[LFRP] Relationships and Marriage?

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Okay, so you have an intense amount of characters in this game who have been alone. But that just makes RP so much less realistic. No one wants to be alone forever, I'm sure.

And so, I shall begin (the first?) OOC to IC dating service. xD I don't promote ERP, I am against it. I don't promote rolling gnomes for your children, I'm against it.


And so, you should merely fill out this template:






RP Activity:

And hope for the best.

Note: Don't troll this thread, thanks very much. I'm promoting more realistic RP, not trying to turn WoW into Sims. There are, actually, many people out there who wish their character to be in relationships or marriages, but aren't sure how to go about it. So here is how it can be done. Have fun with it.

I won't be deciding who gets paired up, either, unless you request it at the bottom of your template. We can do random blind dates ICly, sure.


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TNGers are welcome to start their own threads if they seek a specific kind of relationship for their storyline. If you'd like to start an IC dating service, Terraya, that could be interesting, and this would be the place to advertise. But I discourage catch-all threads like this, because "hop[ing] for the best" (especially for something as important as a partner) is not the purpose of the forum. Constructive, assertive networking is.

Just a reminder, rules and guidelines, as well as sample templates for starting your own threads for specific role-play networking, can be found here.

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