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Fwah, I should get a namechange for this thread; I dont actually use Gimp anymore...

ANYWAY. I'm trying to do an exercise where, day after I do an RP, I draw a scene from it! Simple stupid! Might copypasta in a quip of the RP context every once in a while. Not gonna do it for this one (I like the idea of people interpreting it as they will since they don't knoow), but hey, I might go update it.


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"... You will only make yourself more miserable if you think too hard on it.... So just... give in and enjoy no longer having to deal with money or food. She will take care of you" He pleaded.

"The Afterlife will take care of me" Grumbled Droganar in response. "If you wanted to truly help me, you'd find a way to send me there". He rolled back onto his back and looked up at the other night elf with a dire, serious look in his eye.

"If I kill you she will do horrible things to me, if not her than Duroxas. A few months ago I might have helped you and you do the same to me.... but I don't want to be beaten anymore, I don't want to die. If I die it feels like giving in, you should feel the same. Man. Up". He scowls.

"Man. Up?!"

Without warming and surprisingly swiftly for one so injured, he forces himself to his feet. Despite his weakened state, he's still standing a few inches over Thaldrin, the shadows giving his gaunt face a dire cast. "Look. At. Yourself. You're not a man, you're not even fit to be a woman. You're a TOOL. And you dare to question my constitution!?"


This thread's gonna get updated a lot... I might make a separate one.

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