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Full Name: Conidivh

Nicknames: -none noted-

Date of Birth: Unknown on record. When asked, he merely replies with a winter month

Age: 34

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: White (apparently due to early poison/toxin exposure)

Skin: SlightTan

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 197 lbs

Place of residence: Unknown, but he is frequently seen in Stormwind

Place of Birth: Unknown, but rumored to be Gilneas

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: Conidivh has not professed any religion nor overiding philosophy beyond "what must be done for the Alliance".

Occupation: Previous Spymaster for Si:7, Former Alchemist for the Syndicate, currently he's installed into the upper echelons of Stormwind Politics.

Group/Guild affiliation: None noted or proven beyond Alliance faction.

Guild Rank: None.

Enemies: Conidivh has no standing rivalries or adversaries. He does, however, have "contacts".

Likes: Unknown. He has been seen enjoying traveling acts or theater, however.

Favorite Foods: Unknown.

Favorite Drinks: Conidivh is noted to frequent the winery in Stormwind, but it's anyone's guess.

Favorite Colors: Unknown.

Weapons of Choice: None. Conidivh has not been reported to be carrying a weapon at any time.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Hobbies: Unknown.

Physical Features: The white hair in particular marks him out for an old man, yet face-to-face conversations reveal his actual youth. He tends to speak evenly and calmly at all times, though hints of a northern accent can be picked up by a trained ear here and there.

Special Abilities: Unknown.

Positive Personality Traits: Conidivh normally presents a very positive demeanor and genuine geniality to those he holds conversations with.

Negative Personality Traits: Conidivh can easily come off as smug, arrogant, or altogether aloof because of his even outward emotions.

History: Little is actually known about Conidivh prior to his arrival in Stormwind 3 years ago and his indoctrination into Si:7. He has openly told others of his previous affiliation with the Syndicate as one of their premier Alchemists and Poison-masters. What is openly known beyond that is his apparent connection to a far-reaching and elaborate network of spies and informants, which placed Conidivh in the upper hierarchy of Si:7 until his mysterious disapperance several months back. Until such time, Conidivh was a known rogue, yet he has resurfaced recently with the abilities and trappings of a trained Warlock. Given the current corruption in Stormwind and his habit of saying a great deal while revealing absolutely nothing, most have not bothered to delve too deeply into Conidivh's new occupation.

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* points the the little table upstairs in the Inn at Ironforge.*

" ... There. Thats where he sat. Thats the first and only time I met this man. From his manner of speaking I can tell the man is an intellectual. " *shakes his head as if changing his mind.* " No, thats not even close to the mark. More like he wields his intellect like a skilled warrior wields a fine honed blade. I have never heard of him before that unexpected meeting, yet he seemed to know my entire history, as well as that of everyone seated there."

"Truth be told, the man gives me the willies.. I just hope he's on my side.."

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I'm not sure if I've ever met a man that confident and intelligent at the same time. He seems a little snooty, but also seems to know whats he's talking about. I'd be lying if I said he wasn't a bit attractive to me....But I already have someone, so I won't be going there.


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