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Erissa Havenfire

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Full Name: Erissa Viviannie Havenfire.

Titles: Princess of Gehr.

Nicknames: Eri.

Date of Birth: 17th of December.

Age: Young Adult.

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Hair: Sunshine Blonde.

Skin: Pale White.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Place of residence: Cathedral of Light located in Cathedral Square in Stormwind.

Place of Birth: City of Gehria.

Known Relatives: Daughter of Lord Alexander Gehr and Lady Rachela Havenfire; Younger Sister of Eris Havenfire. Also Daughter of Godfather Nomed.

Religion/Philosophy: The Holy Light.

Occupation: High Priestess.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch.

Guild Rank: Recruit.

Friends: Many. She is best friends with a rogue, whom is now undead.

Enemies: Some members of the Horde. As a priestess, however, she treats all Azerothians equally and with care.

Likes: Family, Friends, Pets, Dresses and Royal Dinner Parties.

Admires: Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

Attracted to: Skill and Determination.

Favorite Foods: Strawberry Cheesecake.

Favorite Drinks: Milk Tea.

Favorite Colors: Pink.

Weapons of Choice: Staff or Mace and Book.

Dislikes: Enemies.

Hobbies: Tailoring, Enchanting, Reading Books, Studying Magic.

Physical Features: As a Princess, she is elegant with medium length blonde hair and large hazel eyes.

Special Abilities: Healing, Resurrection, Shadow Magic. She speaks fluent Thalassian and Gutterspeak.

Positive Personality Traits: Kind, Gentle and Considerate.

Negative Personality Traits: Immature, Easily Deceived and Emotional.

Misc. Quirks: Carries a closet around.

Theme Songs: The Water is Wide by Hayley Westerna.

History: Please read below.

Erissa was born in a royal family in the small Kingdom of Gehr. Her parents, Lord Alexander Gehr and Lady Rachela Havenfire, were rulers of a part of the land in Azeroth called Gehr's Forest, where they had established the throne to the Kingdom during the peaceful times before the destruction of the Mage City. Their land and people were not as dependent on or addicted to magic as those within the city of Dalaran, and the small district of Gehr beautified in grace as every day passed. The calming and lovely atmosphere has ensured Rachela the birth of two stunning babies, Eris and Erissa, both whom later on became skillful and faithful priestesses. However, sadly after the Scourge Invasion and the Culling of Stratholme, residents of Gehr, although not found by their enemies as they were too small a population located in the mystic forests, were forced to flee due to the soon upcoming danger. During this event, the optimistic Gehrians, led by Lord Alexander Gehr and Lady Rachela Havenfire, went to Lady Jaina Proudmoore for aid and support. Many rejoined their fellow Theramore residents as the residents, although in deep sorrow, welcomed the arrival of new Gehrians, together hoping to rebuild the once-triumphed Alliance as well as keep peace with the Horde. Eris and Erissa, however, got separated with Alexander and Rachela during the Invasion as the two young and beautiful sisters were studying magic in the City of Dalaran months before the Invasion. They were nowhere to be found for days, and although Eris was known to have traveled far to assist the remaining residents of Stratholme, Erissa was sheltered by a kind Forsaken warlock named Nomed. Their parents, however, were unable to contact them for a very long time, and suspected that they were both killed.

Although flooded with pain, Erissa’s parents remained hopeful and entrusted their souls with the Holy Light. They had temperarily resided in Theramore after the war, and had secretly practiced their magic. Later on, Lord Alexander and Lady Rachela moved to Dalaran from Theramore in search of further magical powers that might have given both of them sparkles of hope. As sad memories slowly passed by, Rachela was utterly surprised to see the return of her beloved younger daughter Erissa on a snowy, chilly December morning, now a stunning young woman and a well-known High Priestess in Stormwind. Erissa was the last heir of the Gehrians, therefore making her Princess of their once small but beautiful City. Because Erissa’s only sister remained unfound after all these years, she as a well-trained mentor and healer would be the first person to inherit the Royal Throne of the Gehrians to protect her people.

As there were many magical resources in the city of Dalaran, Lord Alexander and Lady Rachela have become stronger day after day in their years of magical studies and have lived up to be well-respected mages of the Kirin Tor. They were still addressed as being once known as the Royals among the human race as well as the High Elves. However, Erissa’s parents kept very low profiles and spent as much time as possible with their daughter during her stay in the magnificent city. Although they were not very fond of Erissa's friendly position towards the Forsaken, the Princess has always been interested in Lady Sylvanas Windrunner and has briefly talked to the Dark Lady on several occasions during her stay in Undercity under disguise. Lord Alexander carefully told Erissa that contacting the Horde might result in grave danger, but Rachela was, surprisingly, open-minded enough to greet Erissa’s Godfather Nomed in a friendly way when he visited Erissa briefly in the Violet Citadel en route to serve the Dark Lady. Although many contradictions existed, Erissa still maintained her standings as a proud Priestess of the Light and has never suffered anything beyond what she had experienced, that is, separation from family for some time at a young age.

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The goblin approached the Druid as he sat on the stairs leading to the harbor in Stormwind, bandaging his wounded leg. The goblin raised an eyebrow at the Druid, though didn't ask why he didn't just heal the injury himself. Instead, the goblin holds up a picture of the priestess, and Amallah smiles slightly. "Ah, Erissa. Yes, she just recently joined the Watch. I don't know too much about her, to be quite honest, but I expect that will change once we get to know each other." The goblin proceeds to hold up another picture.

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*blinks a few times before cocking a brow*

"Priestess you say? Erissa...hum that human girl looks familliar. I do believe she came to the defense of Stormwind on our little excurssion to visit the place..*grumbles*...along with that damned priest Wolfley and many others."

*Betty smirks* I admire her skill to keep her alli comerades alive, although we both suffered losses. In the end we all walked away, but not without sacrifice. Now go...I have much to finish here."

*Betraylyn turns back to a book she has in front of her along with a quill and parchment.*

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When asked about the priestess, Snowlight writes the reporter the following response:

"She so nyce, so pretty, meybe she made of kandy yes?"

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The goblin quickly scrambled up the boxes in Stormwind, his eyes on the man snoring at the top. As he reaches the top he jabs his little green fingers into the side of the priest. With a snort Wolfley jolts awake and frantically looks around until his eyes narrow upon the Goblin.

"You interrupted my morning nap..."

Without a moment to spare the Goblin jams Erissa's picture in Wolfley's face. As he looks at the picture his eyes light up with recognition.

"Erissa...A Princess if I ever saw one and the pinnacle of priestly-hood. I met her not long ago as a new recruit to the Dusk Watch, I must admit I adore every moment I spend with this one."

Wolfley pokes the Goblin on the nose

"You didnt hear this from me, but she even surpasses my skill...Any lightwielder should be honored to have a moment in her graces"

As the goblin jumps off the box into the crowd he overhears the priest muttering something as he drifts off to sleep.

"Has the most adorable outfits..."

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((wait wait wait.... so an imaginary kingdom existed out of nowhere and while the culling of stratholme the people fled it and etc ? wait waaa ? sorry... too many things being wierd and no making sense

We;re trying to figure where this land would be and etc... my only idea in head is that your ref. Fenrir Keep))

"Is that it ?" he said to a goblin.

Goblin: Yes sir ! The latest information of Dusk Watch members sir!

"Great" just as he toss a gold coin to the goblin.

As he read the information the goblin provided him, he made a confused face. "Wait... where is that ?" But just as he turn around to ask the goblin, he'd already left.

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In the Underbelly, Yorichi receives orders from The Dark Lady herself. "Hmph" Yorichi begins to efficiently unfold the letter from the envelope, with care enough to to damage or break the seal.

"The target in this photo is to remain safe from all possible harm, the target is also to be unaware of your protection. You must keep the psyche of the target unhindered by any potential threat, therefore the target must not know of you or any danger that could befall her."

Yorichi takes the picture and analyzes it. "Hmm... she seems familiar."

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