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Full Name: Garn Cloudspeak

Nicknames: Cloud

Age: 27

Race: Tauren

Gender: Male

Hair: Black and white.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 570 lbs

Place of residence: None.

Place of Birth: Thousand Needles

Known Relatives: Shara (greatmother), Felrae (sister), Lesah (sister), Talian (sister)

Religion/Philosophy: Worshiper of of the Earthmother.

Occupation: Alchemist/Herbalist

Group/Guild affiliation: The Wrymslayers/The Grim

Guild Rank: Harbinger

Enemies: Any who would make war on the Horde or soil the Earthmother.

Likes: Napping in the sun, Syreena, Sanuye.

Favorite Foods: Apples and snapvine melon

Favorite Drinks: Milk.

Favorite Colors: Green.

Weapons of Choice: Big maces. Bigger the better.

Dislikes: Elves, liars, turtle soup.

Hobbies: None really.

Physical Features: Tall, wide, powerful looking as with most Tuaren. Nose ring.

Special Abilities: Shapeshifting. Touching my nose with my tongue.

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, gentle, friendly.

Negative Personality Traits: Often falls into a brooding state.

Misc. Quirks: Scratches butt when standing around for a long while.

Played by What Famous Person: Ving Rhames.

Theme Songs: Fly Away by Lenny Kravits

History: Born in the High Mesas of Thousand needles, Garn was one of the few of his tribe who did not follow the hunter's path, instead studying the druidic ways. He has vowed to destroy the great tree and has cast his dice with the Grim to achieve his goal. A long line of seers, readers of the clouds, the Cloudspeaks were struck blind by a shaman's curse after he was betrayed by Garn's ancestor and so he seeks to restore the tribe's honor and return to the tribe the ability to read the sign.

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"I like Cloud. Sometimes when I'm getting hurt in battle, he yells 'I'll save you, Syreena!' and I yell back 'Thank you, Cloud!' and then he heals me."

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Cloudspeak is amongst the most competent druids I've met. They're normally so hard to calm down enough to be useful. Awfully quiet, from my experience, but stalwart and trustworthy. If my back needed watching, I'd be honored to have one such as Cloudspeak to watch it for me.

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"I remember my first encounter with Cloudspeak way back early in my training. Syreena and I were working on a task in Thousand Needles near Darkcloud Pinnicle when we encountered this druid. We joined forces and he proved to be quite capable. What I remember most, though, was his manner and the way he carried himself...very much like a Grim. I was glad to see him join our ranks."

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