Alexialas Xennmas

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Full Name: Alexialas Xennmas

Nickname: Alex, Alexi, Flamehair.

Date of Birth: During the second war

Age: 26

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Skin: Tan

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 120 lbs

Place of residence: Western Lordaeron

Place of Birth: Western Lordaeron

Known Relatives: Husband: Deceased.

Religion/Philosophy: Devout follower of the Light

Occupation: Freedom Fighter

Group/Guild affiliation: Lordaeron's Call

Guild Rank: Grand Master

Enemies: The Scourge, the Forsaken

Physical Features: Alex appears much weaker than she actually is. She has a lean build, albeit muscular. A glance at the skin under her clothes would show a very fit woman who spends much time building her physique. Alex's red hair is often messy, appearing unkempt. There is a tattoo of a scarlet flame upon her neck. Her facial features are smooth and rounded.

Theme Songs:


Alex was born in Western Lordaeron. She grew up as a member of the lower class, but married up higher to a Knight she had known all her life. Her husband taught her everything he knew about wielding weapons, in hopes she could defend herself if another war ever broke out and he was forced to leave.

When the scourge invaded her husband was killed. Alex opted in to stay behind in her village and defend it while others desperately tried to flee. Alex eventually was forced to flee as well and ran into an old friend, Swerto. Together they went to Hearthglen where they joined the Scarlet Crusade.

Alex fought alongside Swerto in the Scarlet Crusade for years. The two both failed to see the rampant corruption within the crusade until Swerto was betrayed by a fellow Crusader, Rohan Orcslayer.

Swerto and Alex both lost their significant others to the scourge, and both fought to retake their homeland. Their past and what they shared in common allowed them to bond, even though neither one of them really acted upon their feelings due to their situation Alex fell in love with Swerto.

When Rohan Orclsayer betrayed Swerto, causing him to be branded a traitor and executed, Alex rebelled. She was thrown in the dungeon, and told she would soon follow Swerto to the gallows. She broke out of the dungeon and fought her way to the Light's Hope Chapel, where she defected to the Argent Dawn.

She has remained within the ranks of the Argent Dawn ever since, continuing to serve as they moved to northrend and turned into the Argent Crusade.

From the moment the Lich King fell in battle against a group of heroes, Alex began to grow discontent with the Argent Crusade, and their lack of plans to return to Lordaeron and free it from Forsaken rule. She prayed often, begging guidance from the Light on what to do, inevitably she withdrew her commission from the Argent Crusade and wished her fellow crusaders well before departing.

Once she was back in the Eastern Kingdoms she tried to gather what people she could to a cause, that cause was to retake Lordaeron. She was approached by a former priest of the Scarlet Crusade, Auverus Lightsworn. She had known him well during her days as a scarlet, and the priest told her that he would pull what strings he could to get her little 'organization' moving. That was the birth of Lordaeron's call.

A quick surge of recruitment spread, and their first strike against the Forsaken was one that would be heard across the land.

Alexialas's first strike was to destroy a zeppelin above Brill, thus setting fire to the city and causing a situation the Forsaken could not ignore. Once their name had been made known, and their banner planted, Lordaeron's Call retreated to western Lordaeron.

Alexialas lead the Call for months, answering to her mysterious benefactor before she broke ties unexpectedly with him and took full control of the call. This would ultimately lead to her downfall as Trysteza was answering to the same benefactor and betrayed Alexialas, leaving her to her death at the hands of Infection. Cenco would take control of the organization after her death, leading the call until it was disbanded by the Praetorian Guard.


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Rolls her eyes a bit seeing the goblin come towards her before shaking her head at this.

" You just will not let a person finish their work in peace, Will you?" she growled out in a angered voice. " So This person.. " she said this looking over the paperwork before frowning. " Who the fel is this and why should I care about another human? " she asked this looking at the goblin before nodding her head a bit as a guard came walking into the room.

" Remove him from my sight!" she said this looking to the guard before the goblin was hoisted up over his shoulder kicking and screaming before a thud was heard and several curses. " Thank you sir!" she called out to the guard before doing her work once again.

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Lerian coldly laughs at the mention of the human female trying to win back Lorderon, "Diluted fool, Lorderon can never be a Human kingdom again, it now belongs to the undead, now and forever."

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Keraph smirked, reading the report he had requested regarding the leader of the anti-Forsaken terrorist cell known as 'Lordaeron's Call'.

"So, this is the one leading the band of pests that caused all of that damage in Brill. Given the intelligence regarding the standing forces she commands, seeing them put to justice will not be as difficult a task as first estimated. They will all suffer for their slights against the Forsaken who rightfully rule Lordaeron, but she will know even greater pain for garnering the wrath of the Dark Lady's elite.

Regardless, we will keep our eyes on her. It nothing else, she is capable of organizing a concentrated movement against the Forsaken. This is not a threat that will be taken lightly."

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