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Emyi Spragglebolt

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Full Name: Emyi Spragglebolt

Nicknames: Em, Ems

Date of Birth: Five years After the Opening of the Dark Portal

Age: 30

Race: Gnome

Gender: Female

Hair: Purple/Pink with dark streaks

Skin: Fleshy?

Eyes: Green

Height: 3'1"

Place of residence: Ironforge

Place of Birth: Gnomeregan

Known Relatives: None alive

Religion/Philosophy: Live for the day.

Occupation: Tradesmith, Warrior

Group/Guild affiliation: The Dusk Watch

Guild Rank: Recruit

Enemies: Troggs, Orcs, Trolls, Forsaken, Idiots, Heathens

Likes: The smell of metal

Favorite Foods: Cheese, Sweets

Favorite Drinks: Milk, Wine

Favorite Colors: Purple

Weapons of Choice: Two large axes

Dislikes: Height jokes, Punting

Hobbies: Mercenary Work

Physical Features: Emyi stood at an average height and had an average build for a gnome her age. Which brought up the question of just where she got her strength from. More often than not, she could be found covered from head to toe in a suit of battered plate, stained from years of wear, tear and mending. Her purple hair was pulled up and away from her face as to not distract her in the heat of battle. Faint scars could be seen along the sides of her neck and on her shoulders on those rare moments she wasn't armed from head to toe.

Special Abilities: Nothing fancy.

Positive Personality Traits: Trustworthy, Loyal

Negative Personality Traits: Short temper, Short sighted, Quick to Anger

Theme Songs: Banana Splits by The Dickies

Played by what famous person: Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl


The Day Gnomeregan Fell

Journal: Link



Edited by Emyi

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Ah be seen' dis one 'round uh lot lately. She be pretty good fuh somebody 'er size she don't sneak 'round like da utha ones nethuh, nope, dis one just runs right up tuh ya 'nd starts swingin'.

Zob'jun grunts, propping his feet up on the desk in front of him.

One of us always seems tuh got sombody tuh 'elp us out, so nevuh seems tuh be uh even fight when evuh we be seen' each otha. Can't say ah be lookn' forward tuh one though.

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(Updated with Theme Song and Famous reference as well as a few tweaks here and there.)

Edit: (I should note that the likeness and possible similarities to Hit-Girl were completely coincidental.)

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*chuckles when asked about emyi* she is... very surprising if anything... *smiles lightly* nobody ever takes the pink haired gnome seriously until she cuts your friend next to you in half... I know I wouldn't underestimate her... and anyone would be wise not to cross this one... *chuckles lightly* she is also hilarious... I remember one time in the blue recluse she got rohan all fluster- *listens to the distress bells from goldshire* damn... seems I am needed elsewhere... you take care now... *nods lightly and turns around and runs towards goldshire*

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"...She be a GNOME, mon. Ja kno' wut ja be doin' to GNOMES? Ja be playin' GNOMEBALL, soon ta be center stage in da entertainment industry of da Horde."

Jadoko would let out a light chuckle, juggling a Saronite Bomb from one hand to the other. "I be only hearin' rumors 'bout 'dis one, tho'. 'Parently she be a tough lil' Gnome, wit' sharp axes. Makes it all da more fun ta use 'em for GNOMEBALL, 'tho. When ja kick 'em, da anger be curvin' da Gnome bettah!"

He would suddenly turn behind him, hearing some annoying argument happening. Two loud Blood Elves yelling about something. "Dunno anyting exact, jus' judgin' 'er mostly on what I be knowin' 'bout Gnomes and Gnomeball. 'Ere, ja stay here for a minute." He would throw his bomb at the two arguing, quickly boosting away afterwards, leaving the reporter to receive the blame.

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Aldencia responds to the reporter quietly, "I believe she is a disturbed gnome. Something about her just isn't normal.. And that's coming from someone like me, Aldencia Gapspark."

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The goblin wasn't looking for the night elf this time. As such, he almost walked right by her on the crowded Stormwind streets...but he paused, wrinkled his forehead and turned slowly, half expecting her to have vanished.

But no, she stood leaning against her chopper, eating some bowl of stew and watching the people go by. He waved when she spotted him, getting a smile in return as he hurried over.


"Ah, if it isn't the fearless collector of stories! What brings you out and about this early..." she licked her spoon clean, "...specifically."

"Actually, now that I found you, I wanted to ask you about one of your newest members."

The elf raised an eyebrow, mixing the stew with lazy circles of her spoon, steam wafting into the air. "...Em?"

"P-pardon?" His look of true confusion made her laugh, and then he remembered with a shock. "OH, that's right...nicknames. You mean, Emyi Spragglebolt."

"No, I think YOU mean Emyi Spragglebot..." Omy chuckled again, saving him the response. She waved her spoon at him, "I know what you mean." The elf re-positioned herself, switching the leg she was leaning against. The chopper shifted behind her.

"She's got quite a lot of spirit packed into such a compact frame. Fel, I've known Warriors three times her size that don't have even a quarter of the heart. She's everything you could want from a friend and an ally. Brave, resourceful, humor still intact, stubborn. Honest. She seems like the type that'll tell me when I'm being stupid, and I need that." She lifted a spoonful of the strew, watching it pour back into the bowl. "Also..I think it does her good, having so many of her fellow gnomes about in the Watch. They all just sorta...clicked, right away. She seems happy about it, from what I've seen."

The goblin nodded while the Commander helped herself to another spoonful.

"From the moment she joined the ranks, she's been active. Riding into frays and drawing attention off our healers, our casters...the civilians we're protecting. She picked up the cores of the Watch with great skill...I don't think I really needed to lay out the Oath of the Watch to her, she's got it already." A genuine smile spread across her face, "I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Someone like her...we're very lucky to have in the ranks."

She looked at the Goblin for a moment, weighing something before changing the subject with startling speed " yet?"

" I-"

The elf reached into her saddle bags, pulling out a homely looking bowl she shoved it into his hands. "Hold that..." Her free hand then went to the metal canister at her feet, which she poured out the rest of her breakfast into his bowl, the steam lifting in curls. A spoon appeared out of nowhere, and the Goblin sat down against the front wheel of the chopper, eating stew with the Commander of the Watch as the early morning bustle went by.

"...a lot of people are getting restless." She said after a long while. "They're getting antsy. Organized Horde raids on the city seem fewer than they've been...and people are starting to return to being blind. People like Em, I trust them a lot farther. Even if the dust settles a bit, and the blood becomes less frequently shed, she doesn't seem the type to stir up trouble out of boredom. People of that ilk, are invaluable.

See, the battles are still going on. Just, not where your average type can see them. I need people with wider eyes, and not just those who want a fight to fight....and I need people who can hold together when the tide doesn't seem to be turning in our favor." She scrapped up the last spoonful, "It may be early yet...but I've a good feeling about her. A good feeling indeed..."

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