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Drawn by Iribelle/Kiyo.

The Basics:

Full Name: Wraithe Duskwhisper

Birth Name: Rai'the Duskwhisper

Nicknames: None

Titles: (Formerly) of the Undercity, Dark Ranger

Age: Unknown, appears to have died around age 80-90.

Date of Birth: December 18th

Gender: Female

Race: High Elf Banshee

Faction: Horde

Outward Appearance:

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Navy

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Skin Color: Porcelain pale, with dark, jagged scars all over her body.

Face: Dark streaks resembling a banshee's tears stain her cheeks. However she has a delicate and young face. A pair of dimples show at both corners of her mouth when she smiles.

Body: Although Wraithe acts child-like, she has the body of a grown woman. Her figure is that of an adult female elf in her prime, with a narrow waist, wide hips, and a fully developed chest. She carries herself as if she is unfamiliar with her own body however, stumbling awkwardly at times and often becoming disoriented with simple tasks such as climbing stairs or sitting in a chair, as if not familiar with her own height. When standing still she appears elegant and poised. If you watch closely enough, you might even notice her hair and clothes shifting in the breeze...even if there is no wind.

Hair Style: The banshee's hair is very long, and very thin, reaching down past her waist and curling at the ends. Two large curls frame either side of her face.

Piercings/Tattoos: Multiple hoops line each ear, dotted with small sapphire dangles.

Scars: Many dark stains cover her body, the remnants of torture she had endured and the lashings of frost that scarred her. There are two identical stains beneath her eyes which resemble a banshee's tears.

Distinguishing Features: Large doe-eyes framed by dark, thick eyelashes. Dimples in each cheek, and a brilliant, comforting smile.

Clothing Style: Wraithe prefers to dress in light, airy clothing. Soft fabrics such as silk are her favorite, but she most often wears the armor she was given when she became Scourge. Her few outfits always appear tattered and torn.


Place of residence: The Apothecarium of the Undercity

Place of Birth: Goldenmist Village

Relationship Status: Single

Known Relatives:

San'thelos (Father) and Raeline (Mother) -Deceased

Lythia (Older Sister) -Deceased

Cassandra (Younger Sister) -Deceased

Ty'thelos (Younger Brother) -Deceased

Occupation: Undead Servant of (former) Scourgelord Altherion

Group/Guild affiliation: The Dragonhawk Brigade

Guild Rank: Agent (OOCly Quartermaster)

Military: Trained for combat as part of the Scourge, then joined the Dark Rangers in Undercity after the fall of the Lich King.

Education: N/A

Combat Skills:

Class: Banshee (Death Knight)

Specialization: Unholy

Weapons of Choice: Two-Handed Axes, Bows, Relics, Dual Swords

Magic Proficiency: Psychic magic, specifically spells that affect the mind.

Combat Style: In most cases Wraithe relies on her melee weapon to do damage. She is not shy when it comes to combat, and often follows orders without any concern for her own safety. Wraithe is also effective in range however, as her banshee abilities enable her to corrupt the minds of her opponents or disorient all nearby persons with a Banshee's Wail. This requires a large amount of psychic energy however, and she is unable to control the level of the shriek in most cases. Her abilities as an empath can also have negative side effects on Wraithe as well, so she usually tries to avoid her psychic powers.

Special Skills: Wraithe is an empath. Her ability to read a person's emotions means that when someone is experiencing great sorrow or joy, anger or pain, frustration or longing, she can sense it. Very rarely does this affect her, but once in a while she will become overwhelmed with emotion and lash out, seemingly for no reason. At these times she lets forth a piercing wail, striking fear into the weak of heart and capable of paralyzing those who hear it. Banshees are also capable of becoming invisible and visible as they please, as well as temporarily possessing another person's body.

The Character Within:

Persona: Wraithe is very curious as to the workings of a world outside the Scourge. Always asking questions, she is eager to learn. Wraithe takes it upon herself to study the customs of the Horde, striving to become a normal part of society. She has an innocent mind and is quick to place her trust in others. She also has a tendency to seek out a leader to whom she may serve, a trait left to her even after leaving the Lich King's service. Except for her outbursts, which can be quite disturbing, she is quiet. However she is not afraid to speak her mind; and her straightforward statements can often make her company uncomfortable.

Goals/Ambitions: To please her Master in any way possible. To assist him or her in their goals, and help them achieve whatever outcome they desire.

Alliances: The Ebon Blade, the Dark Rangers of the Undercity, the Banshee Queen, The Dragonhawk Brigade.

Enemies: Anyone who opposes her Master or wishes them harm.

Likes: Pleasing her Master. Getting orders from her Master. Getting praised by her Master. "It", her ghoul, although she won't admit it. Pretty clothes. Small animals. Making others happy. Watching people sleep. Learning new things and meeting new people.

Dislikes: Failing her Master. Seeing her Master upset or hurt. Being unable to serve her Master in any way. Guarding anything. Performing a monotonous task. Being alone or secluded. Using her psychic powers. Emotional readings that are anything but happy or content. Remembering her past.

Hobbies: Serving her Master. "Playing" with her ghoul. Giving others gifts. Exploring. Talking with people. Making jewelery.


Wraithe had lived a peaceful and uneventful life in the High Elf town of Goldenmist Village, in the area now known as Ghostlands. That was until the Third War came about, and Arthas' army of Scourge left a path of destruction on their march to the great elven city of Silvermoon.

Caught completely off guard, Wraithe's village was decimated by the advancing armies. While Wraithe's parents and two older siblings had managed to flee, she was left behind, cowering in the darkness. As she hid she could hear the tortured screams of the Scourge's victims, piercing, mind-numbing wails that would haunt her for eternity.

It wasn't until Arthas himself joined the fray that Wraithe was discovered, and yanked out of her home. Her life was spared however, and the terrified girl was dragged off to Arthas' dark temple by one of his minions. Locked away, Wraithe could only watch as more and more young elves were thrown in the chambers, and those that dared to scream were brutally tortured to death. Hours past before the final hour arrived, and the Ranger-General of Silvermoon Sylvanas Windrunner was carried onto the scene. Wraithe was witness to the Banshee Queen's last moments, as Arthas desecrated her spirit, making Sylvanas the first elven banshee of the night.

She was not the last though, as Wraithe and her fellow prisoners were brought before the soon to be Lich King for the same purpose. One by one they were changed into his loyal banshees, until finally Wraithe was chosen.

Wraithe stayed behind as the undead armies of the Scourge barreled through the walls of Silvermoon. She and her fellow banshees remained in Ghostlands, wiping out any and all signs of life. She alone traveled back to her home town of Goldenmist. There Wraithe found her family alive and well, along with other residents of the village, having returned when they believed the destruction to have passed. Upon seeing Wraithe in her ghostly form her family cried out, apologizing for leaving her behind and begging for forgiveness. She showed them none. In a fit of rage she slaughtered both her parents and her siblings, wailing with agony as she did so, before moving on to the other residents.

After decades of working for the Lich King, her newfound freedom came only after Arthas was slain. For a time she joined the banshees serving under Sylvanas as Dark Rangers in the Undercity, but she grew lonely. She set off wandering, only to encounter former Scourgelord Altherion, a human under a Horde banner. Altherion recruited Wraithe to be a part of his undead posse. She gladly accepted, eager to serve once again.

Played By: Ashley C. Williams


(Original portrayal of Wraithe, but I never could find this girl's name.)


Arts by ME:




Art by Others:


By Yueme

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"Sweet girl...especially for one of the undead. Honestly, I think the experience of undeath broke her. She's almost childlike in her naivete. It's...refreshing." Ansha smiled at the goblin reporter before returning to her book and brandy.

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The Death Knight grins wickedly as the goblin reporter relayed the message to the Death knight "Interesting, someone whom seeks to serve one superior could prove useful... and easy to manipulate given the pupeteer has a strong enough will, many former servants of the lich king have been drawn to me, there will broken, and seek only to serve a new master... For this knews I will allow you to leave my room in one piece. Vincent! Escort the reporter out!"

Vakshna smiles cruely as his ghoul escorts the goblin out the door, only for him to have his way barred by two more ghouls, Vincent shuts the door behind him as Vakshna cackles maniacally while he listens too the terrified screams of the goblin being devoured by his undead minions.

"Hahaha, killing reporters never gets old!"

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Morgrond looks at the reporter, grimacing. "Yeah, the banshee girl. She attacked me in the tavern randomly. Don't know why. LastI heard,she was one of Altherion's lackeys." Morgrond chuckles. "Gods save the girl if he gets angry."

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"What? You spoke with Morgrond last? I told you, he's dead. You're a stupid reporter. Why would I give you attention?" Altherion hissed.

The Goblin blinked. "Uh, yeah, sure. Just. Whaddaya know about 'er! Dey say she's yer Minion!"

Altherion nodded. "Yes...A very loyal one at that. I care for her the way I care for all of my Undead."

The Goblin tapped his clipboard. "Any juicy details!?"

"Yes...She's got an Undead who eats fingers." Altherion took a step back, leaving as if he had revealed a major secret.


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"She is crazy, I tell you!"

Tyrilon scoffs, shaking his head. "Does anything that stupid deathknight asks of her. She doesn't know right from wrong. Tackled me in the inn, I say... "

Tyrilon shakes his head and walks out.

((masq I NEED To know also- all them

drawings are adorable but the one with masq in- what is masq doing?or.. eating?))

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((masq I NEED To know also- all them

drawings are adorable but the one with masq in- what is masq doing?or.. eating?))

((She's nibbling on Wraithe's ear. Masquerade bullies Wraithe. =3 ))

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