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Mynikens Flamesprocket

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Full Name: Mynikens Flamesprocket

Nicknames: Myn, Mistress Flamesprocket

Date of Birth: May 16

Age: Iam84years154days7hours45minuetsand36, 37, 38, Oh nevermind.

Race: Gnome

Gender: Female. LasttimeIchecked…

Hair: Purle

Skin: Pail

Eyes: BrightYellow

Height: 34inchesinheight (2’10”)

Weight: Notnicetoaskaladythat. Butifyoumustknow… Iweigh44poundsathecurrentime.

Place of residence: Ironforge

Place of Birth: Gnomergean

Known Relatives: My family… I am not sure what happened to them.

Religion/Philosophy: “The world was born from Fire, and I intend to return it.”

Occupation: Magiofierywrath.

Group/Guild affiliation: TearsofthePhoenix

Guild Rank: IamtheInferno.

Enemies: Idonothaveoneasofcurrent.

Likes: Ilovetobuildthings Hopehedoesnotreadthis. ButIlikemyBlazeLaron.

Favorite Foods: Roastedboaribs

Favorite Drinks: IlikeElvenwine

Favorite Colors: Deepurple

Weapons of Choice: Fire

Dislikes: Mymechanicalmount. Thethingisterriblyhorridindesign. Amonthhadgonebybeforeidiscovereditmoves. ThatisnotwhyIboughtit…Ifyoucatchmymeaning

Hobbies: Tinkeringismyonlyrealhobby

Physical Features: Her Hair is pulled tightly in two buns, and small sparks of electricity leave her fingertips and eyes when she is angry.

Special Abilities: Icantakeapartanythingmecanical. Thoughputtingbacktogetherisometimesdifficult.

Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, upbeat, verysexualifsomebodywouldlookatherasanadult…

Negative Personality Traits: Fallsvictumtofireyrage. Mothersherguildmemberstoomuch.

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I met her once. She was very nice and sweet. My only problem was that when I got done talking with her, I was exhausted....She made my brain hurt. Still, A very enjoyable person.

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