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Peace Through Annihilation

- The Grim Mandate

Deathwing has returned, sowing chaos and disorder on everything beneath his shadow. The lands have changed, oceans have swelled, and new enemies have crawled their way up from the tales of the old world. While the armies of the Horde recoup from its losses in the Northrend campaign, The Grim are called again by their new Warchief to handle these new threats in ways others dare not. With this call, The Grim seek new individuals of like mind to aid in combating these threats against the Horde and its prosperity.

Who are The Grim?

The Grim are the oldest active role-playing guild on the Twisting Nether server. Since it's founding on September 16th, 2005, The Grim have been the leading example of a full immersion ("Heavy RP") role-playing guild, keeping high standards in writing excellence and game-play. While not the only role-playing guild on Twisting Nether; The Grim is unique in that its membership is made up of role-players who seek character development through game play. While we hold many well-received writers and storytellers among our ranks, we are not a guild who sit around in-game all day and express their feelings through emotes. We are a guild of action, made up of people who enjoy World of Warcraft for what it is: an MMORPG.

Why Join The Grim?

Joining The Grim allows you to play with fellow role-players who want to do more than stand in Silvermoon City and enjoy the sunshine. Since this server's creation, The Grim has been well known for its success and active involvement in the PvE and PvP scene. If you are looking for an active roleplaying guild that wants to play the game, we will have what you are looking for.

What If I'm Interested In Raiding?

If you are a role-player who enjoys the PvE environment, you will find a competent group with The Grim. While not a cutting-edge raiding guild; The Grim has performed far beyond what most would expect from a "bunch of RPers."

While most guilds with raiding teams require a certain level of player competency, The Grim understand that many role-players have not had an opportunity to be involved with a dedicated raiding team. Because of this, we do not frown upon inexperience and seek to make all members with the interest and desire to raid to be the best that they can be. While we do not hold your hand, resources are made available and members who are considered experts at specific classes and roles are always available for questioning. Guild leadership also takes an active role at player improvement.

We are not in the business of turning down applications based on raid slots. However, if you are applying strictly to raid with The Grim, understand raid positions are filling up and we keep everyone, new member and old, to a very high standard.

For current raiding information, this link provides it. If you are scared of links, just scroll down - the raid post is #4 on this thread.

What If I'm Interested In PvP?

If you are a role-player who enjoys PvP, you will find The Grim to field a very healthy environment that has a rich history; with a well established credibility and respect by and for the opposition (The Alliance). The Grim currently host a Rated Battleground team that runs every Wednesday and Sunday. We are rated in the top 10 of the server.

Concerning arenas, we have numerous teams at all levels of play and many members who are just waiting for the right class combination to begin new teams. While arenas have never been our focus, we have enough membership willing and able, just waiting for the right person with the motivation to take them to the top! With world PvP, The Grim are the first guild in Cataclysm to defeat Tyrande Whisperwind, The Dwarven Council, and Prophet Velen (patch 4.0.6).

Some past accomplishments involving The Grim are well known by the role-playing community; and many could, arguably, be known as precursor's to many guild and faction rivalry's that still exist in the community today. Prior to the Burning Crusade; our King of Rats storyline is still considered by many to be the best cross-faction event of this server. Our participation in Operation: Long Rifle was well received, as were our many assaults against Alliance cities and towns. During the Burning Crusade, we were the second group to kill Bolvar Fordragon before his removal from Stormwind; though arguably the first recognized kill during prime-time hours. Near the end of Burning Crusade and entering into Wrath of the Lich King, Cristok's Challenge, a duel-based event for gold and prizes, was well received, running two seasons that spanned about a year.

Where Can I Find More Information About The Grim?

Our primary source of information can be found at our website. Currently we're handling some administrative and format changes, but the links work and the news items are kept up-to-date.

The Grim Armory Page

The Grim GuildOx Page

The Grim GuildProgress Page

Concerning contacts; Abric can be contacted on the Gazette. In-game; you can speak with Qarosimae, Bloodscream, Greebo, Ryanica, Malebrignon, or Thalevia. If you have questions that can be fielded in-character (IC), you'll find some to be far more receptive to that than any out of character (OOC) interaction.

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Grim RP:

Below you will find links to a very small selection of the stories written by Grim members here on the TNG. This is a sample of both current members and past members who are (to the best of my knowledge) gone from the server. There were a huge number of stories by former members of the Grim still on this server that I would love to include here; if you are one of those people and are especially proud of something you wrote in your time in the Grim, send me a PM and I'll edit this post. If you're a current member and I overlooked one of your posts, PM me and I'll add it here.

In the coming days I'll be editing this post with links to stories that weren't cross-posted from the Gallows End Tavern forum, the RP story forum on The Grim's guild site.

Many of these stories involved both forum RP and in-game RP, and I loved re-reading each one of these.

Acherontia & Melchisedech: Call to War

Anaie: Awakenings

Aquizit: Last of the Gronn Lords

Ashagga: The Hanging Tree

Bloodscream: Through the Looking Glass

Chavie: Stories, Song and Snow

Chavie: Bound

Coyotl: Memories of His Youth

Daala: Almost Paradigm

Emmons: 2 + 2 = Happy Kittens

Lascivious: The Resurrection of Sammuel

Lascivious (as Madred): Resonance of Redemption

Snowfeather & Maledictus: The King of Rats

Thrysta: Her Birds & From Darkness to Light

Warneshi: Warneshi's Reclamation

Warneshi: Endings or Beginnings?

Yemana: Sorrow in Her Making

Yichimet: Qagsagmuq, the Great Fire

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Last month we introduced the Grim Onslaught. This 3-month event is a way for The Grim to progress its storyline in a way to incorporate in-game achievements and events.

As this is our first, we are working it as our in-house test run. Leyujin, our Onslaught Coordinator, is putting a lot of hours in to ensure this Onslaught runs smoothly. When this Onslaught reaches its conclusion, we shall be ready for the second Onslaught, which will be presented not only as a Grim event; but an open event for other guilds (and maybe individuals) to participate in.

As we progress, this post will be edited and changes to reflect details of past and current Onslaughts, once we work out a pretty format for all to see!

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This post has been edited for future (Mists) content.

As of 24 August 2012, the following are the progression of all raid teams of The Grim


Dragon Soul 7/8 Heroic

Firelands 6/7 Heroic

Blackwing Descent 6/6 Normal

Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 Normal

Bastion of Twilight 2/4 Heroic


Dragon Soul 4/8 Heroic

Firelands 7/7 Normal

Blackwing Descent 6/6 Normal

Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 Normal

Bastion of Twilight 4/4 Normal

Annihilators (A Joint-Grim and Dragonhawk Brigade Team)

Dragon Soul 8/8 Normal

Firelands 7/7 Normal

Blackwing Descent 6/6 Normal

Bastion of Twilight 4/4 Normal


Dragon Soul 8/8 Normal

Firelands 7/7 Normal

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Today marks the 6th anniversary of The Grim.

Since the beginning, we've believed expressing publicly what we typically keep private to be one of our unwritten rules. I do not seek to break that rule, but I do feel a small blip of notice for the day has been earned by the hundreds who have worn the tabard and helped contribute the storyline and the presence of The Grim, from good to bad - small to large. Everyone who has roleplayed has been effected by The Grim, directly or indirectly, and we look forward to continuing our presence, until Blizzard kicks us out of the door.

Peace Through Annihilation.

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With the upcoming expansion, The Grim is in the final process of completing changes to its application and retention efforts for new and returning members. More information will be provided by the end of the month and, through the new application process, players looking for a place with dependability and lasting power may find it here.

Pandarian characters will have to wait until the expansion drops, as "Panda canon" is not yet implemented.

Raid information has also been updated (for the first time in five months).

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