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Full Name: Tarlithion Stormraven (birth name unknown)

Nicknames: Tarl, Tarli, "Hunter"

Date of Birth: Exact DoB currently unknown

Age: Approximately 578 years old.

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Currently Female

Hair: Shock White (Once forest green, currently Purple)

Skin: Purple

Eyes: White/luminous

Height: 7'3 (currently 6'6 )

Weight: 260 lbs ( Currently 195 )

Place of residence: None

Place of Birth: Mount Hyjal/Nordrassil

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: "The fuck with them."

Occupation: Alliance freeloader, former Stormraven Commander.

Group/Guild affiliation: Tears, former Blade of Lordaeron mercenary under Celethorn Grayhame

Guild Rank: --

Enemies: Shandris Feathermoon, Danlily deStrasza

Likes: Scantily clad and easily-wooed women, Winterspring

Favorite Foods: Anything, as long as there's Reserve with it

Favorite Drinks: Darkmoon Reserve

Favorite Colors: Shades of Green and Grey

Weapons of Choice: Axes, and a particular sword...

Dislikes: Weak alcohol, whiners, picking up the tab

Hobbies: Blacksmithing

Physical Features: Previously of tall, well-muscled stature, he has since lost quite a bit of definition due to his coming to inhabit Andisiliel Stormaven's body. He is now a slender, moderately-built woman of unimposing stature.

Special Abilities: None, specifically

Positive Personality Traits: Romantic, occasionally compassionate

Negative Personality Traits: Alcoholic, Womanizer, belligerent drunk, impatient, headstrong, quick-tempered

Misc. Quirks: Though once a well-known carousing womanizer, this has drastically changed since he came to inhabit another form. Now trapped in this woman's body, he is now drastically opposed to the mere thought of sex and sexuality, and is clearly uncomfortable around any displays of such.

Played by What Famous Person: Voiced by Crispin Freeman (Zelgadis, in English >_>) / Venus Terzo (Female Ranma, also English)

Theme Songs: The Beast in Me / The Fields of Athenry

History: Tarlithion Stormraven was born in the Hyjal region, but the rest of his past has been a blur since he woke up on the shores of Sardor Isle. He showed a natural talent for warfare, and became one of the first recruits of Shandris Feathermoon's elite Stormraven warriors. As one of the very few men on the island, he became quite popular with the ladies, which over the years lead to his carousing, womanizing ways.

Under the command of Alstar Stormraven, Tarlithion and the rest of the elite twenty five troops trained diligently and fought quick, strategic battles to protect the Kaldorei lands of northern Kalimdor.

At the battle of Mount Hyjal, the Stormravens were nearly crushed under the Scourge. Initially sent as relief troops to reinforce Jaina Proudmoore's position, the Stormravens lost many of their number to the Scourge. The survivors, teleported away by Jaina, fell back to protect the Night Elf position, where they battled Archimonde's forces until the Horn sounded and the area around Nordrassil erupted in flames.

The Stormravens were devestated--of their original twenty five, only six remained. Unable to face the loved ones of those who fell, and infuriated by Shandris' indifferent attitude towards the deaths of what she then called her "expendable" strike force, Tarlithion fled the stronghold to the forests of Ashenvale. This infuriated both Shandris and Kylanna Moonwhisper--Feathermoon's artisan Alchemist--as the two of them had both developed a very strong attatchment to the warrior. They hunted for him for years, though they never thought to look for him across the sea in Khaz Modan, with the initial influx of Night Elves crossing the ocean.

In a fateful battle in Winterspring, Tarlithion was cut down by the son of Kur'talos Ravencrest, having stolen the heart of the young Ravencrest's fiance. Desperate to have him back, Shandris and Kylanna bound his wayward spirit to the body of a young Stormraven recruit, Andisiliel. Now locked in an unfamiliar body, Tarlithion tries desperately to learn to use his new form and master the weapons he held for so long.

Recently, he has begun having dreams, even while awake. Quiet whispers in the back of his head beckon him towards the western regions of Lordaeron, and the citadel of Kel'thuzad.

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"Eh, Tarl? He's... an intresting one. Good for a drink and a laugh, to be sure. Guess I don't mind fighting along side him either, now that he knows how to keep it in his pants." Kurohane laughs lightly. "He's a good fellow, really. Has more of a heart than he'd like others to think. I'd stand by his side in a bind, certainly."

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"He what!?!?!" Danlily gasps, "Dat pretty elf-man is a woman now?!" Danlily's shocked expression turns to a huge toothy smile, "All the better, all the better." She sniffs a bit of cloth and giggles to herself as she saunters back into her den of insanity.

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Well...he was a good man. We spent a lot of time runnin around together back in the day...not so sure bout the gender-switch thing...but at least now he doesnt have to look for a partner...

If thats how that works...

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" I made him a dress, yup. Well I made a dress for Andisiliel, which is he, him, her, er.... ya. Nice white woolen knit with a blue lace hem and trim. Very pretty if you ask me. "

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