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Full Name: Sophia Proost

Nicknames: Phia, Cap'n

Age: 43

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale blue

Eyes: Glowing

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 105 lbs

Place of residence: Moored ship south of Ratchet

Place of Birth: Southshore

Known Relatives: None

Philosophy: "Too much is never enough."

Occupation: Ship captain, mercenary, and rogue

Group/Guild affiliation: Decimate

Guild Rank: Instigator

Enemies: South Sea Pirates, Gnomes

Favorite Foods: Rare red meat

Favorite Drinks: Black strap rum

Favorite Colors: Maroon

Weapons of Choice: Daggers or swords

Likes: Money and violence

Dislikes: Gnomish technology

Hobbies: Gambling and pitfighting

Physical Features: Phia's short, slender, and stands with her shoulder blades thrust back like a cadet. She wears a thick wool jacket and keeps a dark red scarf wrapped around her neck.

Special Abilities: None.

Positive Personality Traits: Phia's good humored, even in the face of certain death, though her jokes are usually rather dark.

Negative Personality Traits: Once she starts killing, she has a hard time stopping. She calls it "the Bloodfrenzy."

Misc. Quirks: Phia smokes fadeleaf cigarettes. Although they induce temporary blindness, she claims that the pungent herb "helps her see."

Played by What Famous Person: Isabella Rosalini

Theme Songs: "Straight to the Top" by Tom Waits


Sophia Proost fell in with the South Sea Pirates at an early age. One of the few women pirates, she found herself forced to fight harder than most to prove her worth, and ultimately clawed her way through the ranks until she became Captain "Mad" Jack Tavish's First Mate on the "Scythe."

Unfortunately, Phia's rank put her in the position of leading boarding parties, and her life took a turn for the worse when she climbed aboard a ship filled with plague refugees off the coast of Trisfal. She fell victim to the disease, and her crew, fearing for their own safety, put her on a raft and cut her adrift. Watching the "Scythe" sail off into the distance, she swore bloody revenge as she died.

Phia washed up on the beach a servant of the Scourge. The following years are little more than a hazy, bloody memory until the Lich King's will began to falter and she managed to break free and join Windrunner's revolt.

In the aftermath, she served as a Deathstalker, but found the rigid constraints of military life unsuitable to her temper. She spent several months stalking Jack Tavish, and finally killed him a sword fight on the deck of the "Scythe." She claimed his ship as her own and fashioned herself a pirate captain until a mishap at sea resulted in mutiny. Her crew tossed her overboard and left her marooned on a tiny island near Steamwheedle Port.

Since then, she's joined Decimate and works as a mercenary-for-hire. Her current goal is to earn enough money to refit the grounded ship south of Ratchet, but every one of her "get-rich-quick" schemes have backfired.

She recently escaped from the Steamwheede Cartel's debtor's prison, and is on the lam.

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"She is supposed to be some kind of... captain I think? She talks as if shes been to sea or such... but I hear shes associated with Decimate, and like the other members, they remain a mystery to me."

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Not at all. I learned to be a Midshipmen in the Second War, and was a First Mate in the Exodus to Kalimdor. By the time the Admiral's Fight again Tiragarde began, I was Skipper of my own boat.

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