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Ambyraana Thunderarrow

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Full Name: Ambyraana

Nicknames: Ambyr

Date of Birth: The Eleventh of November.

Age: 38 years of age (which, last I checked, was the human-equivalent of the "Tweenage" years.)

Race: Tauren.

Gender: Female.

Hair: Her mane is washed very frequently, though she does not do much to tame it, leaving it rather wavy with an odd texture.

Skin: Her fur is thin and light, colored completely black.

Eyes: She has bright green eyes.

Height: She stands shorter than most Tauren.

Weight: She seems to be a bit slimmer than most Tauren, her features petite.

Place of residence: She resides amongst any bushes or foliage.

Place of Birth: Ambyraana was born in Dalaran.

Known Relatives: She is the niece of Nahumarii Thunderarrow, though she has now forsaken her tribe.

Religion/Philosophy: Ambyraana respects all righteous and notable paths and religions, but is a free-thinker herself.

Occupation: Due to past events, Ambyraana is rendered with a bit of an odd brain; she is not able to focus on most things, but she has taken a extreme liking in languages, so she has learned a great many languages and was deemed a "Language Specialist".

Group/Guild affiliation: House of the Fallen.

Guild Rank: Barely noticed.

Enemies: Those who harm her first.

Likes: Ambyraana enjoys reading; it is one of her more favorable hobbies. She also enjoys simply thinking and creating mental scenarios. She likes people who approach her and take interest, and take the time out of their day to simply say "Hello." She enjoys simple things. Finally, she has an extreme fascination with insects.

Favorite Foods: Though in her tiny state, she is a very ravenous eater; she will devour whatever is given to her.

Favorite Drinks: See "Favorite Foods"

Favorite Colors: Her favorite colors are green and red.

Weapons of Choice: Ambyraana will often times simply transform into her Cat state and shred her way through victory. Other times, she will let others fight for her and simply heal them through the battle.

Dislikes: Anything obnoxious or absurd beyond reasoning.

Hobbies: See "Likes"

Physical Features: She is a very petite Taureness with a mane that seems rather unkempt. She wears a crude pair of reading spectacles, the wiring of which curls behind her horn. The other horn is shattered.

Special Abilities: She has the ability to communicate with animals, is a splendid writer, and can be a fine researcher when the researching is on a subject she fancies.

Positive Personality Traits: Ambyraana is quiet and normally keeps to herself, and will help if asked.

Negative Personality Traits: Ambyraana is easily-angered and does not tolerate things she does not appreciate.

Modeled after: Average teenage rebel.

Theme Songs: Kirki by Korpiklaani

Current Appearance:


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