Iribelle an Súan

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Name: Iribelle an Súan.

Title or Guild Rank: The Demon Pirate, Shadowblade of the Consortium, Dream Thief, Little Witch.

Race: Blood Elf in appearance.

Gender: Female.

Occupation and Talents: As an agent of the Consortium, she holds a position that has not been granted to very many flesh beings. She is a trader, sometimes a diplomat (if only because some races would prefer to speak to an elf rather than a shining energy being), and an engineer.

Her offensive capabilities include control over corruptive shadow energies, green felfire, sharp blades, and wicked words.

Physical Description: She is petite and appears frail, very short in stature for one of her kind, and slim in frame. Her breasts and delicate features both speak of a girl barely into her adulthood, yet her hips are fully mature and the curve of her backside also gives away her feminine nature where her bust does not.

Her skin is very pale, to a degree that one would consider unnatural, a light sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and shoulders showing if she were made to blush, otherwise fading into the skin. Her face is scarred, one long mark running over her right eye and the other across her forehead and nose, ending near a third visible scar at her jawline.

Her eyes are large, framed with thick black lashes, and her hair is kept very long, reaching to her rear and beyond when left free. She keeps ribbons and metal beads in her hair occasionally, the fringe cut in layers of horizontally cut sections while the rest falls down her back undisturbed, excluding some sections she may keep braided. Her right eyebrow is split.

She does not wear any makeup, but her scent often holds a touch of perfume, white musk and sandalwood mingling in her natural scent which holds a hint of something darkly alluring in it. Smoke sometimes clings to her clothes, adding a touch of spices, and occasionally there is also blood, a rusted scent sunk deep into her dark clothes.

Her style of clothing is either dark, thick robes with many accessories attached, or tight and soft leathers chosen for tasks that require more movement. She decorates either style with prayer strips defiled and re-dedicated to dark gods, bones from dead animals (birds and small mammals are her favourites), and various beads. She likes very long and loose sleeves, and high collars have also become a favourite of hers. She often binds down her already-small breasts with soft black cloth.

She mostly keeps herself very covered up, but those that catch glimpse of her skin may notice black tattoos. They sit still when directly looked upon, but appear to move in twitches like a spider's legs when the viewer's attention shifts elsewhere.

Personality: When in a good mood, Iribelle can be a sweet, playful girl, but her humour tends to have a dark edge to it and her jokes often a little insulting. She cannot help but poke fun at others, regardless of who they might be, invading with personal questions and seeking weaknesses in the social armour of others. It's as if she might intentionally seek to anger and draw a reaction.

In addition to the playful side, she has another, considerably darker one. She is a vengeful little creature, and she can wait until the dish is cold to serve, so to say. She will make her plans as carefully as she may draw an engineering schematic - if her impulsive temper does not get the better of her before that. She listens to her heart, and her emotions, both of which may misguide her onto strange paths sometimes.

She hides a broken self-esteem underneath her hard shell, and a mild identity confusion born from her strange past. She struggles to balance between the uncertainty of a young female, the task of Captain, and the overwhelming, sharp urges of her fel taint.


Theme song (s):

White Lilies - Animus Mundi (too obscure for YouTube :< Let me know and I can email it)

Now Night Her Course Began - Sephiroth

Blood Dance - Christian Death (not on YouTube, ask if you want it)

- Sixth Comm (the tribal mix by them and Mother Destruction is also good, but not on YouTube so ask if you want it.)

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