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Full Name: Doctor Villinger

Nicknames: The Good Doctor (others are beneath his notice)

Date of Birth: Unimportant

Age: This too is unimportant in the great grand scheme of things

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Male

Hair: Long flowing grey hair from a well-shined bald spot.

Skin: A luminous glowing shade of green with a hint of mossy delight.

Eyes: Dark death.

Height: The right size.

Weight: Lighter than the usual pile of bones.

Place of residence: The Asylum, his home and also office of great import.

Place of Birth: Deathknell like the other reanimated corpses.

Known Relatives: None for he is alone in his very important work.


There is not enough space in here for what Villinger would have to tell you. He is... a leader amongst followers. A visionary in the dark! When all of the Horde is falling at its knees he will arise to pick it up and bring it to glory! He follows Sylvanas, but truly only worships himself and his own ideals. His goal: To stop the fiscal destruction of the Horde by any means necessary and by using any in his path that even glimmer with possibility.

Occupation: Doctor of Health and Welfare for the Horde

Group/Guild affiliation: Asylum

Guild Rank: The Doctor


Almost everyone who knows Niethan or happens to know Okhu or happens to know of Asylum. Luckily he has Infection to turn to in case he needs to run for his life.

Likes: Himself and his brilliant thoughts.

Favorite Foods: Pastoral Cream Cheese on Wild Free-Range Gnome

Favorite Drinks: Expensive bloodwines

Favorite Colors: Blue as his beautiful sacrificial robes.

Weapons of Choice: A scientist has no time for weapons! Come Holdeng! Protect me!

Dislikes: Beggers and cheaters and wastes or dregs on society

Hobbies: Collaring the above.

Physical Features: Villinger is weak looking, clearly not meant for battle. He has a mishapen hump on his shoulder where an arm was attached and his ears are rather large for his head. There are many places where his skin has been recently fixed, leaving clear scars.

Special Abilities: Causing anger wherever he goes.

Positive Personality Traits: He is genuine in his belief he is doing a good deed.

Negative Personality Traits: Everything he does ... acts... deeds... desires... he is too self-centered to really think about what it -is- he is doing and whether it's needed at all.

Misc. Quirks: Never fights. He always calls someone to save him.

Played by What Famous Person: Alan Cumming

Theme Songs: 'Stars' -- Les Miserables


Having studied people for most of his undead existence, Villinger believes he knows the answer for the Horde's weaknesses and ills. He discovered by chance the 'Board of Directors' which is a secret Horde organisation that acts on behalf of the rich and powerful and by playing to their desires, he has found himself a niche where he can torture and manipulate all to his little heart's content.

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*From the scrolls of Skyze Val'Thoxis*

"...Villinger. A petty fool, incapable of doing a damned thing on his own. Yet he is useful, for his experiments give us valuble information. I have no qualms with the malicious deeds he commits; One incapable of doing the same shows weakness. I am troubled, however, at the frequency which I have to babysit him. He always has a strange habit of getting himself into trouble, regardless of where he goes. Pompous bastard's going to meet his demise one day when I'm not around to bail him out. So long as he stays useful to Infection..."

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Villinga?I don' know him. Neva met de mon. But I seen de results of his work. A nasty piece of work. He an' his wretched crony Holdeng be doin' some pretty nasty t'ings ta my friend Niet'an. Got this weird colla t'ing on him. Zaps him if he does anyt'in dey don' like. An' if ya try an kill eida of de two dey say everymon wit a colla gonna bite it.

So dey say.

I say I got a plan ta keep Niet'an safe while I kill de pair of dem. If it turns out dat no one dies. We know dey was bluffin. If dey all do die... well I don' have a colla, so I won' worry about it.

Den again, I be havin a special rune on Holdeng... should be fun.

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"Never had the *pleasure* of meeting this one. Associated with Holdeng, so perhaps he's not too bad. Either that or he's completley insane..."

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