Crushem Crankshaft

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Full Name: Crushem Crankshaft

Nicknames: Crush, Bro, "Azeroth's Most Awesome Goblin!" (self proclaimed)

Age: 20

Race: Goblin

Gender: Male

Hair: Light Blue

Skin: Dark Green

Eyes: Blue

Height: 2'8"

Weight: 70lbs

Place of residence: Bilgewater Harbor

Place of Birth: Kezan

Known Relatives: Raxx Crankshaft (Father, was killed) Gabbii Crankshaft (Sister, former team leader. MIA, presumed dead)

Religion/Philosophy: "Always grab life by the horns, and take no guff from no one!"

Occupation: Mercinary team leader.

Group/Guild affiliation: Team Crankshaft, The Blastercharge brothers' group, Patrons and owners of the Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet, the Inn in Bilgewater Harbor

Guild Rank: Team Leader of Team Crankshaft

Enemies: Slave traders, enemies of the Horde, goblins that need attitude adjustments.

Likes: Kickin' ass (he has a sub-division of Team Crankshaft that "takes names" for him), his sister Gabbii, forging himself weapons from scrap metal, making up cool names for his special moves, his buddy Guldaba.

Favorite Foods: "Fish! Can't get enough of it!"

Favorite Drinks: He drinks light alcoholic beverages to celebrate, but drinks Kaja cola mostly.

Favorite Colors: Fire engine red/ bright orange

Weapons of Choice: Sword and shield. Sometimes a mace and shield. Not above using a big gun or bow now and again.

Dislikes: Being helpless, men hitting on his sister, cowardly people, bullies, humans and their stupid faces.

Hobbies: Pit fighting, blacksmithing, fishing.

Physical Features: Has a scar going across his face, from the upper left, across his nose and ends at his right cheek.

Special Abilities: Good at making up crazy names for his moves.

Positive Personality Traits: Is gung-ho, Will always stand up for the right thing, friend till the bitter end, never leaves team members behind. He seems to be nicer and actually has some degree of morals which is more than an average goblin.

Negative Personality Traits: Is too gung-ho, not as tech-savvy as an average goblin should be. Not exactly good with counting gold much either.

Misc. Quirks: Has a catchphrase; "You just got Crankshafted!" He says this after he wins an arena fight or a duel. He also has a tendency to alway be flashy when referring to himself.

Played by What Famous Person: Bruce Campbell

Theme Songs:

History: A former slave of the Steamweedle cartel, Crushem Crankshaft aims to bring honor and dignity to the goblins of the Bildgewater Cartel. Even if that means forming a mercenary group to not only take out the enemies of the Horde and the goblins, but also to keep watch over Gallywix and make sure he keeps his word to Thrall to lead his people and not enslave them again.

"My business is kickin' ass. And not only is business boomin', I'm about to expand! Prepare to get Crankshafted!"

Edited by Crushem

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((On a whim, I googled "crushem". That song was the first that came up. I never listened to much Megadeth, nor do I watch wrestling. I found out after posting that this song is Goldberg's theme. Bottom line, it fits his character PERFECTLY.))

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"Crankshaft?" Siktas ears perked up at the sound of the name "Knew his father, however shortly, sounds like the apple fell from the tree and then rolled down a hill, fell on a barge traveled across the maelstrom, was picked up by a gnome, carried through the dark portal and used to plant an apple tree in Illidans skull." Sikta stopped to catch her breadth "in other words, he seems nothing like his father.... which is a good thing."

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"You talk of a gob with a brass pair, naw' that's not Crushem. Try titanium. An' that's no lie. He's the real deal; the Gob with a grin that's every bit as dangerous as his sword 'n board. Buy 'em a drink if you see him." - Zeek.

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"I've only known Crushem for a short time. Unlike the others I've worked with, he's pretty young - and when he joined the team to take out the Proprietor, I considered him a child. He was excitable, had a short fuse and didn't think before he ran into a fight. Seeing him after all the shit that happened out on Kezan, however, he seems to have grown into himself. The gob I spoke to yesterday wasn't the kid I remember on Kezan. He has the potential to be a great leader."

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Gizzi smiles. "I like Crushem. He's a fun guy; even though his fashion sense is severely lacking. I was glad to see he made it off Kezan. I figure we'll definitely be seeing each other around since his Team seems to be making an impression around town already."

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"I ran into THIS one whilst triangulating for ancient and powerful artifacts in the Plaguelands. Curious little thing, if you ask me. Needless to say, I was astonished at the creature's swiftness and brutality in the slaying of a score of spiders in the area."

Lysimachus taps his chin thoughtfully, nodding slightly. "Mayhap I ought to look into purchasing such a one similar to Mr. Crankshaft as an assistant. Like pocket-sized bodyguards, you know?"

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