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Alisse Rhydderch

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Full Name: Alisse Isolde Rhydderch (Amathy in game.)

Nicknames: "Hawk", Amathy DeLemmer

Date of Birth: April 13

Age: 50

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Female

Hair: Was once golden-- now paled and streaked with lines of early silver, dried and matted from undeath.

Skin: Somewhat pale, rough, carries a multitude of tiny scars.

Eyes: Undead glow.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 135lb.

Place of residence: Undercity

Place of Birth: Strahnbrad, Alterac.

Known Relatives:

Griffith Rhydderch (husband, deceased, sacrificed to Burning Legion by orcs)

Ceridwyyn Rhydderch (daughter, deceased, murdered by Duroxas Quel'Ivan)

Religion/Philosophy: Chaotic Good

Having just come from a life full of mistakes, the reformed Alisse Rhydderch has begun following the tenets of the Holy Light by her own loose interpretation.

"I'm not doin' it 'cause I'm nice... I'm doin' it 'cause it's the right thing ta do."

Occupation: Scout, Messenger, Spider Exterminator, whatever pays at the time.

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: N/A

Enemies: Blackrock Orcs, almost all authority, the Quel'Ivan family, Gilneas, and the Syndicate has a hefty price on her.

Likes: Mountains, fresh air, a good bourbon, peace and quiet.

Favorite Foods: Fond of breads and pastries, anything baked.

Favorite Drinks: It's water or liquor.

Favorite Colors: Orange, Alterac's old colors.

Weapons of Choice: Daggers or brass knuckles.

Dislikes: Judgmental people, authority, people who kill indiscriminately.

Hobbies: Tinkering and sewing.

Physical Features: Wrinkles were just beginning to appear on Alisse's face before her undeath, most visible when she smiles or laughs, and particularly around the eyes.

Special Abilities: None outside of the expected trickery of a rogue.

Positive Personality Traits: Does the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Friendly and honest (to a point).

Negative Personality Traits: Tendency to disregard others if she feels like they're not morally correct. Underlying disrespect for authority and the resentment she feels for the Alliance can cause problems.

Misc. Quirks: Prone to an eye-twitch when she feels irritated, but does not wish to express it.

Played by What Famous Person: Lori Loughlin

Theme Songs: Johnny Cash -

History: Embittered by the loss of her husband during the invasion of the Blackrock Orcs, Alisse Rhydderch let herself spend years blaming the Alliance. When the nobles of Alterac returned, calling themselves the Syndicate, she joined up as a last act of patriotism and attempted to force her daughter to join as well. Her daughter Ceridwyyn would have none of this, and fled south.

Years passed. Alisse's regret grew. Word reached her ears that her daughter had been promoted to sub-officer of a well-respected militant Alliance organization, the Dusk Watch. That day, she rode south to Stormwind and arranged to turn herself in, tricking two of the Syndicate's informants into taking the fall with her as a bargaining chip. She wound up serving only a three-month sentence in the Stockades.

Her release day came. She spent what little silver she had left to clean herself up and buy a new dress. She wouldn't appear in front of her only child in rags. Eager, she searched the city-- for nearly a week. But it was as if Ceridwyyn had simply vanished. Doing errand work, she earned enough to start bargaining for information.

Eventually she got the news: Lieutenant Ceridwyyn Rhydderch was dead, killed by Horde. She had come seeking forgiveness too late. She pried further and located her daughter's killer but found herself unable to even wish to take his life... knowing full well it is neither the wish of her daughter nor the Light.

When the wall of Gilneas fell and the Horde invaded Hillsbrad, Alisse became undead to escape the fate of becoming Worgen, and now fully believes the Forsaken's new kingdom based out of Lordaeron is the only chance she has of reclaiming Alterac.

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Cytiana shakes her head slowly, an odd look crossing her face. Peeling herself off the bar she'd been leaning against, she began to speak, "Met her at that speech. The one that paladin decided to yell in the middle of Stormwind.. The fool. She's an interesting woman, at least. Refers to herself as an old granny while in the company of Elves, Dwarves, and Draenei. Good opinions though. Be interesting to have a talk with her sometime."

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"Im honestly at a loss of what to do with her" the warlock admitted to the goblin. "She's the exact kind of creature that youd think would come to bite you in the rear: Close family you didnt know about of a young woman you murdered. Youd think she'd be out for blood, right? Well so far I havent seen a hint of any desire for payback, and ill be completely honest, it's confounding"

Duroxas cracked his neck to the side a bit as he rose from his seat in the World's end Tavern. "I dont know whether I should take her out preemptively or wait and see what she does..."

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