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Full Name: Nazshakul, Draxxigar Madfang (true name)

Nicknames: Uncle, Naz, Draxxie (Don't...)

Date of Birth: Forgotten...

Age: Sixty.... ish. He stopped counting after fifty.

Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Grey

Skin: Green, Dark Yellow/Brown

Eyes: Red

Height: Average Orc Height

Weight: Heavy and Muscular

Place of residence: Wanderer

Place of Birth: Draenor

Known Relatives: Vilmah Bloodbourne (Neice)

Religion/Philosophy: Orcish Shamanism, Demonology

Occupation: Warlock, Shadow Council Mole

Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary

Guild Rank: Initiate

Enemies: Shadow Council, Burning Legion, Enemies of the Horde

Likes: Teasing Vilmah, Studying Ancient Lore, Book Reading

Weapons of Choice: Staff, Scimitar

Dislikes: Other Warlocks, Obnoxiousness, Weaklings, Cowards

Hobbies: Tailoring, Enchanting

Special Abilities: Prophetic Nightmares and Foresight

Positive Personality Traits: Sage, Benevolent, Fearless, A Willingness to Sacrifice

Negative Personality Traits: Intolerant of Weaklings and Cowards, Arrogant, Quick to Anger, Surly

Misc. Quirks: Veteran of the 1st and 2nd Wars on Azeroth, Was a Pupil of Ner'zhul's, and later Gul'dan's, Has a thing for younger women... o.O

Played by What Famous Person: Christopher Lee

Theme Songs: The Crowing by Coheed & Cambria

History: The old orc, Nazshakul, once called Draxxigar Madfang, is a veteran of the first two wars on Azeroth. Though he was brought up to become a Shaman, he quickly converted to demonology in hopes of fufilling his foolish youthful ambition and lust for power. Those that know Nazshakul's true history speak of rumors that he was tutored by Ner'zhul, and later Gul'dan, themselves... but no one truly knows but Nazshakul, and he isn't telling. He was also a member the Stormreaver Clan at one point. Most of his family is now long dead, besides his neice Vilmah, the Warboss of Sanctuary, who he's very fond of.

After the second war, Nazshakul found himself in the internment camps, like most of the other orcs, and fell into deep lethargy and melancholy, and it was also there he witnessed the death of his sister, Vilmah's mother, as he escaped during a daring jailbreak by Thrall of the Frostwolf Clan. It was then that he discarded the name "Draxxigar Madfang" and reclaimed his Shamanistic name "Nazshakul", and went into hiding. During the third war he spent his life wandering the harsh Durotar wastes and crags as a hermit and living on what he could catch or grow. Most people do not know why he decided to reappear during the closing of the third war, but Nazshakul himself insists that he was commanded by the Great Spirit to serve Thrall and the Horde, and that he would wield not the power the Elements and Spirits, but be forced to use the physically painful, mentally exausting sorcery of the Burning Legion during his penance. Nazshakul says that it is less of a quest, and more of a punishment by the Spirits for his blasphemy, but hope springs eternal, and Nazshakul hopes that one day he will finally be forgiven and allowed to embrace his Shamanistic roots again.

So Nazshakul the Warlock wields the power of the green fire in service to the Warchief and the Horde, commanded by the very Spirits themselves to fight destruction with destruction, demon with demon, and taint with taint. He is working closely, but in secret, with Thrall to undermine the efforts of the Shadow Council remnant and the Burning Legion. Despite him being ensnared by demonic energies, Nazshakul still maintains his power of foresight and prophetic vision, embodied and revealed through nightmarish fever dreams and night terrors. Nazshakul is close to sixty years, if not there already... uhhh... He sort of... stopped counting after fifty years. (Orcs rarely live much older than sixty years.)

On the upper part of his right arm is the brand of the Stormreaver Clan. On his stomach is the infamous Mark of Chaos, alerting all who see it his ties to the original Shadow Council. Both are death sentences in today's Horde, and so his entry into Sanctuary is mutually beneficial, they gain a powerful warlock and learned elder, and he gets protection and assistance in completing his goals. But what manner of reception shall he recieve? Acceptance, or retribution?

A gamble, but an ultimately necessary one should Nazshakul not want to fail in his quest.

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I'd probably like this coot if not for his mark. Warlocks are lax to be trusted, even more so when they once called the Shadow Council Master. As such, even the Shattered Hand keep a close eye on him. If there is any evidence, no matter how flimsy, of him folding back in with the Council, I have the Orders signed by High Overlord Saurfang and co-signed by the Warchief Himself to destroy this puppet at once.

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My uncle can be nice most of the time, but BOY is he a task master.. he's always scolding me for not being stronger. I'm trying, uncle Naz! I really am! But he's good to have around. Experienced and honorable, that's what he is!

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Every time ah be seein dis one, 'e be talkin a lil haash ta Vil. Ahm nah sure if dat be jus an ole orc talkin, or 'em makin up fo lost time in techin a niece ~shrugs~

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