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Mavis Audrapel

Mavis Audrapel

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The file sits open on a desk in SI:7, a ring of liquid staining the inner cover and a copy sheet sitting nearby as if someone had been recently updating the entries.

File Name: Mavis Eugene Audrapel

Aliases: "Pel"  "Audro"

Date of Birth: two years before the second war

Age: 29

Race: Worgen

Gender: Male

Hair: Black, usually cut short and peasent.

Skin: Human-Light tan.

Worgen-Dark grey to black fur

Eyes: Human-Green


Height: Human- 5' 8"

Worgen- 8'

Weight: Human- 156 lbs

Worgen-215 lbs

Place of residence: Unknown

Place of Birth: Redridge

Known Relatives: Ellain Audrapel(mother-deceased) Lucas Audrapel(father-deceased) Gavin Audrapel(older brother-deceased) Susan Werner(younger sister) Gavin Werner(nephew) Jacob Werner II(nephew) Percy Werner(Nephew), Emily Audrapel(Daughter)

Religion/Philosophy: Attends the Cathedral on a regular basis, devout worshiper of the light.(citation needed)

Occupation: Produce supplier to Cup and Blade Caravan

Group/Guild affiliation: The Cup and Blade Caravan

Rank: Member

Enemies: Svetlaena Quel'Ivan, also seems to have an existing negativity towards Sir Urivial Beckett, since resolved. Affiliations with an adversary reported only as 'the warlock with the red eyes'

Likes: Current habits indicate a preference toward wood carving and blacksmithing.

Favorite Foods: mutton cooked rare, occasionally enjoys beets, Rutebegas and potatos.

Favorite Drinks: mead and milk.

Weapons of Choice: Prefers one handed swords, has been trained in axes, hammers and two handed weapons.

Dislikes: Shows frustration toward difficult personalities and tedious paperwork.

Physical Features: Half of left ear missing due to injury resulting from Operation Shieldwall.  Deep scar jagged scar on chest and back-sourced from Assault on Grommasher

Positive Personality Traits: Described as patient, follows orders directly and immediately. Strictly by the book.( Citation needed)

Negative Personality Traits: Recent encounters indicate conflicting personality traits from previous analysis, tends to avoid conflict, prone to depression and short bursts of anger.

Misc. Quirks: Displays preference towards rare meat with allergies to wolfsbane and bruiseweed. Suffers from severe night terrors as reported by father before death

Theme Songs:

History: Came to Stormwind to follow his older brother to war but fell into the city labour department out of necessity. Seemed to hold a positive view of his job and relates to the common citizenry well. Current spending habits indicate a modest guard's salary and suggest a clean record with no bribes or payouts.

Single handedly extracted a full confession from Svetlaena Quel'Ivan in regard to several murders and the location of mass graves. Personality profiles suggest however prisoner may have been the main instigator in exchange for information or personal favor. Subject was recomended for promotion soon after due to exemplary service and record.

Minor infraction for stabbing a druid during a prison escape, ruled self defense. Appears to harbor guilt towards the incident and was recomended for one week paid leave.

Brother Gavin Audrapel was reported killed in action during assault against the Lich King, Officer Mavis Audrapel is allowed time off for funeral and travel upon the arrival of deceased's remains.

Document of injury- October 17th: In the process of quelling a stockade riot caused by an explosion set off within the cells Officer Mavis Audrapel was severely injured by Gilnean native prisoner #0942 William A. Reed. The attack resulted in the deaths of Officer Adrien Graham and Serana Hutchins before prisoner was was killed by Officer Audrapel under the cause of self defense. Diplomatic incident is ruled non-issue due to severed relations with the kingdom.

Officer Audrapel's claims to have been attacked by a large animal have been reviewed and dismissed as hallucination due to the severity of the attack and previously unresolved stress. Psychological evaluation is recommended before returning to duty, light work is suggested until then.

Report of Insubordination-During patrol with Officer Rudgers, Officer Mavis Audrapel encountered known criminal "Whistles" Rutkowski and immedietly accused Rutkowski of smuggling bloodthistle. When suspect failed to produce the drug Officer Audrapel immediatly became belligerent and shoved Rutkowski. Officer Rudgers attempted to intervene whereby Officer Audrapel immediatly became aggressive, shoving Rudgers aside and began beating on Rutkowski, refusing to stop even after suspect produced bloodthistle. Back-up was called with Commanding Officer and Private Danielson responding. All three officers pulled Audrapel off an unresponsive Rutkowski where the commanding officer delivered a blow to the jaw to a still aggressive Officer Audrapel, Officer Audrapel seemed unaware of his recent behavior. Officer Mavis Audrapel was promptly suspended pending further review. Suspect "Whistles" Rutkowski remains in critical condition.

Subject is missing in presumed dead, reports circulate his last known location to be near Silverpine.

Re-submission into the guard-After subject was determined to be alive rank was restored due to reduction of soldiers for current campaigns.

Known associations with Captain Evellin Raventy, leader of the known criminal organization Redblade Corsairs. Not suspected of any criminal action himself, Raventy submitted in guard files as a potential informant and criminal contact.

Recieved repriment for interfering with a church investigation involving Evellin Raventy, no further disciplinary action taken.

Updated FilesExposed as a worgen and subjected to disciplinary action for concealing his condition. After lengthy trial Mavis Audrapel was confirmed to be of sound mind to continue service though required to submit to regular observation as well as on duty use of requisitioned neck ring alerting citizens to be aware of his conditioned.

Resigned posistion citing disagreements with ruling and reported missing soon after.

Recovered three months after reported disapearence suffering from severe almost total memory loss as reported by chosen physician. Amnesia seemed to be a result of a yet unknown warlock by a heavily powered spell charge to the brain. Subsequent exams show an increased improvement though any permanence is yet unknown.

Known to have worked as labourer and peon whose  tasks include Eastvalle Logging Camp and Stormwind Harbor. Accepted the position of bodyguard to Aliss Dusksinger.

Brief residence in Goldshire with known worgen Shaeya Theorin before leaving to join Stormwind Regular Army where subject was assigned to Twilight Highlands prior to being shipped out to Pandaria for Operation White Pawn. Assigned to Admiral Taylor shortly after landing in Pandaria serving as scout and emissary before being re-assigned to operation Shieldwall under Marshall Trotman. Subject sustained injuries resulting in a partially severed ear.

Soldier participated in civiilian defense of Lakeshire during the Iron Blitz through Redridge, mother is known to have been killed during attack.

Re-enlisted in Stormwind Military for Draenor counter-assault and was assigned to newly established Garrison in Shadowmoon before being transferred to Strike Unit under Captain Edison Wellsley. *De-classification Pending*

Injured during Assault on Grommasher by allied sword-incident investigated-no fault found by soldier responsible.

Honorably Discharged proceeding recovery at army field hospital due to Soldier's Heart.

Reported missing after returning home, subject last seen leaving Stormwind.

Recently found by Felonius Gallows following poisoning incident, no known side effects resulting from incident.

Father deceased due to complications from Abnormal Growth Syndrome.

Current Status remains with Cup and Blade Caravan, currently traveling with daughter Emily(5)

Edited by Mavis Audrapel

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"..Ran into him the other night with Halvar. Despite the fact that his intentions seemed alright, I cannot possibly agree with alerting him to the entirety of the situation."

Cytiana shrugs lightly, eyeing the the speaker with slight suspicion, "Good man though. I suppose it would be beneficial to have an ear in the Guards-- especially in a time like this."

"..and that was some damned good fish."

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Looking at the Goblin reporter warily, Micael reached forward and accepted the photo. Nodding slowly, the young Paladin opened his mouth, looking at the Goblin. "Yes, I know Officer Audrapel. He's a pretty good guy, I think I worked in conjunction with him for a few assignments. I was actually trained in the method he used to get the confession from Quel'Ivan or whatever. I wish him the best and that is all I will say." With that, Micael looked away from the annoyed Goblin, knowing full well he hadn't given the small green creature anything at all. He would continue his assignment involving Mavis.

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The Professor grins. "He's something else, isn't he?"

The smiles doesn't fade as she reminisces. "I remember when we first met. He wasn't very eager to talk to me, but I saw great potential in him. He's got a lot of brilliant fighting spirit which, to my confusion, he often tries to suppress. Likely a product of those pathetically humble upbringings."

"He expressed an interest in protecting others, but he suffers from a number of unfortunate insecurities. I do the best I can to encourage him. One could almost call him a pet project of mine, and I will see him shaped into the hero that he does not imagine he can be. Until that work is done... well."

She rests an elbow on the bar and supports her chin on her hand.

"Every emerging hero requires a proper antagonist."

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"Oh yeah. That guy." Nika slouched against the wall of the tavern, her arms folded across her chest. "I see him around, a lot. Seems like everytime I turn around, there he is. He actually tried to chase me out of Pig And Whistle the other night. Said I didn't look like I was in any condition to be out and about." She pondered. "I'm not too sure what to think of him, yet. Maybe I should keep a closer eye on him."

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Cuergo grinned widely, revealing a shattered smile. "Officer Audrapel? Ah, Cuergo does know this one. Audrapel does have his faults like any other man, but hes not bound for the twisting nether, like Cuergo." He nodded furiously, before continuing, scratching his beard. "The trick is to go for him when he does be completely smashed off the firewater. Quite vool-nerable."

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Vlynor sighs, as he hears the name. "Audrapel, eh? I think he was the one who took my Bloodthistle." He began to think, looking down. "Other then that, he's normally always there to help protect the men and women of the Alliance, admirable man, he is." He chuckles. "I still wish I got that thistle back..." A cloud of smoke appears, and with it, Vlynor is gone.

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Toad scowls, "You mean the Fel damn him Worgen who tackled me into the canals? Aye, I know 'im." Grinning wickedly, she leans in close, "Seemed to get awful mad when I said something 'bout hurting a little Worgen fellow. Why dun you tell me if you run into him? I want to give him the bill they charged me for cleanin' my robe."

She stands, smoothing her robes as she continues to grin from behind her mask. "But I suppose' I already got myself even with him, hmm?" She laughs hoarsely.

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"He seems....sad," Janaelle said quietly. She was seated in the back of the Blue Recluse with the goblin reporter, a drink between her hands. "I think it has to do with him being a Worgen, or quitting his job. I couldn't tell. He seems honorable, loyal..." She trails off, turning her head towards the bar, her blue eyes distant.

After a long pause, the goblin slaps his hand onto the table causing the paladin to start and turn quickly back to him. "Sorry," she murmurs, "Just last time we spoke...Nevermind. He used to be a guard, though if you ask me, they lost someone important when they made him leave."

"When you last spoke..." the goblin prompts, looking eager.

Janaelle shakes her head, smiling slightly, "That's all I have for you."

He sighs and gets to his feet, "One of these days, lady, you're gonna want to know something from me and I'm going to leave YOU hanging." The goblin heads towards the door, leaving the paladin laughing behind him.

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The little goblin woman knew instantly that she'd made a mistake as the warlock she'd just questioned in a shadowy corner of the Wyvern's Tail slowly got to his feet. Duroxas wasn't exactly the tallest elf on the block, but him glaring down at her, red eyes glowing in the dim light, was more than enough to be intimidating. He put his right hand out in front of him a bit.

"See this hand?" He asked, his tone eerily quiet. "I had to regrow four fingers on this hand, -just- because of Mavis Audrapel. My arm is scarred up because of Mavis Audrapel, and my wife is still mad at me because of Mavis Audrapel. That stupid, good for nothing, more-trouble-than-he's-worth dog has cause far more than enough problems for me, and yet APARENTLY I'm not allowed to kill him."

He sneered the last few words, voice rising just a tad before returning to the softer, though no less malicious tone. "Ive had enough of him. Ive want -nothing- to do with him. He's a magnet for things that are going to get me in trouble and attacked. My fun's been had; He's probably going to have nightmares about 'The Red Eyed Warlock' for years, and I'll be shocked if those memories ever come back completely." He cackles, but only briefly.

"In all honesty, I never want to see his face or hear his name again. Screw that useless dog."

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