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Name changes

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Name changes are no problem. Just send Mortica a PM.

Carlos --> Urivial

Djaxfromucla --> Maerus

Bellicos --> Bevros--> Ackley

Meekwood --> Crushem

Terraya --> Ashae

Demitri -->Tylorvias

Yusegar --> Skallagar

Ranaynne --> Karianin

Etaurseytu --> Fjordan

Allorin --> Yueme --> Taram --> Yueme

Corey --> Devonia

Thrym --> Oraph --> Hojo

Doth'orik --> Kyranei

Kyrion --> oldKyrion

Illisade --> Kyrion

Plagueblast --> Joewaldren

Aghud --> Swayn

Setrema --> Barzahd --> Setrema

Cavanaugh --> Kredorian

Halch --> Tyrilon --> Kromthal

Mortulus --> Morgrond

Vrutha --> Ezuko

Sylennis --> Folvelor --> Grayslin --> Folvelor

Sinekrily --> Velikan --> Mordator --> Velikan

Carrowyn --> Amalyn

Edited by Mortica

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