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Name: "Galndron!"

Race: "Sin'dorei. As if the ears weren't telling enough."

Gender: "Male; you don't want me to prove that, do you..?"

Hair: "A golden yellow. Cut short for performance reasons."

Eyes: "Well, green, of course."

Height: "An even 6ft."

Weight: "Roughly 180 pounds." He flexes then frowns, "I would like to believe it's mostly muscle.."

Known Relatives: A nervous chuckle escapes him, "I.. well.. she'd kill me if I told anyone." His voice drops, "She would literally impale my neck with something sharp."

Religion/Philosophy: "The Light will render you weak yet strong because of it."

Group/Guild affiliation: "I work with those I've come to call friends."

Enemies: "Well.. I suppose.. the Alliance? Yes, the Alliance."

Weapons of Choice: "Truth be told I find myself fighting more or less with my fac-- I mean, erm, a good sturdy sword!"

Hobbies: "I've taken to long, unnecessary walks. And dancing."

Physical Features: His hair is untamed, flattened in certain spots and wild in others. Scars are visible on the right side of his neck, trailing from his back and ending just under his chin (unsure if they are products of hasted mending or neglect). He is not as broad as most male Paladin and has a slight lean to his frame.

Misc. Quirks: Rubs his chin whenever he smiles.

Real Life person comparison: That one guy who just tries too hard.

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