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Full Name: Meekwood

Nicknames: "Dark"

Date of Birth: Does not know.

Age: ^see above

Race: Human undead (Forsaken)

Gender: Male

Hair: A greasy dark color that looks kinda purple

Skin: A tint of green

Eyes: Glowing yellow

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 115lbs

Place of residence: Same as Mister Meekwood

Place of Birth: Doesn't remember

Known Relatives: ^

Religion/Philosophy: "You kiddin'!? I ain't no Light-Flinger!"

Occupation: dej Dynastus' spy.

Group/Guild affiliation: dej Dynastus, de Khatz Sabobah

Guild Rank: Spy.

Enemies:Alliance, Necromancers, Death Knights who recklessly use ghouls, The Scarlet Crusade.

Likes: Stabbing (anything in general), mischief, Helgaka's shenanigans, insulting people, ease-dropping.

Favorite Foods: Flesh, draenei in particular for some reason.

Favorite Drinks: Any kind of booze with a kick.

Favorite Colors: Black, white, and red

Weapons of Choice: Daggers and anything else sharp, insults.

Dislikes: Not stabbing people, cute things, the color pink, his other side.

Hobbies: Kicking small woodland or domestic critters, taunting people, arena fights.

Physical: Mostly the same as his counterpart, however he mostly wears combat leathers and wears a cover scent that nutralizes the rotting smell.

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal to the few allies he has.

Negative Personality Traits: Kills and stabs things at any chance he gets. Hes not as reliable as his other side. Swears alot. I mean ALOT. His mood is like quicksilver, often abandoning people mid-conversation because of boredom. Unlike his other side, he knows nothing about engineering which often leads to him breaking his other sides' inventions.

Misc. Quirks: Becomes Mister Meekwood when he puts on his monocle.

Played by What Famous Person: Not sure, same as Mister Meewood.

Theme Songs:

Brief history:

Pretty much the same as Light. Currently, he's happy with his new arrangement with de Khatz Sabobah since Lysimachus needs people stabbed from time to time.

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Exclaimed Naama when questioned about the Undead Human by an ordinary Goblin reporter.

"Yes, I know him, I didn't know his actual name... Never really bothered to ask! How rude of m-... WAIT A MINUTE HES A JERK!"

He clenched his teeth at the reporter as his eyes close to thin slits.

"Snoopy-sneaker, causing trouble!"

The Tauren grumbled through his clenched teeth.

"I'll show him eventually, yes, my efforts I'll double!"

Naama points accusingly at the goblin reporter.

"He can hide and sneak, but soon he will find..."

The reporter begins to blush awkwardly.


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