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Angriel Morningstar

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Full Name: Angriel Morningstar


Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Early Adulthood

Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Very light blonde/white

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: Toned/Athletic

Place of residence:a tent on the Argent Tournament grounds

Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas

Known Relatives: Unknown at this time

Religion/Philosophy: Penitent. M'uru might have known and accepted his fate, but Angriel knows that she betrayed the Light during her people's darkest hour and now she lives to make up for that terrible sin. She feels a failure to the light every time she is forced to draw her weapon but will not hesitate from doing so because she knows the necessity of defending the innocent. She is often seen praying after a battle for the souls of the slain and asking forgiveness for what she had to do. While Angriel does not truly believe redemption is within her grasp she still strives to serve the Light with everything she has.

Occupation: Knight-Errant. Angriel goes where the Light wills her.

Group/Guild affiliation:none currently

Guild Rank:N/A

Enemies:The enemies of the light obviously (Arthas and the scourge, the legion, and so on). She also regrettably labels a few organizations as enemies, namely The Dusk Watch, but prays the Light finds them and drives the hate from their hearts.

Likes: Reading, Sunrises, Tournament Games, Her Warhorse.

Favorite Foods: Fruit

Favorite Drinks: Water or Fruit Juice. She does not drink alcohol.

Favorite Colors: Gray, Silver, White

Weapons of Choice: Prefers blunt weapons over blades and often fights with a shield

Dislikes: Vulgarity, Drunkeness, The Forsaken (many have abandoned the light), King Varian (she feels he is leading his people down a very familiar path)

Hobbies: Jousting

Physical Features:Slender but Athletic. Clean and tidy her armor is kept in perfect repair. She believes her image must be a reflection of her dedication to the Light and works to achieve that.

Special Abilities: Wields the Light with confidence

Positive Personality Traits: Forgiving, Honorable,

Negative Personality Traits: Distant, Preachy

Misc. Quirks: Spends a LOT of time in prayer


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