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Smiles Macblaster

'Smiles' Macblaster

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Full Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Smiles, Mr. Macblaster(picked it up from a dead Mogul)

Age: Unknown, but old enough to have participated in the Second War

Race: Goblin

Gender: Male

Hair: Black, usually haphazardly shaven to his scalp

Skin: A sickly green

Eyes: Black

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown (A Gentleman doesn't ask and a lady doesn't tell)

Place of residence: A dark, dank hole of an apartment in the Ghettos of Undermine

Place of Birth: Likely Undermine, Kezan

Known Relatives: Unknown

Religion/Philosophy: Unknown

Occupation: Mercenary; Bounty Hunter, Hurting people: Sometimes for money

Group/Guild affiliation: Depends on the weather

Enemies: Likely has a few

Likes: Unknown

Favorite Foods: Unknown

Favorite Drinks: Unknown

Favorite Colors: Unknown

Weapons of Choice: Loop of wire, combat knives, hand-axes, a wrist-mounted Dragon Gun... Teeth.

Dislikes: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Physical Features: Severe facial scarring, no lips or cheeks to speak of, pointed yellow teeth, scarring on just about every inch of visible flesh

Special Abilities: Never needs to shave or wipe his chops, one of the upsides of not having much of a face.

Positive Personality Traits: Certainly smiles alot... Or have you not noticed?

Negative Personality Traits: Likely has a few

Misc. Quirks: Kind of twitchy, has a tendency to mutter strange things to himself, not a public drinker

Theme Songs: Watch the World Burn by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard

History: Smiles' Sagas

Smiles: "That enough?"

Reporter: "Err...No. Not really, most of what I've got on you are rumors. I mean you won't even give your name and a lot of what you DID give me are really more like insinuations...So no, not really 'enough'..."

Smiles: "Good, On second thought, I think I told you to much".

Smiles proceeds to thumb out the Reporter's eyes, tearing them from their sockets. Then tucks the bloody eyeballs into a pocket and whispers to the Reporter, who lays prostrate on the ground, screaming and clutching at his bloodied face, before casually slinking away.

Smiles: "You didn't see me".

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Siktas face grew pale as she looked at the interviewer "...why do you want to know about him?" She looked both ways almost expecting a shadow to suddenly strangle her "Look I don't know much, but hes been an enemy of my cousins and their friends for as long as I've known who he was, hes an evil sadistic bastard.... still..... I pity him, he seems.... broken...."

(sorry it took so long to post, got distracted and forgot about it)

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Upon hearing the reporter saying 'Smiles' Gurrah suddenly grabbed him by the collar and brought him inches from his face, the rum on the Gambler's breath making the reporter's nose wrinkle in disgust.

"Smiles? What do you know about him? Have you seen him? Do you know where he is? INFORMATION I NEED INFORMATION!" Gurrah threw the reporter back sighing in frustration.

"Sorry about that, Smiles is a touchy subject. Look all I know about him is what everyone knows, he's a legendary assasin, I'd wager more people have been killed by that Gob alone then the top notch bodygaurds protecting gallywix and the other trade princes. Hell after going toe to toe with Smiles, I wouldn't be surprised if he's the guy the trade princes call in to teach their new recruits. In fact I'm almost certain of it. Look I can tell you this much, he's dangerous, very fucking dangerous, and if you piss someone off enough to get this guy on your ass? Then your shit out of luck my friend. If you meet this Smiles guy and live to tell the tale, tell him that next time G gets even..." With that the Gambler walked away leaving the reporter staring blankly as though trying to understand all that had been said.

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