group/Guild affiliation: N/A

Guild Rank: N/A

Enemies: Whomever he's signed on to fight

Likes: Challenges

Favorite Foods: Spider Legs

Favorite Drinks: Moonberry Juice

Favorite Colors: Blue, Silver

Weapons of Choice: Greatsword, Longsword

Dislikes: Cowardice

Hobbies: Blacksmithing

Physical Features: Graceful and slight of build, he is more powerful than he initially appears. His dark skin contrasted by his unusual hair and eye-color marks him on a battlefield.

Special Abilities: None apparent.

Positive Personality Traits: Patient, never wavers in the face of danger, and always adapting with a situation.

Negative Personality Traits: Keeps to himself most of the time, and prefers to tackle things on his own. Has an arrogant streak that gets him into trouble.

Misc. Quirks: Can often be found staring at the moon.

Played by What Famous Person: Heath Ledger

Theme Songs: My Immortal

History: Alesson keeps to himself when possible, so his history doesn't get discussed overly much. He was born in Lordaeron, but his memories of the kingdom are hazy as he appears to have spent much time abroad during his youth. Elves tend to be a testy subject with him, leading some to believe that an unsettled score lies between the young soldier and the longears.

His arrival in Stormwind caused something of a stir, as according to the tale, Alesson arrived in the middle of the night at the doorstep of the Cathedral, clad in nothing save moonlight. He has grown accustomed to diverting questions towards this topic, but it is clear that even though he is a paladin, the knight is no follower of the Light. This one fact alone often means that Alesson is overlooked in favor of more "trusted" soldiers in regards to missions of the cloth.

Alesson has carved himself a quiet niche in Stormwind society, spending his days amongst the smithies and traders as he forges a living in a vibrant city. He keeps few friends, but those who come to know him find in Alesson a true and reliable - if a little distant - comrade for life.

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