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Irithel an Ainmhí

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Name: Irithel an Ainmhí.

Title or Guild Rank: Beast of Blood.

Race: Blood Elf in appearance.

Gender: Male.

Occupation and Talents: Acting as a mercenary first and foremost, Irithel doesn't seem to have much interest in anything but killing. He is still an occasional agent to the Consortium, or so some assume, but his affiliation is much looser than his twin's.

He holds some kind of powers related to shadows, but mostly one would have to be wary of his blades, and his sharp tongue.

Physical Description: One would consider Irithel to be a rather short male elf, having the kind of physical build that speaks of time spent in athletic tasks rather than anything requiring actual strength. His shoulders are slim and his features very delicate, but he is toned and his movements are like that of a stalking jungle cat. One would assume him to be rather young, although his expression of cocky confidence often hides his true age.

Much like with his sister, Irithel's skintone is also unnaturally pale, and the scars he has on his face are identical to the ones she has - one long mark runs over his right eye and the other across his forehead and nose, ending near a third visible scar at his jawline. He has freckles across his cheeks that only really show in the right light, and the same goes for the freckles on his shoulders.

The sides of his head are shaved, leaving the rest of his long hair in a mohawk-like style that he almost always keeps on a messy ponytail. It looks like he doesn't really bother to brush it very much, even if he's been rolling around in the dirt. He has thick, black eyelashes, and his right eyebrow is split because of the scar running over his eye. He has a snake tongue - literally, as for some reason he has thought to split his tongue halfway through, and is more than happy to try to disgust others with how flexible both sides are.

It's difficult to smell much from underneath the earthy smell of dirt and the strong scent of dried blood clinging to him, but there's a masculine kind of musk somewhere in there, along with the faint tones of sandalwood.

He wears skin-fitting leathers, preferring black and other dark shades. The materials are well taken care of and tailored to fit - he seems to have a rich boss, but it doesn't show unless carefully studied, as he doesn't use anything garish or obviously expensive just for the sake of wearing it, merely good quality. He often has several visible weapons and presumably some hidden ones as well, favouring daggers of all kinds, but he is not opposed to taking up a sword or whatever else with a sharp edge that may come in handy.

He doesn't take his clothes off very often, but when he does, black tattoos can be seen, the patterns appearing to move in a lazy motion and sudden twitches when not looked upon directly.

Personality: At first glance in an ordinary social situation, Irithel would appear laid back and even bored, but closer inspection reveals that this may be a mask carefully held in place to hide the fact that his presence is utterly unsettling. He does not feel natural, and the odd feeling is further reinforced by the way he stares, unblinking, and the fact that his sharp grin often shows small fangs.

Meeting him in battle is another matter entirely. There is no mask then, and he is as fierce as any beast, fighting with a kind of frenzied bloodlust that prevents most sensible people from getting in his path. Yet, he is not senseless, and he reacts fast to protect himself, and retaliates even faster. Pain rarely stops him, and he takes pleasure in dancing at the edge of oblivion. Adrenaline is his addiction, and the battlefield his home.

Unlike his sister, he solved his conflicting interests in a simple manner - he has given in to his urges, and as a result, is considered impulsive and dangerous, not beyond stabbing comrades should they get in his way. Luckily, the loss of control is usually the kind of high he only rides when excited, and outside of bloodshed, he is often very bored by others, only indulging in verbal arguments now and then in a manner similar to what Iribelle considers an amusing sport. He will mock and tease to gain a reaction, but quickly grows sick of the game if the opposing party ignores the attempts to raise ire.

His surface hides scars he would not speak of, and he keeps to himself, rather remaining alone than even attempting to maintain close relationships, which is a noticeable difference between the twins.


Iribelle - The bond between twins is a powerful one, and even more so when they spent a major part of their life as the same person. Since the split, Irithel has lost much, and his relationship with Iribelle is difficult, coloured with jealousy and an irrational feeling of possessiveness that he is attempting to get over. Perhaps viewing her as his half still, rather than a separate person, he cannot help but constantly meddle in her affairs.

Lythas - Irithel constantly tests the resolve of the poor man, seeking weaknesses, questioning his morals, and mocking him mercilessly for his desires. He has threatened Lythas repeatedly with bodily harm, and in the past (as one with his sister still, back then), has delivered on his promises. Now, however, he seems to refrain from actually slaughtering Lythas like a lamb, simply because he finds the other more amusing alive.

Alecalius - Alongside Isendur, Irithel dealt great injury to Alec, and took his arm. He hardly seems to regret the action and torments the man he calls 'mongrel' mercilessly.

Alphaeus - Formerly good friends, Irithel now seems determined to drive the good doctor mad by threatening his lover, or by constantly questioning Alphaeus' actions. If his goal is to drive the man away from him, it seems to be working well.

Akula - The troll's persistance is perhaps what has kept the friendship between Irithel and her going since the split. Irithel took a great distance while his sister was settling into her life as Captain, and he still seems somewhat aloof, but he isn't as actively avoiding all of his former friends anymore. He's occasionally threatening even to Akula, but on the other hand, he also turns to defend her should the need arise.

Isendur - Irithel is his own shadow now, but the bond between master and student remains difficult to break. If there is a single dedication he always remembers, it's his willingness to fight alongside Isendur. The fact that he holds hidden feelings for Isendur continues to hound him because he knows the relationship won't work - they both have their own lives and dark demons of the mind.

Marcetta - Irithel would appear to extend little of the respect he holds for Isendur towards Marcetta despite the blood connection, but lately he has been more prone to leaving her unscathed by his insulting words, perhaps because she no longer seems to smell of fear whenever he is around.


Theme song (s):

- Papa Roach

Lust for Blood - Camui Gackt

- Chris Cornell

- 30 Seconds to Mars

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