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Full Name: Mikhail Redburn

Nicknames: Redburn

Date of Birth: 45 years before the 1st War

Age: 66 years old at the time of his Undeath

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Pasty White

Eyes: Eye Sockets glow a dull red

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 97 lbs

Place of residence: Undercity

Place of Birth: Lordaeron

Known Relatives: None living

Religion/Philosophy: He is a fanatical follower of The Crimson Lord and wishes the spread of Entropy and Chaos, for only thru Entropy and Chaos will enough blood be spilt for the resurrection of The Crimson Lord.

Occupation: Historian of The Crimson Watch and part time Alchemist

Group/Guild affiliation: The Crimson Watch

Guild Rank: Taskmaster (Officer)

Enemies: Personal Enemies, none. Most creatures are just tools for the release of The Crimson Lord, thus not worthy of such a consideration.

Likes: Redburn has a great love of chickens. He also likes the crackling sound of a well fed flame.

Favorite Foods: None. Food is just a mental distraction.

Favorite Drinks: None. See food.

Favorite Colors: Red, the color of Fire and Blood

Weapons of Choice: any flame spell

Dislikes: Distractions of any kind. Be it a question from a fellow Horde or an attack from the Alliance

Hobbies: Raising Chickens and fishing.

Physical Features: Redburn is just a bag of bones. With the exception of a little hair, there is no flesh to speak of left.

Special Abilities: Mental contact with The Crimson Lord

Positive Personality Traits: He will stop at nothing to help a member of The Crimson Watch. He is also a very very patient man. He is willing to wait for something he wants.

Negative Personality Traits: If you are not a member of The Crimson Watch, then you are a tool to be used and discarded. You just do not matter to him.

Misc. Quirks:

Played by What Famous Person: Robert Englund

Theme Songs: Beethoven's 7th symphony

History: Mikhail Redburn was inducted into The Crimson Watch by his mentor Morghoul during a ceremony of blood in the woods outside Lordaeron. On his first mission for The Crimson Lord, Mikail is sent to observe the Last Gaurdian Medivh. After The Crimson Lord is satisfied that the Dark Portal will be opened, he then sends Redburn to the Kingdom of Azeroth to observe the rise of Anduin Lothar.

At the end fo the 1st war, Mikhail Redburn was then sent to the Kingdom of Alterac and managed to get hired as a farmhand. While taking care of the chickens, he was able to observe the actions of Aiden Perenolde. Once he was satisfied that Aiden Perenolde would betray the Alliance, he was once more recalled to Lordaeron.

At the end of the 2nd war, Redburn spends some time as a gaurd in one of the Orc Internment Camps. He then spends the next few years documenting the deterioration of the Orcs for The Crimson Lord.

It was at this time that The Crimson Lord sent both Redburn and Morghoul to Scholomance, the newly opened School of Necromancy opened by Kel'Thazud. It was here that The Crimson Lord bade Morghoul and Redburn to steal samples of the Plague of Undeath for their own consumtion.

Because the plague was not yet perfected, the samples that were stolen did indeed kill both Morghoul and Redburn, but it put them both in a suspended state of existence until called forth by The Crimson Lord.

During this sleep, Kel'Thazud released his perfected Plague of Undeath and the Scourge are born. It was then that Morghoul was awakened. Now free of all human frailities, Morghoul once more took up the mantle of Leadership of The Crimson Watch and taking advantage of the invasion of The Burning Legion, swells the ranks of The Crimson Watch.

Using the chaos of the 3rd war, Morghoul insinuates members of The Crimson Watch into all parts of society, both Horde and Alliance. It is at this time that The Crimson Lord awakens Mikhail Redburn.

It is once again Redburn's duty to observe and chronicle the actions of both Horde and Alliance as The Crimson Lord creates the chaos he needs to be reborn once more.

Once awakened, Redburn found that Morghoul had awakend earlier and had once more taken over leadership of The Crimson Watch.

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