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Aetyra, the Void Rose

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Full Name: Aetyra Irsidal, formerly Aetyra Stargazer

Nicknames: Tyra, the Void Rose, Void Knight, 'Dead Wench' (courtesy of Rohan)

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Age: Estimated 400-450 years.

Race: Kaldorei, Undead

Gender: Female

Hair: Blood-red.

Skin: Pale purple-pink.

Eyes: Unearthly blue, sometimes tinged violet.

Height: 7 ft 1 in

Weight: ~240 lbs

Place of residence: Hidden base in Azshara, also Acherus.

Place of Birth: Ashenvale, presumed.

Known Relatives: None.

Religion/Philosophy: Aetyra views all religions as merely the worship of different fonts of power. As such they are all equal, each carries it's merit based on the wielder. She herself worships the chaos of the void and the Twisting Nether. Knowledge is power, and chaos unmakes all.

Occupation: Soldier, mercenary, explorer.

Group/Guild affiliation: Sword of the Morning, formerly of the Dusk Watch.

Guild Rank: Recruit.

Enemies: The Scourge, the Horde, the followers of Elune, the Scarlet Crusade

Likes: Uncontrolled energy surging through her being, elaborate plots, slaying Horde, cooking (yeah, really).

Favorite Foods: She likes to cook but can't taste anything except salt.

Favorite Drinks: Strong alcohol.

Favorite Colors: Violet and dark blue.

Weapons of Choice: Shadow's Edge, formerly Gorehowl.

Dislikes: Scarlet Crusaders, annoying tree-huggers, stupid people, inexperienced Ebon Knights.

Hobbies: Cooking, torturing Scarlets, slaying trespassers in Goldshire, experimenting with void energies.

Physical Features: Aetyra's body is merely a host now for a being that has nearly transcended the mortal plane of existence. It is perpetually in danger of being torn apart by the chaos she wields, and her body is covered in thin scars where it has broken through. Her hair, blood-red in color, is perpetually kept that way, since it weeps the blood of the innocent she has killed while under the service of the Lich King. Once a glorious trophy, it now serves as a chilling reminder of her service. Aetyra is rarely seen not wearing her full-plate, all meticulously oiled and fitted so that it barely makes a sound except when struck.

Special Abilities: Having long ago surrendered to the call of chaos, Aetyra now wields void energy in place of the traditional necromancy. All of her unholy skills now stem from the Twisting Nether's unpredictable and chaotic energies.

Positive Personality Traits: Honest to a fault, Aetyra has never lied. An interesting quality for an arguably evil personality, much less one that plots the demise of others.

Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger and slow to forget, Aetyra perpetually is seeking revenge against someone. She also has a bad habit of sticking her boot in affairs that do not concern her.

Misc. Quirks: Aetyra has terrible mood swings and sometimes (rarely) has a breakthrough of her former mortal self, and pines for the loving embrace of others.

Theme Songs: (( TBA ))

History: ((To be added later, possibly replaced with thread in Nether Legends, TBD))

((EDIT: Added a few more details.))

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*The Paladin sits in bar, slowly slipping some melon juice.* *A small goblin walks up to her.* "Excuse me miss?"

"Yes?" *The Paladin sets her goblet down on the bar, and turns to face the goblin.*

*The goblin holds up a crumpled photo of a Death Knight.* "Do you recognize her?"

"Ah, that Death Knight. Yes I recognize her."

"Would you care to comment on her?"

*The Paladin smiles slightly.* "Well we don't see eye to eye sometimes, and we have had out disagreements." *The Paladin opens her mouth as if she is about to say something, but then quickly shuts it again, thinking it would be better not to say, what she was about to.*

"Miss, we you going to say something?" *The goblin eyes her curiously.*

*The Paladin shakes her head.* "No... Never mind. Now if you would please excuse me, I must be going." *The Paladin grabs her sword, that is resting against the bar, and places it into a sheath on her back.* *The Paladin smiles slightly, as she briefly glances at the goblin, before leaving the inn, leaving the goblin scratching his head.*

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