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Giselda Firebrand

Contest #24: Open Theme

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I'll be "hosting" the next few writing challenges since Viirchi's treading water at work. (And, she was so nice to take over when I was burned out.)

Contest or Challenge: Contest

Reward: Here we are! Until the next contest, you get to decide what the label on the "Recent Posts" button on the menu bar says. (Currently says Spood Beast).

When: Entries must be posted by midnight CST of April 8th 2010.

Who: Everyone, but probably not your grandma.

Solo and Collaborations are fair game, although if you do a collaboration, I suggest you get some agreement before hand as to what you want the button to say so there isn't any fighting if you win. Also older stories that have had new content added to them this period are fair also.

How: Post a story in the Nether Legends or Character Journals, then post a reply to this thread with a link to your story.


Sticking with the current pattern, there is no specific theme for this contest. Let your creative juices flow and weave a story for us. Work on your writing basics or try something poetically adventurous. Most of all, share it with us!

On the 9th I'll post a poll and everyone will have 3 days to vote on their favorite story. The voting will go over a weekend. Good luck!

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I'm up for some competition. So, I'm going to post my little story. This is my first entry, in Character Journals, on Twisting Nether Gazette. I hope that everyone enjoys it. It should match up with Night Elf lore, fairly well. Considering I studied Night Elf lore, quite a bit, before typing this up. :)

"Thrown into the Emerald Dream"

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