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Oh, dam!

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((Posted by Liadain, on Morghoul's behalf.))

((The Crimson Watch and The Blades of Lordaeron had a rather massive RP/PvP battle with about 60 participants. This is the RP account of it which is also posted in The Crimson Tainted Blade thread for continuity of that storyline. A movie was filmed of this event, but will take some time to edit))

A nefarious plot had been hatched. Master Morghoul, leader of The Crimson Watch, had decided to up the stakes in the war against the Alliance. The Crimson Watch had been successful in taking over the ships at Menethil, the tram system, and had even brought death and destruction to several small towns. However, this was not enough. Engineers amongst the Watch had learned of several structural weaknesses in the mighty Stonewrought Dam. Studying the flood plain, it appeared that if the dam were destroyed it would flood and decimate at least one larger town.

Sister Styll, an upcoming rogue warlord of The Crimson Watch addressed the gathered members:

”Brothers and Sisters of the Watch, the time has come to strike hard against the Alliance forces. Deep within the Alliance territory of Loch Modan lies a very large dam known as the Stonewrought Dam. It is our belief that compromising this dam will flood the wetlands as well as cause great damage and death to Menethil itself. Our scouts have brought back some very useful information on how we might be able to do just enough damage in a short period of time to bring the dam crashing down. Our engineers have been working very diligently on some powerful sapper charges that just might do the trick. All we need to do now is rush through Loch Modan, killing any resistance along the way, clear the damn from any defenders and plant the charges. Once we are under way this mission must be done with great speed and precision. If the alliance find out our plan and mount any sort of defense we won’t have the time needed to plant the charges, so we must be swift. Ready your gear, we march into battle this Wednesday eve!”

After learning of the planned assault, the renowned rogue, Yomi, started to become doubtful of the plan as it stood. The dam was a product of solid engineering and was likely reinforced in ways that even The Crimson Watch were not aware of. Yomi gathered the masses of The Crimson Watch and prepared them to carry a shipment of explosives from Hammerfall to Kargath and then onward to the Altar of Storms where they would be enchanted with demonic power to amplify their potency. The trip would be perilous since the explosives were too unstable to transport by griffin or bat.


In order to have success in their mission, Yomi believed she would need to successfully deliver at least half of the shipment to Kargath. Master Morghoul had made certain to have more explosives on hand than the minimum required, but also knew that it would be difficult to deliver them safely by foot all the way from Hammerfall. The explosives were distributed to each member on the march so that they could not all be destroyed at once. The army then marched south from Hammerfall into Alliance territory like a plague of locusts upon the land. The trip met limited Alliance resistance and all opposition was quickly toppled. The explosives arrived safely to Kargath, their intended destination, but sister Yomi decided it was best to press the force onward to the Altar of Storms to maximize the explosive power of the shipment. During the travel through Blackrock mountain and toward the Searing Gorge, one young shaman was mercilessly attacked by the powerful inhabitants and detonated the explosives in a suicidal act of retaliation. However, this minimal loss of the shipment was insignificant and the explosives were successfully enchanted and returned to Kargath in preparation for the assault upon the dam.


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Liadain could feel the chill seeping through her armor and could see the fine mist of Cayden's breath, as she sat atop the horse and waited for the Blades' forces to amass at the South Gate Outpost. Much had happened over the last forty-eight hours...

Two nights ago, Conidivh, SI:7s seemingly most active operative of late, had passed information along to Celethorn which implied that Lia herself had been compromised by her father and the Watch. Then, less then twenty-four hours later in a move that was quite curious, Conidivh had presented Lia with the information that set this evening's events in motion. Lia was no fool. She knew this was a perfect way to test her loyalties.

Let him test and investigate to his hearts content. I don't have time to waste with bureaucratic games; not while my father still... lives... and the Watch still plots against us all.

The information Liadain had received had been two-fold. First had been a letter, apparently penned by the paladin, Lovely, to Yomi, one of Morghoul's pet assassins. The letter indicated that Lovely had information that might ensure the safety of Yomi, and her fellow Watchmen, in some current endeavor. Lovely wished to set up a meeting between herself and Yomi in the Valley of Kings. Added to this, was the information Conidivh had gathered through his contacts regarding the Watch's increased interest in the Stonewrought Dam.

The destruction of the dam would be a harsh blow to the Alliance, as the Wetlands would be flooded and Menethil would likely be destroyed. This would not only cause immediate chaos and death but would also cause more long-term damage to the Alliance's trade and supply network. It would truly be a disaster of epic proportions. It was certainly a plot worthy of being one of Morghoul's grand schemes.

After she and Celethorn met with Conidivh, and were given all of this new information, Lia spent the entirety of the following day pouring over maps and pulling in favors from her own contacts. In the end, she felt confident that the Watch was planning an assault on the Dam late in the evening the following day. She also felt fairly certain that they would be traveling from Kargath, through the Searing Gorge and into the Valley of Kings en route to Loch Modan.

Today, Liadain's confidence was bolstered when reports reached her that the Watch had been spotted transporting cargo into Kargath the night before. Indeed, it seemed that the Blades might stand a fairly decent chance of thwarting the Watch's plans and preventing this catastrophe. Liadain smirked.

I certainly hope to be a thorn in your side, daddy dearest.

Liadain looked up and smiled at the, rather intimidating, night elven warrior riding up to meet her. "Kaldore. Good to see you."

"Did you have any doubts that I'd be here?" The elf grinned smugly. "I'm Kaldore. This ambush would be doomed without me." He winked.

"Hopefully the rest of us will be here shortly. I'm also expecting..." Liadain stopped as her communicator hissed. She slipped it out of her belt and flipped a switch. "Mayday?"

"Hello, Lia. I just wanted to let you know that I'm here. I'm acting alone, though... No offense. I just work best on my own terms." Lia could hear the rogue's wry chuckle.

Lia smiled. "None taken. Just make sure you listen in on my instructions. I don't want any unexpected issues."

"Will do. And good luck, my friend."

"Thanks, Mayday." Lia turned the output on the communicator off and slipped it back into her belt.

While Liadain had been speaking with Mayday, Aurahn and Kurohane of the Swordwaltzers had arrived. Lia had extended an invitation for them to assist, since they had been so willing to help in her investigations. She nodded at them as Cayden shifted his weight impatiently. The stallion wasn't a fan of inactivity any more than Lia.

"Thank you both for coming. I'd received your response to my missive and any help is much appreciated. Besides, I know you'll enjoy seeing some payoff after all of the intrigue to this point." Lia grinned as the pair of night elves bowed and nodded in agreement.

"Rest assured that we are here to be of whatever aid we can." Kurohane smiled and the pair moved off to the campfire Kaldore had started nearby.

By that time, a large number of the Blades had arrived and were milling about. As usual, they were antsy to get to work and many duels had broken out in the open area outside of the guard towers.

The Blades gather at the South Gate Outpost.

Scanning the assembled mercenaries, Liadain's eyes fell on Ansel, a druid and old friend, and Leapold, a relatively new addition to the Blades but by all accounts a fine rogue. "Ansel, Leopold!" Lia called and the pair jogged over to her.

"Leopold, how skilled are you at lockpicking?" She studied him intently.

"As skilled as one can be, ma'am." Leapold replied confidently.

"Excellent. I need the two of you to act as my scouts. Go to Kargath and keep us apprised of the Watch's activities there. Let us know immediately if they deviate from the route we are anticipating and follow them all the way through. You can nab any that might attempt to flee back out of the Stonewrought Pass when the fighting breaks out." Lia absently wrapped her reins between her fingers as she spoke.

Ansel and Leopold nodded their understanding and set off quickly toward the pass into the Valley of Kings. Ansel smoothly slipped into cat form as the pair moved out of sight. Lia nodded, confident that they would at least have good intelligence on the Watch's movements as events unfolded, and turned her attention to the rest of the assembled mercenaries.

"Alright, Blades. Here's the deal..." Lia's guildmates gathered around as Liadain reviewed what was known up to that point and what the plan was for the ambush. "So, all those of you that can stealth are with me, up in the hills just outside of the Stonewrought Pass. Those of you that cannot stealth will be with Celethorn, farther back in the Valley." She concluded. "Let's move out."

Liadain guided Cayden into place next to Celethorn and the pair led the Blades in a slow march down through the pass and into the Valley of Kings.

The Blades ride through the pass and into the Valley of Kings.

Once the Blades arrived in the Valley, the order was given to split up and their forces moved into position. Then the waiting began. Ansel and Leapold started to report that members of the Watch were arriving in Kargath. At first, there were just a handful but the numbers quickly started to grow.

Lia positioned herself on a hill overlooking the gate at the entrance to the Valley from the Gorge. She slowly and deliberately unsheathed and poison her swords as she listened to the information coming across the communicators. She could sense the presence of Aceavia, who had seen fit to take on the role of Lia's personal priest, behind her in the shadows. Liadain smiled to herself as she pulled her mask up over her face.

The Blades always come through... Well, whenever there is a good fight involved.

Lia chuckled softly, but her thoughts were interrupted by Ansel, reporting earnestly. "They are on the move. Heading out of the Badlands into the Gorge. I'm having trouble keeping up."

Lia could almost feel the tension and anticipation mount among the forces gathered behind her. "Mayday... You out there?"

The communicator crackled. "Aye. They are going left in the Gorge; heading toward the Pass... As anticipated. These scouts of yours are good." Lia could almost hear the grin in his voice.

"Alright, everyone on your toes, Blades. The enemy approaches." Lia crouched in position and waited. The only sound was the occasional crackle as Ansel and Leapold continued to update them.

"They are gathering at the entrance to the tunnel."

"They are almost to you."

"They're here..."

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((by Morghoul))

Morghoul addressed the gathered the troops with the following:

"Greetings once again. I bring you all good news of our success last night. Sister Yomi gathered our forces in Hammerfall where we had crates of explosives delivered to us. We had to transport those explosives a great distance in order to have them in place for our assault tonight. Our troops were required to deliver at least half of the shipment to Kargath in the Badlands. They succeeded in doing this with but the death of one young shaman. A tragic loss, but the remains are being collected and will be reanimated or resurrected. After our forces reached Kargath, Yomi and company transported the explosives to the Altar of Storms. The explosives were further enchanted with dark energy there and then redelivered to Kargath. As you all know, our final target for this mission is the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam and we now have all the tools necessary to carry out this objective.

We gather tonight in Kargath to complete the mission and bring death crashing down upon the alliance in a wall of water. We will not stop at the destruction of the dam, however! We will continue to press the fight onward to the Alliance towns during their moment of panic. For this, we will require the services of every able-bodied member. The Crimson Watch is counting on all of you for a sustained onslaught upon the alliance, so come fully equipped and prepared for large scale warfare. Do not understimate your opponents!

We have also learned that an agent of the alliance may be able to provide us details of weak points along the dam for us to place our explosives... though with the enchanting that has been done upon the explosives, I doubt we will have need of knowing intimate details of dam's structure. Nonetheless, we must be timely in order to see what information this agent has for us. I will give you further details when next we meet. Remember... timeliness, discipline, carnage!”

The Crimson Watch gathered in Kargath and departed for the Valley of Kings to meet with the alliance turncoat before marching onward toward the dam.

Upon reaching the area where they were to meet Lovely, there was nothing but an eerie silence. With little warning Liadain’s voice shattered the silence and Morghoul’s eyes snapped toward her position.

"Hello, Father. Sorry to ruin your fun." And in the distance those simple words were followed by the recognizable voice of the warrior… Celethorn.


And then… the sound of clanking armor and spells searing the air.

In an instant, chaos erupted in all directions. A loud explosion tore through the valley and echoed from the mountain peaks as a fireball sailed into a crate of explosives. The detonation sent Crimson Watch soldiers flying in all directions against and piling into the hillsides. The fireball was followed by a charge of paladins and warriors as spells rained down overhead. The smell of charred flesh and hair was almost overpowering. Steel rang against steel and ambush victims cried out in pain as hidden rogues plunged their blades into unliving flesh. Every direction the Crimson Watch troops turned they encountered the blade, bolt or claw of their enemy. Almost as quickly as it has begun, it was over.

The forces of The Crimson Watch either lie crumpled on the ground or were sent fleeing into the hills in every possible direction. Morghoul locked eyes once more with his daughter and fury blurred his vision… the Crimson Madness took hold and he knew well that she could see it within him. A wry smile returned from her stung him worse than any sword could.

“Regroup! Rally at the gate! The Blades have scattered somewhat to track those who have fled! Amass at the gate and hold off any oncoming…” It was too late, the Blades of Lordaeron charged forward once more and all the remaining forces of The Crimson Watch could do was try to buy more time for their fellows to escape. The valley trembled as the explosives were detonated from a far by the Blades as they completed their mission to save the dam. Morghoul refused to glance over his shoulder back to see that despicable smiling face as he sprinted away from the scene.

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((Somehow, in both of the shots of us traveling to the confrontation, you can see my cat, but not me. O_o Anyhow, thanks again (for the ump-teenth time) for having us along. It was a blast! *dies at bad puns*))

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((by Liadain))

Liadain’s heart had skipped a beat as she had watched the gate slowly rise and the first few enemies emerge from the tunnel. The Watchmen had paused briefly before starting up the Valley at a jog. It hadn’t taken long for her to pick Morghoul out of the crowd and, fortuitously, he had paused only a few feet from her as the trap was sprung. The look of surprise on his face when he heard her voice had been satisfying, though the moment had been cut short by start of combat.

Liadain saw her father turn his attention to the chaos erupting on the road before him and used that opportunity to slip back out of sight. Slowly, she made her way around behind him and pounced in one smooth movement. Morghoul was stunned by the sudden onslaught and could barely fight back as Lia’s blades hacked into him. Then there was the explosion…

Liadain dove for cover instinctively as the entire Valley reverberated. It took several moments for the combatants to recover their bearings, during which time Morghoul managed to slip off into the fray. Liadain trotted back out to the road, just in time to hear Feorn’s ever stoic voice over the cacophony of battle.

“Could someone get this warrior off of me… Please.”

Liadain frowned with disappointment at losing Morghoul but quickly rushed to the aid of her comrades. It was hard to get a clear picture of how many of the Watch’s men still stood, in the midst of the smoke and the flurry of weapons and spells, but the Blades continued to fight with grim determination until all of the enemies on the road had been dispatched.

The aftermath of the initial battle.

Once the road was clear, the Blades began to comb the hills for stragglers as the main force moved to the Loch Modan end of the Valley to regroup. Liadain could hear the cries of the Watchmen in the hills as they were cut down and it brought her cold satisfaction. She was not given much time for gloating, however, as word reached her that a few members of the Watch had made it through to the Dam.

“Quickly, Celethorn’s group to the dam!” Liadain called out. Celethorn wasted no time in giving orders to his force as he pulled his white mare around and headed for Loch Modan. No sooner had they passed out of the Valley, between the mammoth dwarven statues, then another voice cried out.


The Watch had regrouped and appeared to be making one last, desperate attempt to salvage their mission. Liadain fell back a bit as the main force of the Blades charged forward, slamming into the Watch’s front line. Liadain skirted the edge of the battle and came face to face again with her father.

Lia hesitated and then slipped out from her cover beside Morghoul. She could tell he was weighing his next move as he watched his men falling on the road beneath the hill where they stood. A moment passed before he became aware of Lia’s presence.

Their eyes met and she could see the fury within him, so strong it was unmistakable. That fury was, familiar, and was answered by her own cold contempt. She reached up and pulled the mask from her face, ensuring that her father could see the smirk that had crept unbidden to her face.

Morghoul recoiled a bit, almost as if Lia had slapped him. Immediately, he began barking orders to the Watch and he turned, fleeing the battlefield with not so much as a glance back at his daughter. His more seasoned men attempted to buy time for the others to flee but, in the end, the Blades made quick work of them as the remaining loads of explosives were destroyed.

It was not long before reports came in from the Dam that it had been secured, with the last member of the Watch at that location making a suicide jump off of the side of the Dam. Celethorn rode back into the Valley with his group, just as Liadain’s scouts confirmed that the remainder of the Watch’s force in the Stonewrought Pass was retreating.

Liadain stood in the shadow of the guard tower and made the announcement. “The Watch is retreating. The day is ours. For the Alliance and the Blades!” A raucous cheer erupted. “Now… Who’s hosting the after-party?” She grinned.

The mercenaries slowly began to disperse, congratulating each other and recounting highlights of the evening as they mounted up for the return to Ironforge. They were bruised and battered but in high-spirits. Liadain’s grin remained until the majority of them had ridden off, then she turned and looked thoughtfully in the direction of the Stonewrought Pass.

The warrior, Esare, walked up next to Liadain and gently patted her shoulder. Lia turned and they exchanged a smile before Esare moved off and Lia moved to pack up and head out. As Lia prepared to hoist herself up onto Cayden, Kurohane and Aurahn came over to say their goodbyes.

Kurohane smiled, but the smile was less than confident. “Do you think this was really a victory? That it will really make any difference?”

Liadain smirked as she pulled herself up into her saddle. “I think that the Watch was soundly defeated today and that their morale is broken. I think that we succeeded in saving the Dam and the countless lives that would have been lost if it had been destroyed.”

Lia sighed and looked off into the distance again. “However, the Watch will undoubtedly continue their efforts and next time they are likely to be more prepared… and more bloodthirsty. We must remain ever-vigilant…”

Until we meet again.

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(( Naturally I feel that some creative license was taken... I seem to remember flexing a lot more and all kinds of women throwing themselves at me.... And there were snacks at that campfire.))

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(( Naturally I feel that some creative license was taken... I seem to remember flexing a lot more and all kinds of women throwing themselves at me.... And there were snacks at that campfire.))

(( Kal, you made my morning. ))

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(( Naturally I feel that some creative license was taken... I seem to remember flexing a lot more and all kinds of women throwing themselves at me.... And there were snacks at that campfire.))

((I know Kal, I'm sorry. I just couldn't keep away from you! Next time I'll try to restrain myself more.))

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