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Malethia Blazestone

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Full Name: Malethia Blazestone


Date of Birth: Year 12

Age: 20

Race: Sin'Dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lb

Place of residence: Halls of the Sun, Eversong Woods

Place of Birth: Blazestone Manor, Eversong Woods

Known Relatives: Melos Blazestone, brother; Quindel Blazestone, father - deceased; Dalaria Blazestone (Snowfall), mother - deceased; Esemeli Lightshope, handmaiden/soul link

Religion/Philosophy: Unknown

Occupation: Adventurer

Group/Guild affiliation: de Khats Sabobah

Guild Rank: Pathfinder

Enemies: The Scourge, the Twilight Hammer

Physical Features: The inside of her right arm carries a scar from a healed burn.

Special Abilities:

Positive Personality Traits: Knowledgeable of a wide variety of cultures, rather accepting of many viewpoints.

Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger, resentful of her current condition, slightly manic

Misc. Quirks: Pyrophobic, Claustrophobic


The following is Malethia's current 'official' history, after retcons.

Malethia Blazestone was born into a wealthy and influencial family of fire mages. She was destined to join the family trade when the Scourge struck Silvermoon. Her entire family was killed (though it was later discovered her brother Melos managd to survive), and Malethia was seriously injured. Unknown to her at the time the Light interceded, binding Malethia's soul to a minor celestial entity so that she could survive and recover.

Malethia attempted to train at the Duskwither Academy so she could obtain vengeance as a mage, but the attack on her home had left her with pyrophobia. Unable to complete her training, she was nearly left destitute.

Duskwither instead sent the vengeful orphan to the Lady Liadrin, who had been tasked with forming a knightly order using the power stolen from the naaru M'uru. Malethia was adopted by Liadrin, and became one of the first Blood Knight initiates. Excelling in her training - partly in thanks to the holy powers she unknowingly possessed already - she became a full-fledged Blood Knight and joined the Grim in order to obtain revenge against the Alliance that had forsaken her people.

As her powers grew, so too did the influence of the celestial bonded to her. Malethia began to experience guilt for her actions, and started suffering from insanity as a flood of uncontrollable emotion took hold. At this time, those closest to began to turn away. Eventually, convinced she would be alone forever, she attempted to take her own life in a blaze of holy power.

The celestial saved Malethia's life again. The naaru hid Malethia's body away to allow it to return to health, while Malethia's soul occupied the celestial's manifested body. She spent some time in a secret identity, exploring her new existence, struggling with her darker emotions manifesting as her Shadow while attempting to perform her duties as an avatar of the Light. Eventually she was ready, and assumed her old life.

Eventually Malethia's body was returned to her, and shortly thereafter she joined Sanctuary, determined to do her part for peace. It was as a member of that group that she was captured in the 'Hammerfall' incident to be used as a power source for their arcane weapon. In order to prevent the weapon from being fired, she sacrificed her soul to purge the Light from her body, resulting in the being now calling herself Esemeli.

In the aftermath of Hammerfall, Malethia was lost in the deep tunnels beneath the earth. As she struggled to survive, new powers began manifesting themselves - powers of shadow and flame. She escaped the caverns and the Twilight's Hammer, but now blames them for the fate befallen her.

Having resumed the use of her family name and title, Malethia has begun to rebuild the power and reputation of House Blazestone. As part of this process, she has joined the dej Dynastus organization called de Khats Sabobah in an attempt to use it as a stepping stone to higher social levels, through manipulation of the dej Dynastus.

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Soleren sighs at the goblin. "Poor woman...she must have had a regrettable past...or something close to soul shattering. None the less, she did not need to act as she did. It was highly un-lady like. I was shocked by the absence of manners. To be honest though, I feel rather bad myself for having pushed on the matter of her behavior. I don't get old money sometimes...they work hard to obtain their place in the world. Shouldn't they be more prone to acting well mannered and what not."

He lets out another sigh before continuing. "I should probably apologize. If I am going to rebuild the Riylan'Val House to its finest...I will need all the friends I can get. After all...I need guests to invite to my parties. They would be rather dull if I had no guest list to attend. When i find her again, I shall do so."

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"Hmph. I usually don't speak so lowly about a fellow warlock, but I met this brat at a meeting and have been keen enough to keep away."

"Who knows, I haven't seen anything of her, maybe she's changed her ways a little. Now THAT would be a sight to see..."

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Saw dis one when ah wus 'elpin' dem Elfs get sum tablet in Silithus. Kept goin' on uhbout uh soul uh somethin'. Creeped me da fuck out.

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