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Full Name: Amaena

Nicknames: None

Date of Birth: Winter

Age: 17

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Green

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Place of residence: Stormwind

Place of Birth: Andorhal

Known Relatives: Deceased

Religion/Philosophy: Stupidity deserves severe punishment.

Occupation: Rogue for SI:7, assistant to Conidivh

Group/Guild affiliation: Alliance

Guild Rank: None

Enemies: Unknown

Likes: Fighting, killing, inflicting pain or torture

Weapons of Choice: Daggers

Dislikes: Stupidity, inaction

Physical Features: Her hair is cut short to keep out of her eyes while still retaining a touch of femininity. Her ears are adorned with many piercings. Her face is usually either completely impassive or touched by cruel amusement.


If any lived in Andorhal before the ravagings of the plague, they might remember a small family with a quiet little girl. The mother died while bearing her, and the father and brother that remained treated the girl poorly, to the point of practically beating her in the streets. She still steadfastly followed them. She disappeared once the plague set in, but her father and brother were both taken by it.

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Conidivh nods to himself, choosing his words with practiced care.

"The girl is but a manifistation of her enviroment. One would almost take pity on her. One would also likely bleed to death during that particular lapse of judgement. She is ever the resourceful right hand."

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