Aleister Xalascent

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Full Name: Aleister Xalascent

Nicknames: Not really a nickname sort of guy.

Age: 59 (Pre-Death)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Faded golden

Skin: Pallid from undeath

Eyes: Icy blue

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190

Place of residence: Wherever he is currently deployed. When not on duty, takes his rest in the catacombs below the Stormwind Cathedral.

Place of Birth: The Kingdom of Lordaeron

Known Relatives: Wife - deceased, Daughter - deceased, Son - Forsaken

Religion/Philosophy: Still has a tenuous faith in the Light, and has a personal philosophy of loyalty and discipline being the key strengths of a knight

Occupation: Knight of the Ebon Blade

Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch

Guild Rank: Recruit

Enemies: The savage Horde, particularly the Forsaken. Traitors and enemies of Lordaeron and the Alliance. The Scourge.

Likes: Those who possess loyalty and the capability to follow orders to the letter, victory in battle, well-executed operations

Favorite Foods: Finely prepared steak or pork

Favorite Drinks: Port, Brandy

Favorite Colors: Regal purple and blue

Weapons of Choice: Powerful two-handed weapons

Dislikes: Traitors, cowards, idiots

Hobbies: Combat drills, studying history of war and tactics, drawing up battle plans

Physical Features: Aleister keeps himself very presentable when not in combat. Hair finely combed, beard trimmed, armor polished, clothes clean and free of wrinkles.

Special Abilities: None beside his martial prowess and command over the unholy powers of the Death Knight.

Positive Personality Traits: Very disciplined, and possesses a stong sense of loyalty, both to his allies and to the Alliance as a whole. Has a sense of refinement about him.

Negative Personality Traits: His personal focus on discipline leads him to be very intolerant of those who lack it. He has the overbearing attitude of a noble, and a touch of human superiority garnered from his days with close friend and comrade in arms, Lord Garithos.


Before the Scourge came, Aleister Xalascent was a Knight-Commander of Lordaeron. He served with distinction in the Second War, during which he developed a deep-seated racism for the Orcish Horde and their savage allies. By the time the Cult of the Damned began to take action, he was in the twilight of his military service, nearly ready to retire as a distinguished veteran of Lordaeron, with an accomplished son already well on his way to take the reigns of the family name.

When the Scourge attacked, he was stationed within the city of Lordaeron itself, part of the safeguard to ensure that the people and their King would be safe in the event of a direct attack. His son was deployed on the field, leading his own company to directly intervene in Cult activity and protect the people of the Kingdom. When Prince Arthas returned from Northrend, Aleister and his son were both posted in the city, and in the betrayal, both fell.

Aleister's memories of his time serving the Scourge are hazy, but he knows of what he did, the lives he took as a mindless servant, and the resentment and hatred of his 'master' finally coalesced at the battle of Light's Hope. By this point, memories of his past life were blurred by years of forced servitude, and repressed by the driving hatred that he now embodied. All that mattered was revenge against the Lich King, and so he pledged his service to the Ebon Blade and their crusade of vengeance on Northrend.

With the fall of the Lich King, and the burning desire for vengeance sated, Aleister has returned to the Alliance. He is not proud of what he has become, but is determined to do everything in his power to serve the Alliance and see Lordaeron recovered from the hands of the monstrous Forsaken. In what seems like a cruel jab at his already dark fate, he has learned that his son still serves the Forsaken 'Warlord' of Infection, the servants of the Banshee Queen.

Since returning to the Alliance, Xalascent has seen much that sickens him. Cries for peace with the savage Horde, 'heroes' cowing in fear at enemy attacks within their own cities, defilement of Alliance lands by occupation. Aleister wants nothing more than to rid the Alliance of the threat that the Horde poses, and to stand firmly where other vaunted 'heroes' fall back in fear and shame. He has heard word of the Watch, an organization that stands up to defend the people of the Alliance, and doesn't back down when faced with the threat of combat. He seeks to find a place within this group, to lend his skills to a fold that can actually put them to good use, and perhaps to make allies in his own mission of atonement.

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