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Akselarian Firebreeze

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Full Name: Akselarian Firebreeze (Please note: This character is now officially deceased.)

Nicknames: Aksles, Aks, Akky (Only Svet can get away with it at the moment.)

Date of Birth: Before the Third War

Age: Just over 300.

Race: Quel'Dorei (High Elf)

Gender: Male

Hair: Long and straight, fire coloured.

Skin: Porcelain

Eyes: Ice blue

Height: 6ft

Weight: 160lb

Place of residence: Silvermoon City

Place of Birth: Fairbreeze Villiage

Known Relatives: Sinastrian Firebreeze (Father - deceased) Ellianis Firebreeze (Mother - deceased) Merriana Firebreeze (Twin sister - Alive.)

Religion/Philosophy: None

Occupation: Skinner/Miner

Group/Guild affiliation: The Outriders.

Guild Rank: Scout.

Allies: Svetlaena, Talaen, The Outriders, Merriana.

Enemies: The Alliance, the Scourge,

Likes: Reading (especially historical texts of anything that happened during and after the Third War.) Bandariel.

Weapons of Choice: His runic weapons.

Dislikes: The Alliance, the Forsaken, loud/obnoxious people, the Scourge, the Lich King, Phalth.

Hobbies: Not a whole lot, at the moment he spends most of his free time studying historical texts.

Physical Features: Average height and lithe, with the musculature one would expect from a swordsman. He has fine features, and his flame coloured hair which is currently tied back. On his neck, both at the front and back are scars from where a sword was thrust through his throat during the Third War. The fatal wound that led to his demise, and rebirth as a Death Knight.

Positive Personality Traits: Open minded, is as caring as a Death Knight can be, honest, well-spoken, loyal.

Negative Personality Traits: Can be withdrawn, a little short tempered. Can be arrogant and vain at times. Enjoys killing things a little -too- much, especially Alliance. Is prone to moments of madness which can occur if he forgets to meditate for 2 or more days.

(Due to recent events, these moments of madness no longer happen.)

Misc. Quirks: Spends at least one hour per day meditating to calm his mind (no longer needed, but he does it still). Refuses to partake in alcohol, as a faint pre-death memory reminds him he is a violent drunk.

Played by What Famous Person: n/a

Theme Songs: Knights of Cydonia - Muse / ...But home is nowhere - AFI

History: Once a Knight, he took part in the Third War and was slain on the battlefield. The Lich King wrenched him from death and not wanting to suffer eternal torment, Akselarian proved his worth to Arthas and fought against the Light. He was recently freed from Arthas' control and is now re-integrating into society. He has almost no memories of his life before the war, and memories are very faint, although he retains his memories from the time he was risen from death up until the present.

He has spent most of his time in Silvermoon studying old tomes, and recently found a diary in the arms of a Scourge along the Dead Scar. He took the diary and eventually read through it, with some more studying he came to the realisation that it was in fact -his- old diary. It was quite a blow and he spent a few days alone to try and process at this new information. He has posted a letter to his sister, in hopes that she will return his letter, or come see him in Silvermoon.

He has reunited with his sister, after a few long weeks' wait and now is trying to catch up on his past, and the time he lost with his twin sister. Recently, he has returned from a few weeks spent in the Outlands; where he managed to get the Fel Taint removed from his being which caused the madness. He is now recovering from the experience.

Has also been recently reunited with a comrade from his time under the Lich King's control, Bandarial (Baduk) Silverstorm. They are now officially a couple.


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The Professor smiles down at the goblin as she is shown the Death Knight's photograph.

"Oh yes. Akel, Akse... er. Akky. Yes yes... chivalrous and all that, and he seems to be one of the few people that I really don't think is faking it. Seems like a loner at first, but he'll talk to anyone who's willing."

She pokes her fingers together.

"Willing to bet he hasn't got many friends-- not that his personality is lacking! Just that, well, things around the city have changed a lot since was alive. I enjoy his company... hell, it seems that neither one of us have much of anything better to do."

A laugh.

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Looks at the small creature and nods with a smile forming on her face. "I saddly have no been able to speak to him much, but when I have been granted the grace of his company it is as wonderous as his lovers." Nods a bit as she sighs softly. "It's a wonder those two ended up together.. really do make a great pair and so hauntinly beautiful."

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The flame haired paladin giggles softly at the picture of her brother, "Yup! That would be my twin. He is quite the amazing person, a little over protective but he is just being a brother. I love him dearly." she chuckles while looking down at the goblin. "oh! We have matching birthmarks." Merri quickly spins on her heal and drops her pants, pointing an a dark insignia of a flame on her right butt cheek. "See? Cept his is on his left. "

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Bandariel eyes the photo and smirks slightly with hint of blush across his cheeks. "Well.. Of course." He lifts the photo from the goblin below him, "This is my lover, quite the amazing one at that." His blush darkens slightly but offers a dimpled grin before handing the photo back. "I didn't think I would be able to find happiness in my life until he came along, even when we served under the Lich King together he was always.." The tips of his ears redden and he just quickly walks away.

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