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Full Name: Angawen Stonehelm

Nicknames: Angie

Age: 74

Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf

Gender: Female

Hair: Gold-Blonde

Skin: Tanned

Eyes: Green

Build: Taller than average and muscular.

Place of residence: Ironforge, Mystic Ward

Place of Birth: Kharanos, Dun Morogh

Known Relatives: Agitha Dubloch (cousin)

Religion/Philosophy: Angie follows the Light, and also pays homage to Khaz and her Earthen heritage.

Occupation: Paladin, Armorsmith, Illuminator and Scribe

Group/Guild affiliation: Ironforge Regiment

Guild Rank: Captain of the Mithril Shield Company

Enemies: Horde, Scourge, DarkIron Clan Dwarves, Troggs

Likes: A hot forge, a cold ale and the smell of bacon.

Favorite Foods: Anything made of meat.

Favorite Drinks: Dwarven Stout.

Favorite Colors: Gold, silver.

Weapons of Choice: Hammers and Axes.

Dislikes: Snoring pigs.

Hobbies: Who has time for hobbies?

Physical Features: Angie has waist length gold hair that she keeps tied at the nape of her neck with a long white ribbon. Eight tiny braids dot the ponytail, each clasped in rings of metal; one copper, one silver, one gold, three iron and two mithril. Her skin is tanned, and she has sun-freckles across her cheeks. She has a burn scar on the palm of her left hand. She'd be considered rather plain by most, homely even. She keeps herself in good shape but is rarely seen without her armor on unless she's at the forge or in uniform.

Positive Personality Traits: Honest, Loyal, Compassionate

Negative Personality Traits: Pessimistic sometimes, tends to bottle up her anger rather than expressing it.

Misc. Quirks: When she's upset she'll fiddle with the braids in her hair, and she will pretend to be oblivious to romantic advancements which makes her seem somewhat awkward and slow.

Thougths on Allied Races:

Night Elves: She's not sure what to think of most Night Elves, and tends to take a while to warm up to them. A few excellent examples of the race are changing her mind slowly so she now views them with much less mistrust than she used to.

Humans: In general she likes humans, finding them to be humerous and stalwart companions.

Gnomes: Gnomes creep her out. They're tiny, smell funny, and she thinks that most of them are utter morons. They might be engineering whizzes, but they've made some idiotic mistakes. Seldom does one prove to her that it's worth trusting with anything. When she is near gnomes she tends to do a lot of eye rolling.

Dwarves: She gets on very well with the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer clans, and is distrustful of most DarkIrons.

Thoughts on Horde Races:

Trolls: Hardly better than animals.

Orcs: At the end of the wars she had a grudging respect for Thrall's decisions, recent events and run-ins with Orcs in azeroth have caused her to become bitter and distrustful of them. She now views Thrall's attempts to make peace as nothing more than a ploy.

Tauren: She knows little of the Tauren, but each one she has met has created the impression of a warmongering brute. News of their attacks on Dwarven outposts in Kalimdor make her even more wary of them.

Forsaken: They're dead, she doesn't care what lines they're spouting, she doesn't trust them and will kill them just like any other scourge.

History: Angawen was born in Kharanos and spent most of her life there learning the arts of the priest and scribe at her mother's knee. When she was about twenty the family picked up and moved to Loch Modan, where she spent the latter part of her youth training as an apprentice blacksmith under her father. Soon she began spending more time with a distant cousin of hers named Agitha Dubloch. She and Agitha spent many hours gallavanting around the loch and getting into trouble, it was then that she first started using her blacksmith's hammer for more than forging steel. Drawing on that experiance and her knowledge of the priestly arts she decided to enlist in the Mountaineers just after the beginning of the first war. She spent the next thirty odd years with the Mountaineers stationed around Khaz Modan. Eventually she worked her way up to the rank of Head Combat Medic during the last war, and though she did not actively fight the burning leigion she healed and cared for those who did. When her enlistment with the Mountaineers was up she took the advice of her commanding officer and set off to learn the paladin's art. Since then she and Agitha have spent their time adventuring under the comission of the Ironforge Regiment.

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Pylith ruffles through his beard, "Oh aye, Cap'n Angie. Stout head on 'er shoulders. Which, if'n yeh know a dwarf, woulds be th'best kinda compliment yeh ken give sommun! Curious o' her leadin' skills though. An' ah dunnae mean managin' o' o'er dwarves n' such. But order givin' in th'heat o' battle. Hrm, might throw her inta such a situation soon." He smirks, tipping back a beaker of Cherry Grog, "Aye, grand idea."

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Angawen? Don't got much tah say, haven't seen her 'round much...though ah'd guess that'd be mah fault, tay much dungeon delvin', nay enough time at tha front. Seems like ah nice, capable lass, from tha little ah've seen O her...saved me arse ah few times too, ah believe.

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