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Full Name: Tamasa (Currently Cogspinner)

Nicknames:Tam, Tammy





Skin:Slightly Pale



Weight:48 lbs

Place of residence:Ironforge

Place of Birth:Gnomeregan

Known Relatives:Alexis Cogspinner, Dendren Flameburner


Occupation:Tailor, Enchanter

Group/Guild affiliation:None

Guild Rank:None

Enemies:None known

Likes:Reading, Magic, Having a pleasant conversation.

Favorite Foods:Onion soup

Favorite Drinks:Elven Wine (rarely drinks)

Favorite Colors:Green

Weapons of Choice:Staves, Spells

Dislikes:General Idiocy, Gnome hate, being condescended to.

Hobbies:Reading, Practicing magic, walking through quiet places.

Physical Features:Fairly average for a gnome, somewhat long hair, well kept, typically wearing robes.

Special Abilities:Besides magic, none really.

Positive Personality Traits:Polite, Intelligent, Resourceful.

Negative Personality Traits:Frank, Condescending, slightly Sadistic.

Misc. Quirks: A bit less flat out hyper that other gnomes tend to be why.

Played by What Famous Person:Some guy...

Theme Songs:

History:Still being worked on.

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